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Lean Kanban India 2018 | Kanban in SAFe | Arun RG


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Session Title : Kanban in SAFe

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Lean Kanban India 2018 | Kanban in SAFe | Arun RG

  1. 1. Kanban in SAFe® For Enterprise Cultural, Leadership & Agility Transformation
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Agile Team Kanban in SAFe Being Successful Creating Value Summary Q & A Lean Agile
  3. 3. Introduction Arun RG Sr. Enterprise Agile Consultant Temenos + Agility IT 22+ years B.E CSE/EMBA/SAFe SPC, IC-AC, Lean, CSM, CSPO, CSP, DevOps
  4. 4. About Temenos+Agilit y Temenos+Agility is a Global Management Consulting firm based out of Washington D.C, USA with offices in Toronto, London, India and New Zealand. We are a SAFe® SPCT Gold partner and have assisted leading companies across the world to achieve sustainable Agile and Cultural Transformation by way of our Enterprise Agility and cultural change consulting, training and hands-on Agile Coaching. Change can be hard to implement for any organization. An Agile transformation is a mindset shift and a massive change at the team as well as the Enterprise level. This is where our Temenos framework comes in. Here, we communicate, tool and educate our partners that Agile adoption begins at the individual level and an organization achieves a successful Agile transformation only if Agile mindset is adopted at this granular level. Temenos helps with mapping individual goals with teams and organizational goals to facilitate high performing teams.
  5. 5. Kanban in SAFe Portfolio Solution Program Team
  6. 6. Kanban in SAFe Portfolio ProgramSolution Team Business Agility Enterprise Agility Technical Agility
  7. 7. Agile Team Embracing a Lean-Agile Mindset
  8. 8. Agile Team Team of 5-9 people Working together in a self-organized way to deliver value Incrementally, Iteratively, Adaptively utilizing minimalistic approach Product/Solution/Service Flow and Time-Box Plan-Do-Check-Act with Goals Transparency, Inspect & Adapt
  9. 9. Kanban in SAFe Scale at Enterprise Level Team-of-Agile Teams Virtual Organization (ART) Agile Practices at Enterprise Level Making Organizations go faster Time-to-Market Value-Delivery Continuous Transformation Continuous Delivery CI/CD/CD Pipeline Lean Agile Systems Thinking Organization
  10. 10. Scaling Considerations What to consider when you are scaling?
  11. 11. Scaling Considerations Scaling Definition (Shared Understanding) Step-by-Step (Lean/Kanban at each level) Gradual & Sustainable (Evolutionary) Utilization of Mental Models & Frameworks Transformation Scope with Goals & Maturity Guidance Transformation Embedded with Transformation Mindset Self-Transforming Culture Embrace Change
  12. 12. Why, What & How-To? Why we are Scaling? Everyone has the same requirements What we will do? A roadmap Steps that are mission critical 1. Preparing the Leadership for the Transformation 2. Identifying the Transformation Agents for the Transformation Scope 3. Training the Transformation Agents to start the transformation 4. Training the Leaders, Executives, Managers & Support Leaders 5. Training the Teams 6. Changing the Organization Structure
  13. 13. Teamwork Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment Continuous Delivery Release On-Demand Continuous Exploration Time => *Example Only
  14. 14. Time Organization Mindset Teamwork & Organization Structure Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment Continuous Delivery Continuous Experimentation Continuous Deployment Continuous Exploration Release on Demand Self-Organized & Self-Managed Economic Prioritization *Example Only
  15. 15. Time Organization Mindset Teamwork & Organization Structure Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment Continuous Delivery Continuous Experimentation Continuous Deployment Continuous Exploration Release on Demand Self-Organized & Self-Managed Economic Prioritization (in Months) EmbracingLean-AgileMindset *Example Only
  16. 16. Release Iteration Daily
  17. 17. 3 days 45mins 2 days 2hrs 4 days 1hr 3 days Starts with Value-Stream At Organization Scale (or Transformation Scope)
  18. 18. Scaling Team Management Leadership Customer / Market Understanding
  19. 19. Enterprise Level Maximise value minimise waste Value stream Pull signal (Kanban) Stop and fix Queue Management Statistical Process Control Supply demand Interchangeable PDCA Batch size J curve Mindset Thinking Shared understanding Work in progress Jobs to be done Material flow Knowledge flow Economic priority Cost of delay Maturity Models & Framework Scaling is broad and deep & context / state specific: embrace Lean-Agile mindset Engineering Concurrent Set based Built in quality T shaped Component Features Capability Capacity management Test first Story Operations Collaboration People Shu Ha Ri Intrinsic Completing tasks Innovative Growing Team Cross functional Self organisation Collaboration Decentralised decision Estimate Size Collaborative learning Shared understanding Visually viewable Big picture Compliance Security Centralised Dynamic Metrics/ Measurements Transformation Leadership Management Teamwork Leader Manager Team Connect Model
  20. 20. Enterprise Agility Advisory Enterprise Agility Advisory delivers training and leadership services to Global Organizations. Clients partner with us to adopt business engineering approaches to increase business agility while reducing operational costs. Enterprise Readiness Assessment, Strategy, and Roadmap Enterprise Agility Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching Portfolio and Value Stream Assessment, Strategy, and Roadmap DevOps Assessment, Strategy, and Roadmap Product & Portfolio Management Planning, Strategy, and Roadmap Product development & Release Planning and Facilitation Program Inspect & Adapt Planning and Facilitation Portfolio/Program Innovation Days Planning and Facilitation Program & Team Principles Values and Process Coaching Program & Team Lean-Agile Engineering Practices, CI/CD Coaching
  21. 21. SAFe Training Offerings Implementing SAFe® 4.6 with SPC4 Certification Leading SAFe® 4.6 with SAFe Agilist (SA) Certification SAFe® 4.6 Product Owner / Product Manager Training with POPM Certification SAFe® 4.6 Scrum Master with SSM Certification SAFe® 4.6 Advanced Scrum Master with SASM Certification SAFe® 4.6 Release Train Engineer with RTE Certification SAFe® 4.6 for Teams with SAFe Practitioner (SP) Certification SAFe® 4.6 Agile Software Engineering (ASE) SAFe® 4.6 for Government (SGP)
  22. 22. Other Training Offering Basic Agile Agile Foundation Lean Startup DevOps Test Driven Development/ Behavior Driven Development (TDD/BDD) Design Thinking ALM Tools - Atlassian / JIRA , Version 1, Agile Craft Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) Kanban System Design (KMP1) Kanban Management Professional (KMP2) Management 3.0
  23. 23. Offshore Agility Advisory The New New Offshore Development Game Taking India’s Offshore Advantage to the Next Level Founder, Siraj Sirajuddin, has been in the Indian offshore development advisory business since 1992. As a result, over the past 4 years, Temenos+Agility has become India’s leading provider of Scaled Agile training, consulting and advisory, working with some of the world’s largest offshore service providers on very large offshore scaled agile engagements. We work with the organizations to Make them Agile-ready Setup distributed Agile for them Setup Agile in Multi-vendor scenario successfully Help adopt Agile in existing development and operations team
  24. 24. Enterprise, Agility, Leadership and Cultural Transformation Our approach combines Temenos techniques and Enterprise Agility to give a successful Temenos+Agility transformation. We identify, engage, and enable three types of change agents (Executive, Internal, and External) with the right skills, tools, and practices to make their stance strong in the face of organizational change. We leverage Lean and Agile techniques to visualize the transformation work, manage the flow of work, and continuously improve. Temenos Vision Agility Model Temenos Vision Lab Temenos Change Agentry (Containeering) The Temenos Effect Gathering for Change Agents Agile Leadership Certification Program
  25. 25. Why Associate with Temenos+Agilit y? SPCT Gold Partner with Scaled Agile (SAI) We have 4 SPCTs across India, USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand We have conducted 100+ SAFe SPC workshops successfully We have trained more than 2000+ SAFe professionals globally Several Global SAFe implementations and Agile Release Trains.
  26. 26. Temenos +Agility Clientele
  27. 27. Thank You! USA - Washington DC 1934 Old Gallows Rd, #350, Vienna, Virginia 22182 India - Bengaluru #1040, 8th B Main, 20th Cross, HSR Layout, Sector 7, Bengaluru - 560 102, KA Canada - Vancouver BC 2416 Main St, Suite 398 Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 3E2 UK - London 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ OUR LOCATIONS