How to Create Facebook Ads in 8 Steps


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Learn how to create Facebook ad in 8 simple steps. This article takes the example of GATE coaching center trying to generate leads through Facebook.

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How to Create Facebook Ads in 8 Steps

  1. 1. How to Create Facebook Ads in 8 Steps
  2. 2. Create Facebook Landing Pages in 5 Steps Step 1 – Logging in Log into Facebook account using personal/business profile. Go to ‘Advertise’ page on the drop down menu next to settings button on your home page. Step 2 – Create the Ad You will be led to this page as shown below. Click on the ‘Create an Ad’ tab to begin the process of creating a Facebook ad. How to Create Facebook Ads in 8 Steps 2
  3. 3. Create Facebook Landing Pages in 5 Steps Step 3 – What you want to Promote? This is where you choose the place, page, app or event you want to promote. You can also add your own URL or landing page. Step 4 – Set Ad Objective ‘What would you like to do?’ Get more page likes: Drive more Facebook users to your ad/page. Promote page posts: Promote a particular post on your page. See advanced options: Drive traffic to your website. You can configure your advanced creative and pricing options. 3
  4. 4. Create Facebook Landing Pages in 5 Steps Step 5 – Create Ad copy FB ads are simple, comprising 25 character headline and 90 character description. You can add a thumbnail photograph measuring 100 x 72 pixels. You can also choose to land visitors on Facebook Page’s timeline or lead capture page. Step 6 – Choose Audience Narrow down your target audience under the ‘Choose your audience’ category. Before we begin, in the image shown below, see the number of people under ‘Audience’ section before the filters have been set. 4
  5. 5. Create Facebook Landing Pages in 5 Steps This is where you choose your target. • Location: Micro target by location • Age: Target by age • Gender: Choose gender, based on type of ad • Precise Interests: Choose interests that you are looking for in your target audience. If you have opted for ‘Advanced options’ under ad category, you can also detail down to relationship status, languages spoken, college attended and workplace. Now, take a look at the image shown below which shows targeted audience once filters have been set. 5
  6. 6. Create Facebook Landing Pages in 5 Steps Step 7 - Campaign Pricing & Schedule 1. Choose currency, country and time zone in which you are placing your ad. 2. ‘New Campaign Name’ should be distinct & definite. 3. Choose how much you are willing to spend for your ad. Step 8 - Review your Ad Once you ‘Review your ad’, you will be able to see the details of your ad and how your ad will look. Next, you will be prompted to make payments for your ad. 6
  7. 7. Generate, Nurture and Follow your Leads Software for Marketing and Lead Generation teams Get an edge over others! Try a Lead Management Software Sign up for free trial