6 Free and Low Cost Email Autoresponders


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In this PPT, the 6 most important email autoresponders have been discussed, which specifically cater to small businesses, due to their affordable prices. The tools discussed include AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp and LeadSquared.

There are several paid (and a few free) tools available online for setting up email autoresponders in landing pages or forms. However, not every small business has a huge budget just for email autoresponders. Therefore, here is a list of a few free and optimally priced (under 20$) tools for the purpose.

Most of them have advanced plans, with several additional features for extra cost; but let us just stick to the basics today. Most of the paid landing pages or forms permit a one month free trial, thereby allowing the user to test the email autoresponder software and get familiarized with the settings.

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6 Free and Low Cost Email Autoresponders

  1. 1. Email Autoresponses - 6 Free and Low Cost Email Autoresponders
  2. 2. Sign Up for Free Why are autoresponders important for businesses? 1) To send notifications to leads, that their query has been received. 2) To send across (virtual) goodies to a prospect after a newsletter signup. 3) To inform the sender that the receiver is currently away and will look into the matter as soon as possible. 4) To respond to FAQs. 5) To notify the concerned party of a change of address. 2
  3. 3. Sign Up for Free 6 Free & Low Cost Email Autoresponders 3
  4. 4. Sign Up for Free 4 Customization: More than 150 (autoresponse email) HTML Email templates to choose from, with single and multiple column designs. Third Party Integration: Integration with leading email services (like Gmail) and applications (like WordPress). 1 2
  5. 5. Sign Up for Free 5 Time Based Autoresponse: Through their ‘Send Windows’ feature, autoresponses can be sent at specific hours of the day, depending on your settings. Tracking and Reporting: Detailed tracking facilities (which links were clicked the most; how many people clicked and how many didn’t). 3 4
  6. 6. Sign Up for Free Time-based messages: Time-based messages have advanced timing control, with quick message editing settings. Action-based messages: Action-based messages are automated messages that get triggered whenever a visitor or lead takes a predefined action. 1 2 6
  7. 7. Sign Up for Free Personalization of messages: Birthdays, sign-up forms, and other transactions are conveniently processed through action-based messages. Continuous tracking of leads: “Measure Conversion Rate” enables continuous tracking facilities. 3 4 7
  8. 8. Sign Up for Free 8 Third Party Integration: Integration with the leading social media websites. Social Share bar and Social Buttons ensures continuous email sharing facilities with social networks. Management Tools: Provision of contact management tools 1 2
  9. 9. Sign Up for Free 9 Real-time reporting and tracking: Provision of real-time reports on leads through the “Track Email Marketing Metrics” feature. Storage: ‘MyLibrary Plus’ feature for $5 a month, allows for storage of documents of up to 50MB with access to more than 4000 images. 3 4
  10. 10. Sign Up for Free 10 Third Party Integration: Integrate with third parties and your blog’s RSS feed. Image hosting and merge tags: Image hosting leads to storage of personalised images. Mail-merge fields ensure personalization. 1 2
  11. 11. Sign Up for Free 11 Additional features: Premier Accounts have tracking facilities. Split Testing: Split testing features allows the user to test two versions of the same message, thereby, providing information on which worked and which didn’t. Security: SpamCheck ensures safety of your database. 3 4 5
  12. 12. Sign Up for Free 12 Event-based triggers: Appropriate autoresponses are sent based on the event or situation (like opens, purchases, clicks, etc.). Integration & List Segmentation: Provision of other features like Google Analytics integration and list segmentation. 1 2
  13. 13. Sign Up for Free 13 Personalise messages Schedule delivery Customise Email templates 3 4 5
  14. 14. Sign Up for Free 14 Complete marketing software with the ability to create landing pages, with email marketing, lead tracking, lead management. Identification of top sources: Identification of top sources of lead like Social, Emails, Organic, PPC. Lead Management: Organise your leads with powerful lead management features. 1 2 3
  15. 15. Sign Up for Free 15 Create customized email autoresponder templates for different events Get email alerts for a new leads or specific lead activities Automated lead scoring and lead tracking 4 5 6
  16. 16. Sign Up for Free A Tabular Comparison of 6 Free/Low Cost Email Autoresponders Features AWeber GetResponse Constant Contact iContact MailChimp LeadSquared Email Template Cutomisation (WYSIWYG) Tracking Schedule Delivery Message Personalisation Forms Landing Pages 16
  17. 17. Sign Up for Free A Tabular Comparison of 6 Free/Low Cost Email Autoresponders Features AWeber GetResponse Constant Contact iContact MailChimp LeadSquared List Management Subscribers 0-500 0-1000 0-500 0-500 0-500 Unlimited (100 active leads) Send Emails Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Up to six times your subscriber limit each month Unlimited 1000 Free Trial For $1 30 days 60 days With conditions Unlimited (Free Plan) Free Plan available Pricing Plan (monthly) $19 $15 $15 $14 $10 $0 (Free Plan) 17
  18. 18. Generate, Nurture and Follow your Leads Software for Marketing and Lead Generation teams Create Landing Pages with Autoresponders in minutes! Try LeadSquared! Sign Up for Free