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  1. 1. Leah Chiarmonte Curriculum Vitae 15 Brockmoore Drive East Amherst NY 14051 (716) 548-7916 | E D UC AT ION Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Burlington, VT Expected May 2016 Doctorate of Pharmacy D’Youville College – Buffalo, NY May 2012 Completion of Pre-Pharmacy Courses AD V ANC E D PHARMAC Y PRACTICE EXPERIENC E S ElectiveInternational Rotation May 2015- Jun 2015 Showa University - Tokyo,Japan  Completed a one week research project at the university’s pharmacokinetic laboratory  Discussed and presented information regarding the pharmacy profession in the U.S. and learned about pharmacy practice in Japan and Thailand  Exercised cultural competency, expanded my knowledge of pharmacy, and created international professional relationships Combined Institutional and Inpatient Rotations Aug 2015 – Nov 2015 UMMC - Batavia, NY  Enhanced institutional services by creating and presenting an in-service for nurses regarding Kcentra, a new on-formulary drug, as well as presenting a Medication Use Evaluation (MUE)  Identified and solved medication related problems, succinctly answers to drug information questions, actively participated in rounds, and completed patient workups daily Ambulatory Rotation Nov 2015 - Dec 2015 Dent Neurologic Institute - Buffalo,NY  Aided in the creation of a Continuing Education paper for Multiple Sclerosis, alongside Dr. Michelle Rainka and Dr. Fran Gengo  Counseled patients regarding antiplatelet medication regimens daily, and completed several MTM reports regarding general medication therapy  Interpreted platelet function testing, completed patient notes regarding medication recommendations, and recruited several patients for research studies Community Rotation Jan 2016 - Feb 2016 Walgreens Pharmacy - Buffalo,NY  Designed and presented a common skinconditions lecture to seniors at two separate community centers in Western New York, and provided follow-up information to additional information requests  Successfully resolved medication questions and issues with providers, pharmacists, and technicians daily  Counseled patients regarding over-the-counter drug selection and prescription medications daily ElectiveCompounding Rotation: Feb 2016-Mar 2016 Fallon Pharmacy,Saratoga Springs, NY  Correctly calculated, compounded, and counseled patients and/or caregivers on compounded prescription medications  Used supplied resources to aid in proper selection of human and veterinary medicine dosing, as well as clarifying and altering these orders viacommunication with providers, as needed  Counseled patients on over the counter medications as well as herbal medications and wellness consultations offered at Fallon Ambulatory Rotation: Capital Care Family Medicine, Albany, NY Mar 2016- May 2016
  2. 2. INT RODUCT ORY PHARMAC Y PRACTICE EXPERIENC E S PatientAssessment Rotation Jul 2014 FamilyMedicine - St. Albans, VT  Counseled patients regarding health concerns and medication usage, answered drug informationrequests, and aided intriage  Reviewed specific patient cases and provided succinct answers to drug information requests Institutional Rotation Jul 2014 Fletcher Allen Hospital - Burlington,VT  Introduction to the hospital pharmacist’s role in institutional and inpatient settings  Provided triage and drug information to health care professionals  Met with various staff pharmacists and learned about hospital-based pharmacy protocol Community Rotation Jul2013 KinneyDrugs - Essex Junction,VT  Aided in selection of over-the-counter medications and prescription medication counseling  Filledprescriptions, organized pharmacy workspace, and performedelectronic drug ordering  Successfully resolved medication questions and issues with providers, pharmacists, and technicians Public HealthRotation Jul 2013 Franklin CountyRehab Center - St. Albans, VT  Created and organized drug charts and calendars for patients, to improve patient understanding of medication regimens upon discharge  Aidedin altering and reducing patient medications as appropriate, inorder to benefit patients and streamlinedrug delivery atthe center PHARM AC Y-RE LAT E D WORK E XPE RIE NC E Pharmacy Intern - Kinney Drug Pharmacy May 2014 – May 2015  Provide pharmacist-supervised counseling on over-the-counter and prescription medications  Recorded verbal physician orders, and performed cashier and technician duties  Successfully resolved medication questions and issues with providers, pharmacists, and technicians daily Pharmacy Associate - Rite Aid Pharmacy Jul2011 – Jul 2012  Filledprescriptions, performed cashier duties, and contacted third party providers regarding claims  Aided in maintaining appropriate levels of stock via electronic ordering and inventory  Proficient in NextGen database management system PROFE S S IONAL M E M BE RS HIP PhiLambda Sigma - Gamma Omega Chapter May2014 – Present American PharmacistsAssociation- Academyof Student Pharmacists Oct 2013 - Present C E RT IFIC AT IONS | LIC E NS URE CPR Certification American Heart Association, Vermont State Vermont Pharmacist Intern License Vermont Board of Education NYSPharmacist Intern License NYSBoard of Education C AM PUS AC T IV IT IE S | LE AD E RS HIP Student Government Association Executive Board Chiefof Staff Aug 2014- May2015  Responsible for coordinating and overseeing all class officer elections  Responsible for coordinating CPR certification and renewal classes for Vermont Campus students  When elected Chief of Staff, the Professional Organizations Council-Vermont Campus Chair position is also assumed
  3. 3. Vice President, Class of 2016 Sep 2012 – May 2014  Attended weekly meetings to represent the class of 2016 and voiceclass opinion  Organized class meetings, and also coordinated ‘Winter Jam’ an off-site campus-wide dance event with four other students  Responsible for ordering, buying, and bringing necessary supplies for class meetings and events ProfessionalOrganizationsCouncil Aug 2014- May 2015 Vermont CampusChair  Responsible for coordinating communication between all professional organizations on both campuses  Directed student-led meetings concerning school-wide projects  Promoted the expansion of student pharmacist community outreach through school-wide projects AmericanPharmacistAssociation-AcademyofStudentPharmacists Aug 2014- May 2015 Professionalism Chair  Organized Pharmacist’s Round Table: o Round Table is a dinner event where approximately 15- 20 local pharmacists volunteer their time to meet and speak with student pharmacists, providing insight and advice regarding career paths o Created and coordinatedacommitteeof fourotherstudent pharmacists to aid in the execution of the event  Organized Spring into Professionalism: o Spring into Professionalism, sponsored by CVS, hosts the Emily Post Institute to speak to our student pharmacists regarding business etiquette and professional presentation Member Aug 2013 – May 2014  Participated in Generation Rx in the fall of 2013 and 2014; collaborated with other student pharmacists to discuss the dangers of the misuse and abuse of prescription medications with elementary school children  Involved in Drug Take Back days and Operation Diabetes; represented ACPHS in the community to provide feedback to customers as well as promote the pharmacy profession AWARD S | HONORS Leadership RecognitionAward forSGA Chief of Staff Position 2014-2015  Recognition Award for Executive Board Position; given to four other students residing on the board Ms. ACPHS- VT 2014-2015- Student Nominated 2014- 2015 Awarded to one femalestudentonthe VT Campus who:exemplifies andembodies thespiritof thecampus, is a well-roundedstudentwitha positiveattitude, is professionalatall times, isalwayspresentto lendahand, has goodrapport withall classes, faculty andadministration, andis ambitious anddedicatedto ACPHS-VT andthe pharmacy profession Induction into Phi Lambda Sigma- Gamma Omega Mar 2013 - Present  Selected viastudent-nominationand interviewprocess as one of sixstudents in the Class of 2016 to beaccepted into PLS in 2014 OT HE R WORK E XPE RIE NC E Teacher’s Assistant Jan 2009 – Aug 2013 Jewish Community Center - Getzville, NY  Assistedleadteacherinconductinglearningexperiences forstudents  Supervisedchildren, ages 18months to 5years, duringvarious educational andrecreational activities and aidedinmeal preparation AD D IT IONAL V OLUNT E E RWORK Colleges against Cancer Sep 2012 –May 2015 Member  Participated inWalk to End Alzheimer’s andLymphomaandLeukemiaWalks  Provideddinner for cancerpatients and family stayingat Hope Lodge, Burlington, VT Service Club Sep 2012 - May 2015 Member/Historian  Provideddinner for families of cancerpatients stayingat RonaldMacDonaldHouse, Burlington, VT