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10 Forces Fueling the Values-Based Leadership Movement


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A list of trends and forces contributing to the movement toward leading with positive values.

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10 Forces Fueling the Values-Based Leadership Movement

  1. 1. 10 Forces Fueling the Values-Based Leadership Movement 1 Increased Ethical Awareness Among Consumers and a Trend Toward Supporting Ethical Brands 2 Strong Focus on Human Well-Being Combined With Evidence That Toxic Leadership Harms 3 Increased Focus on Business Metrics Beyond the Bottom Line and on Building Ethical Brand Value 4 Movement Toward "Finding Our Calling" and Maximizing Human Potential 5 Growing Awareness of the Requirements For Ethical Leadership Beyond Laws and Regulations 6 Increased Expectation That Leaders Take Responsibility For Company Problems Rather Than Blaming Others 7 General Trend Toward Positive Results in the Social Sciences (From Fixing Problems to Contributing to Human Well-Being) 8 Widespread Social Media Sharing Which Discourages Brands From Using Negative Tactics 9 Increased Value is Being Placed on Authenticity and Higher Levels of Leadership Development 10 Growing Awareness That Values-Based Leadership Transforms Organizations and Creates a Competitive Advantage © 2014 Leading in Context® LLC, Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership®