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Lean Kanban India 2018 | Lean Flow Workshop | Priyank DK Pathak


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Session Title :
Lean Flow Workshop

Session Overview:

Flow is an operational state of organisation, where the team performs, work with greater focus, full engagement and enjoyment, and ensuring higher quality deliverables.

As benefits of it, you gain a Lean Organisation with

Better visibility of system
Simplified management of progress
Improved feedback mechanism
Flow Game is a very simple adoption of Lean ideas to exhibit Flow in a system. This game is an adaption of our earlier version of Kanban Post Card game. The session starts with an overview of Flow concepts followed by ideate, design and construction activity to build a Flow-based system through a few minutes of play, and the later part is about exhibiting the key constructs of a Flow system and achieving a Lean Organisation with Flow. (This session may include Postcard metaphor for activity).

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Lean Kanban India 2018 | Lean Flow Workshop | Priyank DK Pathak

  1. 1. Lean, Product, Flow.. Priyank Pathak #LKIN18
  2. 2. Products Services
  3. 3. Table discussion What should we change in our process ? …. .... ....
  4. 4. One step back Why do we want to change the process ? …. .... ....
  5. 5. Increase Profits. $
  6. 6. Increase Profits. Economic Thinking.
  7. 7. We can not just change one thing, without understanding the correlation and impact mapping …
  8. 8. And keep focus only on Proxy Objectives… And/or optimzing those independently
  9. 9. Otherwise, we exhibit a of non-value adding optimisation.
  10. 10. Cycle Time Developm ent Expense Production Cost Reference : The Principles of Lean Product Development Flow book by Don Reinertsen Product Value Motivatio n Risk
  11. 11. Activity Pre-Lean Age Lean Age 2nd Generation Lean Age
  12. 12. Pre-Lean Age : Your table/team is into business of making cards using paper, sketch pens, glue, post-it and the supplies provided on table. Let’s make post-cards. (15 min Time box)
  13. 13. Lean is born… Information and Actual work are not same in our domain vs. in manufacturing. Inventory is invisible in our domain. This demands a visual radiator for information tracking. And implementing lean concepts into our system …
  14. 14. Lean Age : Let’s introduce the Lean Concepts to our system •  Visual Radiator •  WIP Constraints •  Cycle Time (10 min Time Box) And Let’s make post-cards again. (15 min Time Box)
  15. 15. 2nd Generation Lean PDF arrived… Our task are not repetitive like in other domains. This demands validating our thought process. And implementing 2nd generation lean concepts into our lean system …
  16. 16. 2nd Generation Lean Age : Lets introduce the Economical Concepts to our system •  Correlation of Variables/Objectives •  Economical Prioritization/CoD/net profit •  Exploiting Variability for adding value / innovation (10 min Time Box) And Lets make post-cards.
  17. 17. Thank you Priyank Pathak