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Alleviating The Chronic Pain Of Time Zones


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Cass Phillipps @webwallflower FAILCON

One of the most common and pervasive problems we all face is working across time zones. Cass Phillips will share concrete tips for successfully scheduling, communicating and managing across time zones.

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Alleviating The Chronic Pain Of Time Zones

  1. 1. Alleviating the Chronic Pain of Time Zones Cass Phillipps FailCon Founder @webwallflower #officeoptional
  2. 2. The History of Time Zones Time zones were actually invented to make business easier!
  3. 3. Time Zone Preparation And they still can, with a little bit of preparation ahead of time.
  4. 4. Why Is This Important? Empower your partners, employees, clients, and customers to show up to your meeting at their best. If you don’t mess up the easy stuff, you can spend your time tackling the hard stuff.
  5. 5. Ask Where Someone Is Before setting a meeting, ask – don’t guess! Then find the time there.
  6. 6. Include Relevant Information Always include your own time zone: 2:00pm PT Don’t include Daylight Savings You may just confuse people more. Consider adding your city: 2:00pm PT (San Francisco) Or using 24h time, just to be safe: 14:00 PT (San Francisco)
  7. 7. Stay One Step Ahead Include their time zone, too: 2:00pm PT (10:00pm BT)
  8. 8. Know What It Means For Them Don’t propose a time that doesn’t make sense. Be Considerate!
  9. 9. Know Your Time Zones What is a globally acceptable time? 8:00am PT (LA, San Francisco, Seattle) 11:00am ET (New York City, DC, Miami) 5:00pm CET (France, Germany, Italy) 8:30pm IST (India) 11:00pm CTZ (China)
  10. 10. Common Courtesy Don’t just default to video calls. People may be at home…or in their PJs.
  11. 11. Dealing With Daylight Savings Announce DST – email the day before, and post signs ahead of time. Put a DST alert in your phone, reminding you to check calendar appointments. Use iCal or gCal invites. They’ll adjust for you…sometimes…
  12. 12. Time Zone Tools
  13. 13. Check The Interwebs Or Simply Google “Current Time In ______”
  14. 14. Add a World Clock To Your Calendar Google Calendar  Settings  Labs
  15. 15. Show More Time Zones In Your Cal Google Calendar  Settings  Show Time Zones
  16. 16. Recognize Holidays Include international & religious holidays in your company calendar. Folks’ll be impressed with your knowledge and consideration!
  17. 17. For Teams Spread Thin Call in to a daily scrum (at a time good for everyone) Ask if anyone needs to follow-up together after the meeting. Ensure the team knows when everyone is working and respects that.
  18. 18. Be Prepared For Communication Preparation – it’s not silly. If you don’t mess up the easy stuff, you can spend your time tackling the hard stuff. Arrive to every meeting at your best.
  19. 19. Thank You Cass Phillipps Founder of FailCon @webwallflower