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Print analysis


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Print analysis

  1. 1. Print Analysis
  2. 2. The Woman In Black – Magazine Cover
  3. 3. This film magazine is called Diabolique, this magazine specialises in exploring every aspect of horror films. Page Layout and Design – From this image below we can see that the main image is a mid shot of Daniel Radcliffe (main star of the film). This will instantly draw attention to the cover as it is a large image, also by his costume you can he is in character making the reader aware it is about the film. The sell lines are positioned on both sides of the cover so that the information is clear and does not overlap the picture or make the cover look too crowded. The animated pictures placed just above the masthead make it look very creative but also make it obvious that the magazine is related to horror. The main sell line is placed at the bottom of the magazine, I feel that this distracts attention away from it and it does not stand out.
  4. 4. Font and image integration - On this magazine cover the old fashioned fonts mix well with the main image as the costume of Daniel Radcliffe is also old fashioned thus linking them together and representing the time and place the film is set. Connotations of horror - This old fashioned theme connotes horror because the lack of modernisms makes the „modern day‟ reader feel as if the can‟t relate thus taking them out of their comfort zone. The images placed above the masthead also contribute towards the connotations of horror. Colour use - The bright colours of orange and blue used for the font does not link in with the horror genre as most colours associated with horror are black, red, white etc. Although it does make the text stand out to the reader.
  5. 5. The Woman In Black – Film Poster
  6. 6. On this film poster for The Woman In Black there is a large image of Daniel Radcliffe (main star) which stands out thus capturing the audience‟s attention. The small print text positioned at the bottom of the poster and the “in cinemas soon” line makes the poster look very professional. The title which reads “The Woman In Black” is placed at the centre of the poster making it stand out. The white font colour of this title contrasts with Daniel Radcliffe‟s black costume thus emphasising it‟s boldness. Page layout and design
  7. 7. Font and Image integration For the main title positioned in the middle of the poster, the text is simple but also bold, this makes it stand out to the reader but does not make the poster look too over the top. A thinner and smaller font is used for Daniel Radcliffe‟s name, positioned at the top of the poster, so that it is noticeable to an audience but does not distract from the main title.The main image of Daniel Radcliffe, positioned in the centre of the poster, stands out to the audience because it is large. The text written across this image highlights it even more.
  8. 8. Connotations of horror The dark colours of blue, white and black and the haunting images connote horror as it creates shadows on the poster thus making it frightening. The way in which the tree, in the background image, bends makes it seem decrepit, old and haunting thus creating connotations of horror. The image shown in the background connotes horror as dark, mysterious figures are usually associated with horror. The house shown in the background connotes horror as a typical setting for a horror film is a haunted house.
  9. 9. Colour use The white neon glow of the main title contrasts with Daniel Radcliffe‟s dark costume, thus making it stand out. Also the white glow makes it look ghostly making it in with the horror genre of the film. The colour palette of grey/blue, white and black link in well to the horror genre of the film as they are dark and gloomy colours.
  10. 10. Sorority Row – film poster
  11. 11. Page layout and design The main image shows six girls stand in front of a burning building this shows that something bad has happened, this image is very creative making it stand out. The main title which reads “Sorority Row” is positioned at the bottom of the poster to not distract away from the image but is underlined in red to make it stand out. The two blades which form a cross which are positioned behind the main title also make the main title stand out. The small print which is positioned at the bottom of the poster which reads “Sisters for life…AND DEATH” gives the audience some insight to the film but does not give too much away.
  12. 12. Font and Image integration The same text is used for everything on this poster. This links to poster together well and does not make it look too crowded through the use of too many different font types. The font used for this film poster is a simple but bold font. The white font contrasts with the dark colours used in on the image making both of them stand out more to an audience.
  13. 13. Connotations of horror The two blades shown behind the main title connote horror as weapons are one of the main props used within a film of the horror genre. The two blades are put together to make a cross this connote horror as religion is a theme related to horror. The blood splatters positioned at the bottom of the poster connote death thus linking to horror, blood is also a main prop used in horror films. The dark colours of red and black connote horror because red links to blood and black is a gothic colour.