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Leadership Directories & Networks Connections


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Leadership Directories & Networks Connections

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  3. 3. Name/Organization/Keyword Search On the homepage you’ll see a search box at the top with three “quick search” options. If you’re looking for a specific name or organization - click on the corresponding button and starting keying in the name. You’ll see a drop-down box with possible matches - scroll to your contact and select - the profile will pop up. We also have a keyword search - enter in any term, hit “GO” and the database will run a search. You’ll see the results in Build a List, where you can save, export, discard, or browse depending on your purpose. One-click Lists Some searches are so popular that we created “one-click” searching. Go to the “One Click Lists” tab on your homepage and you’ll go to a menu of pre-set searches (all with updated data) spanning all of the contacts in the database, lists according to job functions, and more. Advanced Searching Each sector gives you the option of Quick Search or Advanced Search. You can comb through dozens of criteria to find one person or a thousand. You can click off location criteria, personal information, education history, political affiliations, and much, much more. 4
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  9. 9. Networks is “clickable” and interactive - scroll over people icons for contact and biographical info, or scroll over the multi-colored nodes to see exactly how and why people are connected to each other. Click on any of the individual icons on the screen and you’ll shift to that person’s galaxy of contacts and affiliations. There’s seamless integration between Networks and the Library – you’ll find a Networks icon in all people profiles in The Leadership Library – click it and you’ll go through the looking glass! 10
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  11. 11. You can quickly look up contact info for individuals or entire organizations, conduct phone calls in one click, and instantly send e-mails without being tied to your desktop. All you need to do is log on to the Library, click on the “My Mobile Graphics Options” button in your toolbox, and check “Non-Flash Animation.” Setting up mobile access on your iPad • Sign in from your iPad and click on the My Toolbox button on the top right hand corner of your Leadership Directories homepage • Select My Mobile Graphics • Choose the non-Flash® Animation option for the iPhone and iPad • And you’re done! Now you can add Leadership Directories databases to your favorites and install an icon on your iPad’s homepage 12
  12. 12. Create a private, password-protected space to store saved searches, saved formats, and contacts. You have the option to keep this information private or share with other users on the same account. This is your nerve center for all kinds of functionality in the database – it contains the “memory” of your activity in The Leadership Library®. You can also check your previous exports, see your tracking and exporting statistics, manage privacy, and more. 13
  13. 13. Communicate directly with our technical support staff at Contact us to learn about new features and how to maximize the searching, exporting, and list-building capabilities of all of our online directories. Plus we have a new live chat feature running during normal business hours – in a matter of minutes you can find solutions and get assistance . We offer free on-site training for offices in the NYC and DC metro areas, as well as webinars customized to the needs of your staff. This would be a great opportunity to see some of the new features and content sets we've built into the database over the last 6 months. Jim Marcus Senior Relationship Manager 212-433-1408 direct 347-852-4059 mobile 14