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LKIN18 : Looking for Business Agility through Kanban? Beware of these pitfalls! - Sutap Choudhury


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Session Overview :

Kanban has lovers for a reason. Value stream mapping and visualization helps focus on flow and identify waste. It helps you see the full value stream, from concept to cash, and see how various entities come together to deliver value. Metrics like lead time and flow efficiency help reduce batch sizes and WIP. It also helps people come out of their siloed thinking and focus on local optimization to work towards flow optimization.

But, beware! An ill-designed Kanban can also impede flow. How? People can get attached to their columns on the board. Focus can be interpreted as doing their stuff/WIP and resisting collaborating on stuff which is not on their own plate. It can create silos leading to communication barriers. Swarming in this scenario is on need basis, and it is really not the default way of working.

In this session we will discuss: what really is a good flow? Is good flow a smooth ambling stream? or Is it a stream rushing down with lot of vigor? In the stream running down with a lot of vigor- there are uncertainties to be tackled, there are multiple views people are brainstorming on, there is rework to be handled and there is a lot of collaboration going on. Midst of all these, the team is delivering great stuff- and fast! We will discuss how to increase collaboration while being focused on your work. We will explore how to maximize the benefits of Kanban and not get bogged down by the silos it can potentially create.

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LKIN18 : Looking for Business Agility through Kanban? Beware of these pitfalls! - Sutap Choudhury

  1. 1. Looking for business agility through Kanban? Beware of these pitfalls!! Sutap Choudhury Salesforce Lean kanban India 2018
  2. 2. Kanban Well, It is all about flow...
  3. 3. What really is a good flow? A smooth stream? With no disturbances. Peaceful and serene.
  4. 4. Or is it a turbulent river? Water dancing back and forth. Making noise as water passes by.
  5. 5. Kanban Anti patterns
  6. 6. Hey! Let me stay focused on my task! Why are you disturbing me?? Well, there is a puzzle in the code you wrote a week back… we need to brainstorm…. (looking away) All that is good...but you know the policy right? WIP limit of 1. Send it to the backlog and I will have a look when I get time!
  7. 7. Hey! Can you come help? I just started coding for the story and I am not sure about the desired outcome… Chill! Just follow the details in the story page and code… If I find a discrepancy, I’ll send it back anyways...
  8. 8. Hey! I saw your kanban board. I feel the WIP is too high. You are working on just too many initiatives and ideas ... What do you mean?! We adhere to the board column WIP limits!! None of my team members work on more than one task at a time!!
  9. 9. We just completed our value stream mapping session and I am super excited! We could identify columns for everything! Wow! What next? We are hiring specialists- We want to ensure every column is represented by the best person possible!
  10. 10. Guys- There is a bad news and a good news!! Bad news- We have a bottleneck. The testers are just not able to cope up! And the good news? We have a solution- we have hired 10 new testers!!
  11. 11. Limiting WIP is about focusing But what do we mean by focusing?
  12. 12. Does it mean building invisible walls?
  13. 13. Does it mean working in silos?
  14. 14. Let’s break the walls!!
  15. 15. Analysis Build Deploy Backlog Ready IP Done IP Done Hey team! The next big idea is on the way!! Ready? Has to wait for a day more! The story in deployment has a weird behaviour and needs the team’s attention!! Clueless!! Hmmm!! Maybe I can help!! Limiting WIP (also) means this!
  16. 16. Analysis Build Deploy Backlog Ready IP Done IP Done Stuck!!! Focus = Collaboration You are top priority! Let’s meet today in our collaboration hour and let’s fix it!! Hey! I am stuck!! Can someone help??
  17. 17. Reduce handoffs!
  18. 18. Continuous Improvement
  19. 19. Process of Ongoing Improvement Collaborate Minimize handoffs Limit WIP at organization level For a better flow
  20. 20. StopStarting Startfinishing Visualize Limit WIP Manage Flow
  21. 21. Kanban flow- be ready for some turbulence! But it is totally worth it!!