Top 5 infographic tools for marketers


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How do you create infographics without design knowledge? Well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist! Here are 5 Infographic Tools for Marketers.

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Top 5 infographic tools for marketers

  1. 1. Top 5 Infographic Tools for Marketers
  2. 2. Sign Up for Free Infographics = Graphics + Data Here are the Top 5 Infographic Tools for Marketers 2 Piktochart Creately Do read the blog on the same.
  3. 3. Sign Up for Free 3 Why are Infographics the red-hot marketing tool? Infographics are an effective way to grab attention People interpret visual information better People share information which is appealing & visually compelling than plain content Add your company logo and link it to your website Its an easy way to communicate something which is complicated Effective way to grab attention Easy Interpretation Social Media Marketing Increases Brand Awareness Problem Solving
  4. 4. Sign Up for Free 4 Their mantra - ‘Tell stories with data, drive traffic & amplify a businesses’ social media presence.’ Sourcing + Story boarding + Distribution: obtains information from various sources, builds the basic story and distributes the infographic. Viral Marketing Tool: Infographics are presented in front of 10+ million users. Users can publish them in their social profiles and increase the virality of the infographic and company name. Flexibility of paid plans: Creating an infographic using is not free. How is helpful to marketers?
  5. 5. Sign Up for Free 5 creates infographics with pre-designed themes aim at news portals, journalists and bloggers. Free Services & Easy sign up: Marketers can log-in using Facebook and services by are all free. Additional features at low rates: At $18, marketers can download infographics, i.e. save in PDF/PNG format & control who sees creations through links & password protection. Ready Made Templates: Replace dummy texts & images with your data. Simple Extra Features: Add features – charts, map, picture, text & video. Sharing: Share infographics publicly (social networking sites) or privately (for personal use). How is helpful to marketers?
  6. 6. Sign Up for Free 6 Infographics made easy, Do away with boring data and create the ultimate presentation…this is the yardstick of Piktochart. Simple to create: Drag and drop feature makes creating infographics easy. Engages the consumer: Craft easy presentations (attractive & easy to digest) off your mundane data which may be very difficult to understand and communicate. Sharing & Brand Awareness: Graphics on Piktochart are of high-resolution & thematic. You can also share them via social networking sites to increase brand awareness. How is helpful to marketers?
  7. 7. Sign Up for Free 7 Easely is a theme based web app to create infographics with easy drag and drop features and a simple user interface. It is free: Unlike other infographic tools, is completely free. Easy to use: User interface for is extremely easy. This tool can be used both on Mac or PC. Wide Range of themes: Choose layouts from a wide range of ready to use themes and then embed the infographic onto your blog or website. How is helpful to marketers?
  8. 8. Sign Up for Free 8 Creately aims at making visual details simple for people. And, they do this by giving users great online application which is a breeze to use. Easy to use: An amateur can easily drag and drop objects to create flowcharts, wireframes & many more diagrams from hundreds of templates available. Sharing: Work with multiple users on the same diagram at the same time, create multiple projects and share easily with others on Twitter and Facebook. Powerful tools: The contextual toolbars offer less clutter and more drawing space for amateurs who need more time to practice. How is helpful to marketers?
  9. 9. Sign Up for Free Check out this Infographic that we have created using 9
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