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Photography development


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Photography development

  1. 1. At the beginning of the year, I had to take practicephoto’s after being told the basics of how to use acamera. This is one of the photo’s which I have taken.This photo portrays my strengths and weaknesses. It shows that I can use the rule of3rd’s correctly and that the colors in the photo are bright and eye catching however, thedownfalls for this picture is that the picture is blurry and isn’t straight. The camera is onan angle which I feel if was straight then would have looked better.
  2. 2. This was another photo which I took as practice shots to get use to the camera.This photo shows that the person in the photo is out of focus due to movementwhich is hard to capture without the picture going out of focus. The rule of thirdsare used again and the background is more in focus on this picture.
  3. 3. After so many weeks of practicing and looking athow the camera works, I tried to take professionalpictures which could be incorporated into mymagazine.This picture shows how I have used the lightening tolight up the face and clothing of the model as thepicture is on a black back drop. A result of using 2bright lights is that it causes shadows on certainparts of the body and makes the model’s eyes startto close.This picture represents the improvement made fromthe beginning of the year.
  4. 4. This picture is another picture which was captured. Itshows that by using on light, the picture is too dark soone light wouldn’t be used for my magazine.The highlights of this picture is that it creates mystery.The face and the middle of the body is light up whichshows of facial features, clothing art and no shadowsapart from a little one at the top of the neck.
  5. 5. The photo’s which I have taken for mymagazine shows a variety of different stylesused. For example, this picture shows depthof fields. The main focus is on the guitarwhich makes the model go out of focus butstill clear.I like this picture because it highlights thephysical aspects of the guitar. Even thoughLiam is out of focus on this picture, you canstill see his facial expression and featuresclear without having to strain.
  6. 6. This photo works really well as a photobecause with the background beingdouble, black and white it would fit withmy magazine idea of Liam being ‘BabyFace Assassin’. The black and whitebackground could represent more hisrocker side to him where as the whitewould represent his innocent side.However, I don’t think I would use thispicture in my magazine as the audiencemay not understand the intention behindthe photo.