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LeanKit Webinar: Managing Complex Workflows


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Are miscommunications, handoff delays and unforeseen issues impacting your organization's ability to deliver? View these slides to learn how to reflect your work structure in LeanKit so that you can keep work flowing across multiple teams.

We'll walk though how to:
+ Decompose work across different organizational levels
+ Distribute and track work across multiple teams
+ Keep everyone aligned with roll-up and drill-down visibility

Find out how to get the multi-level visibility you need to achieve fast, predictable delivery.

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LeanKit Webinar: Managing Complex Workflows

  1. 1. Managing Complex Workflows
  2. 2. Physical Boards & Sticky Notes
  3. 3. So what?
  4. 4. Impact ? Miscommunication Unnecessary Delays & Rework Projects, Programs & Company Goals at Risk
  5. 5. Real-world Scenario • Company: XYZ Corp • Outdated financial system • Direct revenue implications • New financial system is prioritized by CEO as strategic initiative
  6. 6. Portfolio Project Team Needs: • Reliable, accurate status updates • Confidence in project progress • No surprises
  7. 7. Portfolio Project Team Needs: • Proactive notice of obstacles • Cross-team visibility • Self-serve status • Communicating up and out
  8. 8. Portfolio Project Team Needs: • Impact on big picture • Interdependence with other teams’ work • Information flow between teams
  9. 9. Team A Team B Executive Portfolio Program 1 Program 2 LeanKit Connections Multi-tiered work decomposition. Automatic status rollup from tier to tier.
  10. 10. Connections: Card Face
  11. 11. Connections: Card Face
  12. 12. Connections: Inside Card
  13. 13. Connections: Team Dependencies Alpha Dev Team OPs & Infrastructure Procurement
  14. 14. Portfolio level: How it helps • Real-time visibility • Accurate updates on progress • Instant identification of at-risk initiatives • Appropriate prioritization
  15. 15. Project level: How it helps • Proactively head-off challenges • Communicate up and out • See all work associated with initiative
  16. 16. Team level: How it helps • Impact on high-level initiative • Interdependence with other teams • Flag conflicting priorities • Handoff management
  17. 17. Learn More Multi-team Work Distribution distributed-work-just-got-easier/
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