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9 Video Marketing Tools for Marketers


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As video adoption is on the rise, more companies are incorporating video marketing as part of their marketing plan. Here we have discussed about 9 video marketing tools for marketers.

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9 Video Marketing Tools for Marketers

  1. 1. Sign Up for Free Videos are an easy medium to showcase a product/brand & maximize the message in a compact form. 2 Do read my blog for a detailed analysis So, why is Video Marketing important? SEO advantage & Viral Marketing Tool Easy to grasp Engaging Lets discuss about 9 Video Marketing Tools for marketers.
  2. 2. Sign Up for Free Powtoon Powtoon is a combination of animated cartoons + PowerPoint presentations. Helps create animated explainer videos using presentations and still images. How can a marketer use it? Create ecommerce videos, how-to videos, TV ads, product listings, landing page videos, product demos, business portfolios & invitations. Most efficient for businesses and educators. Can opt for a free account or get advanced functionalities with paid plans. Here are pricing details.
  3. 3. Sign Up for Free Makes stories come to life through animated characters. Create, share & watch story using text-to-speech - computer generated artificial voice. Used by marketers, educators, studio artists or IT professionals. Can also download Xtranormal Desktop feature, feed in the script and virtual actors and cameras will create the video. Here is the pricing list. How can a marketer use it?
  4. 4. Sign Up for Free How can a marketer use it? Do-it-yourself software which caters to businesses, educators & consumers. Lets you create professional quality videos using animated characters at very low rates. Using ‘Quick Video Makers’ function, you can create videos yourself without a fuss. You can also switch to ‘Full Video Makers’ section as a business account – will cost you $50/month Their basic plan is free.
  5. 5. Sign Up for Free How can a marketer use it? Offers automatic video editing solution to create and share professional looking movies. Uses still images and videos, complete with effects and transitions. Upload raw video & images on Magisto. Software automatically analyzes it, detects and indexes people, scenes & behaviors. Filters most interesting portions of video, puts it together with effects, transitions and music. Here is their FAQs.
  6. 6. Sign Up for Free Cloud based video editing technology. Software is easy to use, fast & convenient. Because it is cloud based, you can access editing tools anywhere, anytime. Gives videos facelift with different themes, visual effects, transitions and typography. Create videos via Storyboard Editor Mode. Video Lite pack - free Personal Plus pack - $4.99/month Personal Ultra pack - $9.99/month How can a marketer use it?
  7. 7. Sign Up for Free How can a marketer use it? Empower videos by inserting several interactive apps. Share the experience across the internet, mobile and social networks. Once your video is ready, you can add apps to them, enhance engagement and drive calls to action. Here is the list of apps you can use. Basic plan is free. Pro plans start at $19.95. Get price details here.
  8. 8. Sign Up for Free How can a marketer use it? Creates videos from photos, video clips and music. Upload your photos/music clip/video, select a style from the library, add music and words. Basic plan is free. Try Animoto Pro for feature rich HD videos. Here a detailed price list.
  9. 9. Sign Up for Free How can a marketer use it? Reinvents the art of power point presentations. Special feature called ‘Zooming’ allows user to view larger goals of company. User can then zoom in further to see important details. The basic plan is free, while the Enjoy License and Pro License plan are paid. Here is their price list.
  10. 10. Sign Up for Free How can a marketer use it? Sellamations’ doodle video marketing tool is interesting and keeps a client engaged. Live doodles drawing keeps user interested - fun & effective way to get through to anyone - kids and adults alike. See a few examples here: videos/. No free plans, all packages are paid. Also try… Photo Peach, Zimmer Twins, Stupeflix and Creaza Video Marketing Tools. Which Video Marketing Tool will you use?
  11. 11. Generate, Nurture and Follow your Leads Software for Marketing and Lead Generation teams How about trying a Lead Generation Software for Managing all your leads? Sign up for free