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100 Startups in 100 Days, Brant Cooper, CEO/Co-Founder, Moves the Needle


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How many startups does it take to launch a unicorn? 100? 1,000? How many internal startup teams do you need to replace your growth engine? Breakthrough innovation is the result of collaboration among a diverse group of people, all working in a different way. Organizations can’t just leave it up to a couple of hand-chosen innovation teams.

In this talk, Brant Cooper will take you through a framework you can use to make entrepreneurial action the norm throughout your organization. It’s a bold initiative to launch 100 startups in 100 days.  Brant will go through each of the impact levers to show you how you can roll out a similar initiative within your own organization, one that lays the groundwork for innovation transformation (even if you don’t actually get to 100 in 100 days!)

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100 Startups in 100 Days, Brant Cooper, CEO/Co-Founder, Moves the Needle

  1. 1. 100 Startups:100 Days (the first five jobs) LEAN STARTUP NYC 05/11/2017 @brantcooper
  2. 2. how many startups does it take to create a unicorn? 1,000? 10,000? how many teams in your “innovation lab”?
  3. 3. the challenge is not so much creating breakthrough innovation… as innovating the business itself.
  4. 4. Be Bold
  5. 5. Job 1 - find your champions WHO ARE THEY? • change agents • design thinkers • agile background • startup veterans • “visionaries”
  6. 6. © Moves the Needle All rights reserved job 2 - standardize “entrepreneurial behavior” HOW DOES A STARTUP ACT? • develops customer empathy • runs rapid experiments • uses evidence to inform decisions • works fast, agile, and, • ACTS BOLD
  7. 7. Job 3 - choose challenges strategically WHAT CHALLENGES ELICIT SUPPORT? • face uncertainty • but not large risk • don’t require 5+ years for ROI • don’t require high investment • align with leadership’s priorities
  8. 8. © Moves the Needle All rights reserved job 4 - up leadership’s game CAN LEADERS SUPPORT STARTUPS? • mentor, not just manage • provide “space” • hold teams accountable differently • walk the walk • have their teams’ backs
  9. 9. job 5 - articulate the vision WHY WILL PEOPLE FOLLOW? • they understand the “why?” • corporate values are aligned • communication is 2-way • they feel it’s ‘safe’ to be ‘bold’ • they’re creativity is rewarded
  10. 10. INNOVATION TRANSFORMATION MOVES THE NEEDLE We are Innovation Transformation Architects. We provide the blueprint to innovating the way you do business. TO DOWNLOAD SLIDES: : @brantcooper