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Program for Women Leaders in Myanmar


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See slide show for more on the Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) & Gender Equality Network (GEN) of Myanmar Training-the-Trainer program for Women Leaders in Myanmar.

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Program for Women Leaders in Myanmar

  1. 1. Women’s Leadership Train the Trainer in Myanmar 16 women trainers representing a cross-section of Myanmar’s ethnicities attended a 8-day ToT delivered by Philomena Rego and Susan Stewart in Yangon that was conducted in concert with the Gender Equiality Network.
  2. 2. Myanmar is an ancient land that is now opening up to world. Women face many challenges in a society that is hierarchical and male dominated.
  3. 3. The initiative is designed to help women in all segments of Myanmar society explore identity and aspirations and claim their power and potential. Visual from persona mapping of women as leaders in government, business, social sector homemakers roles.
  4. 4. Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Model The program is based on the 5-part model developed by CCL that leverages our women’s leadership research and LBB learning from the field.
  5. 5. Learning about Leadership The program used simple experiential activities to share fundamentals of leadership. For many participants this was the first experience of its kind and transformational.
  6. 6. Social Identity Mapping Social identity mapping activity was popular among participants. Myanmar is a traditional society with multiple ethnicities, many locked in conflict. The women were keen to challenge the status quo, redefine the role of women, and usher an era of peace and collaboration.
  7. 7. Creating DAC DAC was identified as an especially valuable concept for women leaders in government who are working to create significant change.
  8. 8. Developing Mentoring Skills Peer mentoring was a key facet of the program. The women learned and practiced skills related to listening, inquiry, and feedback to enable them to support and develop other women.
  9. 9. Cultivating Empathy In a practice session a visually impaired trainer led the others in an activity that challenged them to experience physical constraints.
  10. 10. Skill Development Issues such as influence are important themes in leadership. The program focused on creating collaborative leadership through inclusive dialogue.
  11. 11. Envisioning New Futures Using the Tree of Life, the women engaged in a group activity around the future they wanted to create for themselves and how to make it possible.
  12. 12. The women aspired to claiming a greater share of power in government and business but also engaging men as partners.
  13. 13. Looking Forward Dual Visual Explorer cards were used to help the women frame the outcomes they wanted and what they need to do to bring them to life.
  14. 14. Cascading Impact The women attending the ToT trained 94 women from across sectors in the second week of the program. The trainers will conduct dozens of programs across the country in the next few months, reaching hundreds of women.