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Building Corporate Leadership Skills


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Organizational checklist includes list of observable symptoms that may indicate leadership is not staying competent as times change. 5 discussion questions that follow help organizations identify nest steps for correcting leadership problems. Helps businesses see the importance of leadership in a broader context. Staying current as leaders is part of responsible leadership. Helpful for leadership development, senior leader discussions and C-Suite planning.

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Building Corporate Leadership Skills

  1. 1. Leading in Context Diagram Building Current Leadership Skills Starts With the CLO    CLO Other Sr. Leaders Other Leaders____________________________________________________________________________________Understands Performance SystemsServes as a Coach to Other Senior LeadersServes as Coach to Other LeadersHas Top-Notch, CurrentLeadership SkillsMeets or Exceeds CompanyLeadership ExpectationsServes as a Role Model toOther Leaders and to EmployeesServes as a Coach to EmployeesAs the head performance strategist in the organization, and the leadership role modelfor the organization, the CLO needs to have a strong understanding of performancesystems and today’s leadership skills, and must meet or exceed all of the company’sleadership expectations. Meeting those requirements ensures that the CLO is fullycapable of preparing senior leaders to coach leaders throughout the organization. © 2010 Leading in Context LLC LeadinginContext®.com