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Clavis EU Food Regulation Infographic


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An infographic detailing the ride of global CPG ecommerce and the upcoming EU Food Regulations that will affect global online sales for those products that are not compliant.

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Clavis EU Food Regulation Infographic

  1. 1. GLOBAL FOOD MANUFACTURERS: As of December 13, 2014 if you don’t have the correct info inplace, you will not be able to sell your packaged food products in online stores across Europe.Is Your Organization Ready for the European Food Information Regulation? Clavis Technologyhas created an Infographic, based on the results of our Food & Beverage eCommerce InformationQuality Insight Study done in conjunction with GS1. 67% WE ANALYZED OF PRODUCTS 23,000 WEB PAGES WERE MISSING AND 500 BRANDS BRAND NAME, INGREDIENTS OR NUTRITION INFO – ALL ENCOMPASSING MORE VITAL FOR COMPLIANCE WITH THE THAN 7,000 FOOD EUROPEAN UNION FOOD PRODUCTS FOR SALE IN 10 INFORMATION REGULATION (EU FIR) LEADING ONLINE STORES 14% OF PRODUCTS HAD NO LISTED 27% OF GLOBAL SHOPPERS INGREDIENTS AT ALL ACCORDING TO A 2012 NIELSEN STUDY BUY FOOD AND BEVERAGES ONLINE OF PRODUCTS 29% WERE MISSING THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME PERCENTAGE OF ONLINE SHOPPERS WORLDWIDE ONLINE SHOPPING INCREASED 44% BETWEEN 2010 and 2012 ACCORDING TO NIELSEN 2010 2012 44% OF ADULTS INTEND TO SHOP ONLINE FOR GROCERIES IN THE NEXT 5-10 YEARS ACCORDING TO IDG SHOPPER VISTA RESEARCH as of December 14, 2014 in the EU If you don’t have the correct info in place, you won’t be able sell your packaged food products in online stores across Europe. Clavis Can Help FOR MORE INFO: DOWNLOAD OUR FOOD AND BEVERAGE ECOMMERCE INSIGHT STUDY Clavis Technology is the leading provider of e-Commerce Intelligence solutions for consumer products manufacturing and retail companies who need to expand their online sales to maintain growth in a rapidly changing marketplace. Clavis eCommerce Insight is a cloud-based platform that delivers analysis and intelligence about a supplier’s SKU portfolio, product placement and brand integrity across a diversity of digital channels. It enables brand owners to easily identify problems and improve product information integrity, visibility and availability online, in order to grow their online and off-line sales, protect their brands and comply with regulations.