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Media coursework research on BBC1/3, ITV1/2 and channel 4/E4.

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Media Studies Research

  1. 1. ITV was launched on 22nd September 1955 and is the oldest commercial network in the UK. It has a number of spin off channels such as ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV. It offers advertisers unparalleled volumes of audiences from all key demographics, for example in 2012 ITV played 80 of the top 100 commercial programmes for 16-34s and 96 of the top 100 commercial programmes for ABC1 adults. They attract up to 11 million viewers, in the first half of 2012 495 programmes on ITV attracted over 3 million viewers, compared to 40 programmes on Channel 4 and only 10 on Channel 5. The demographics for ITV are: • 89% of housewives are reached on ITV (ITV1). • 75% of 16-34 year olds reached on ITV 2. • 81% of ABC1 adults reached on ITV3. • 79% of ABC1 Men are reached on ITV4. – More about ITV. - Dempographics.
  2. 2. “From the award-winning writer Julian Fellowes comes the fourth series of ITV's costume drama, Downton Abbey, starring Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern. As they face new challenges, the Crawley family and the servants who work for them remain inseparably interlinked. Throughout the great house new arrivals rattle the established hierarchies, and the lives of the inhabitants are as shaped by romance, ambition, desire, shocks and heartbreak as ever.” - More information about the show. – Press release Series 5. – Series 4 Trailer
  3. 3. Broadchurch is an ITV Crime Drama involving the death of a young boy and the death of his killer, starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman. It premiered on ITV on 4th March 2013 at 9pm and it was bought in January 2013 by BBC America where it was shown in the US starting on 7th August 2013. The first series achieved high ratings for ITV, winning critical acclaim, and generating a large amount of publicity around the “whodunit" mystery. After the first series ended, ITV announced that Broadchurch would return for a second series. - More information about the show. – Press release series 2. – Series 1 trailer.
  4. 4. The British Broadcasting Corporation is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, with about 23,000 staff. They have a number of services such as: television, radio and online. It was founded on 18th October 1922 as The British Broadcasting Company Ltd. From January to March 2011 the demographics for BBC 1 were 79.8% adults watching this channel per week and for BBC 3 the demographics for this channel were 29.8% of 16-34 year olds watching. – More about The BBC. Demographics - Page 8. remits/nations.pdf - BBC Remit.
  5. 5. In The Flesh is a supernatural drama series which began airing on 17th March 2013 which was created and written by Dominic Mitchell. It is set after "The Rising", this show's take on a zombie apocalypse, and focuses on reanimated teenager Kieren Walker as he comes back into the local community. There has been talks of a second series of the show but it unknown of how many episodes will be shown. – More about In The Flesh. - Press Release Series 2. – Series 1 Trailer
  6. 6. Orphan Black is a sci-fi/fantasy drama starring Tatiana Maslany as several identical women who are revealed to be clones. The series focuses on Sarah Manning, a woman who assumes the identity of her clone, Elizabeth Childs, after witnessing the latter's suicide. The series raises issues about the moral and ethical implications of human cloning and its impact on issues of personal identity. - More information about Orphan Black. - Press Release Series 2 (Originally aired on BBC America). – Series 1 Trailer.
  7. 7. E4 is a British digital television channel, which was aired on 18th January 2001. The “E” stands for entertainment and is mainly aimed at 15–35 age group. E4 is one of the most original digital channels, successfully launching mega hits like Skins, The Inbetweeners and Misfits. E4 is the top converting channel for Adults 16-34, Women 16-34 and ABC1 16-34s. E4 and E4+1 reach over 8.9m people each month. On top of this it has a young and upmarket viewing profile, with; 52% of viewers 16-34 (Vs 23% Total Commercial TV), 43% ABC1 (Vs 38% Total Com) and 61% female (Vs 54% Total Com TV). – More information about E4. - More information about E4 and demographics. - Channel 4/E4 Remit
  8. 8. 90210 is an American teen drama which was originally aired on The CW in the States from 2nd September 2008 to 13th May 2013. E4 won the rights against the show against its competition such as Channel 5, ITV 2 and Living. The show follows the lives of students and shows the audience how they act with each other and society. The show also has its ups and downs with romances and dramatic experiences and it shows how the characters develop with their surroundings and situation they’re in. – More information about 90210
  9. 9. My Mad Fat Diary is a British comedy drama that aired on E4 on 14 January 2013. It is based on the book “My Mad Fat Diary” by Rae Earl. It is about a 16 year old girl who has just left a psychiatric hospital where she spent 4 months there. She starts to speak to her old friend Chloe who believes that Rae has been in France for the past 4 months and is unaware of Rae’s illness. Rae has plans to keep this information from her as she wants to impress Chloe’s friends. - More information about My Mad Fat Diary. - My Mad Fat Diary Press Release Series 2 – My Mad Fat Diary Trailer Series 1.