Google Forms vs LeadSquared Marketing Software Free Plan


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Google’s much anticipated Drive finally hit the market in 2012. With remarkable search abilities and great incorporation capabilities, Drive includes Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Google+ services. But, here’s the catch. Drive is definitely the ideal option if you are looking to get your work done using a steadfast file storage service, but to save your leads and nurture them, Drive might not be very helpful.

Here we will discuss how the LeadSquared marketing software's free plan stands out when compared to Google Forms.

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Google Forms vs LeadSquared Marketing Software Free Plan

  1. 1. LeadSquared Marketing Software Free Trial v/s Google Forms
  2. 2. Sign Up for a Free Trial What is LeadSquared? What is Google Forms? • Part of the vast Google Drive - file storage & synchronization service. • Used to build questionnaires & collect data. • Used to create surveys - gather responses from groups of people in a new, compact grid format. 2 • Marketing software to capture, track, engage & convert leads. • Helps marketers design, organize & analyze their daily marketing activities. • Has powerful tools to design, publish & analyze landing pages.
  3. 3. Sign Up for a Free Trial How is Google Forms different from LeadSquared Free Trial? a. Auto-responder: No Auto responder to prospective customer while using Google Forms. b. No notification email: No notification via e-mail each time you get a lead. 3 Solution: With LeadSquared marketing software, leads will be tracked automatically, pursued & auto generated mails sent to potential customers. Solution: LeadSquared marketing software will help you give alerts to your sales & marketing team each time a lead is generated. c. Lead Source: Google Forms does not allow you to track source (outbound call, email marketing, PPC ads, organic searches, referrals etc.) of the lead. Solution: Using LeadSquared Analytics, you can locate top sources of leads.
  4. 4. Sign Up for a Free Trial 4 d. Duplicate entries: Keeping track of people who have filled in forms multiple times can be a long unwanted process. Solution: LeadSquared lets you keep track of duplicate entries and gives you the number of unique visitors. e. Conversion Statistics: No differentiation between number of people who have seen the forms & how many have actually filled them. f. Memory: Google Forms provides a memory of only 5 GB. Up-gradation charges are extra. Solution: LeadSquared will help you analyze your conversion rates. Solution: Use the free trial of LeadSquared marketing software and have as many leads as you want. (But, you can interact with only 100 active leads) How is Google Forms different from LeadSquared Free Trial?
  5. 5. Generate, Nurture and Follow your Leads Software for Marketing and Lead Generation teams Not convinced yet? Why not check it out yourself? Sign Up for Free Trial