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Facebook Video Ads are Finally Here


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Facebook has finally rolled out video ads for big brands. Take a look at this presentation for more information.

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Facebook Video Ads are Finally Here

  1. 1. Facebook Video Ads are finally here!! Read the original post here!
  2. 2. Premium Video Ads in News Feeds – Now only for BIG BRANDS  15 seconds video ad on both desktop and mobile.  Designed for advertisers to reach a large audience with high-quality sight, sound and motion.  Starts playing without sound as it appears on the screen. Stops playing if you scroll past.  A slight tap on the video will expand it to view full-screen with sound
  3. 3. Video Ads - benefits to the advertisers Brands can engage their audience/fans with compelling video experience
  4. 4. Facebook working with Ace Metrix To evaluate how engaging the creative is for each ad; before they go live. The two will evaluate the ads in terms of:- • Meaningfulness • Emotional resonance • Watchability
  5. 5. Key features of Video Ads • Scheduling of Ads – allows advertisers to select the day and time of the ad launch. • Set up of promotion’s reach and frequency - enables a marketer to space out its campaign across several weeks, hence , driving engagement and curiosity among customers.
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