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Like so many other spaces in the business world,  today's tradeshows are fueled by social media
conversations and the buzz...
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Social Media Tips for Tradeshow Success


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Are you an event organizer? Here are some quick social media tips to help you market your event and engage your attendees more effectively.

Published in: Marketing
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Social Media Tips for Tradeshow Success

  1. 1. Like so many other spaces in the business world, today's tradeshows are fueled by social media conversations and the buzz they create. Hele’s a look at how you can leverage the power oi social across three important but very different channels. SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS r :1:-l ‘i'. ttt: l_: i:: *rli; tll'. / ; :L "I_= l-_'1s_‘ FAGEBUUK c REATE A PAG E —not a personal profiIe—lo1 your tradesiiow. El ‘lnti I= ¥litotlt" EB STUCK FOR POST IDEAS? contests, dlscounited event admissions. oehind. the. scenes photos and videos. announcements. interviews with exhibitors, list common exhibitor or attendee mistakes. tttii your Trsdeshow News (iii ck i. ,.i i rum iilllliulllu in Vtivll‘ PINTEREST CREATE A SPECIFIC PINBOARD FOR PHOTOS FROM THE EVENT, and include the same hashtag as you're using on Facebook and Twitter in the pin descriptions. Your Pinleresl Profile your Tradesttow Event what Not to Do PRIOR TO THE TRADESHOW. SHARE PINS as a way to drive traffic to your events main website. LINKEDIN GREEN up youre SHOW. Post ' tsl copies or your show guides, rloor map, schedules. session handouts. exhibitor collateral. lNvlTE AND RESPOND TO ouEsTioNs AND COMMENTS oN youn POSTS: This will help create conversation and engagement. GET MORE CREATIVE AND SPECIFIC WITH youn PINBOARDS: create boards around dlrrerent topics with compelling titles like “What Not to Do as an Exhibitor. " Your Llnkedln Proflle How you're connected USE THE SURVEY FEATURE to get closer and gain insights trom exhioltors, sponsors and attendees and use this data to tailor your iuture _ Recent updates programming. r. t. ulii . u,v. v- so STRIKE WHILE THE | RON'S HOT: whenever you meet anyone at an event. always lollow up quickly with a connection request while you are still flesh In their mind. USE LINKEDIN GROUPS to create a “Your Event” Alumni Group to keep all tormer attendees. speakers and — exhloltors in the loop.