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Market your biz go negosyo


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Market your biz go negosyo

  1. 1. How  to  Market  Your  Business   GoNegosyo  
  2. 2. What  is  Marke7ng?   •  It  is  the  act  of  a"rac%ng  your  target  market  to   buy  your  product  or  service  as  oAen  as   possible   •  It  involves  research,  strategies,                                         tac7cs  and  ac7vi7es   •  It  is  like  “buying”  your  customers  so  that  they   will  “buy”  from  you  
  3. 3. Aim  at  the  Target   •  You  cannot  aim  at  everybody!   •  Define  your  target  segment   •  How  do  they  think?   •  Where  do  they  work?   •  Describe  their  lifestyle   •  How  do  they  buy?   •  What  is  the  age  range?   •  Would  they  love  your  product?   •  Is  price  more  important  for  them  or  quality?   •  Is  it  about  the  place?  
  4. 4. What’s  the  Difference?   •  Be  aware  of  the  compe77on   – Direct  rivals     – Subs7tutes   – New  entrants   •  Do  you  plan  to  compete  head  on?     •  What  are  the  consequences  of  doing  so?   •  Do  you  plan  to  differen7ate?   •  What  are  the  advantages?   •  What  do  most  business  gurus  and  coaches   recommend?  
  5. 5. HIGH   High  Chance  of   Many  customers  but   Success:  unique   many  compe7tors   business  with  many   customers    Demand   Sure  Failure:  few   Unique  business  but   customers  with  many   few  customers   compe7tors   LOW   HIGH   Differen7a7on  
  6. 6. Magne7ze   •  Posi7oning:  a  mind  and  emo7onal  game   •  Strengthen  your  brand   •  Hard  sell  does  not  always  work!   •  Effec7ve  Marke7ng  magne7zes                                                     the  customers.   •  Use  Guerrilla  Marke7ng    
  7. 7. Trial   Tes7monial   Flyers  &   Small  Events   Posters   DJ   FREE   Recommends   Word  of   Mouth   Magne7ze     Website  
  8. 8. Be  Passionate   •  Be  passionate  about  your  product  or  service   •  Be  passionate  about  serving  your  customers   •  Be  passionate  about  improving  your  product   or  service   •  Be  passionate  about  having  fana7c  customers.