Midia Kit Brasil Game Day (English)


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Brasil Game Day is an online event created by Busca Descontos. The event brings exclusive offers from the games companies and retail shops working with the segment, all reunited for 2 days in only one site www.brasilgameday.com.br! Take note: On 11/ 12 September 2013.

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Midia Kit Brasil Game Day (English)

  1. 1. 12/13 SEPTEMBER 201312/13 SEPTEMBER 2013AYBXBRASILGAMEDAYBRASILGAMEDAYSupporting: Idealization and Realization:
  2. 2. THE MARKET POTENTIAL AND BRASIL GAME DAYTHE MARKET POTENTIAL AND BRASIL GAME DAY45,2 Milions of braziliansare eventual orassiduous players.Source: IBOPEBrazil is 4th biggestmarket in the world.Source: pricewaterhousecoopersThe World Market movedapproximately U$420millions in 2011.Source: pricewaterhousecoopersThe Brazilian market willgrow 7,1% annulay until2016, when it will reachR$4 billion in transactions.Source: pricewaterhousecoopersBrazil has about 3,1 millions video games of the latest generation.(Xbox, Playstation and Wii)Source: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/tec/1165034-mercado-brasileiro-de-games-ja-e-o-quarto-maior-do-mundo-e-deve-continuar-a-crescer.shtmlU$420MILLIONS45 MILLIONS3 MILLIONSSupporting: Idealization and Realization:
  3. 3. WHAT IS BRASIL GAME DAY?WHAT IS BRASIL GAME DAY?Promotional campaing with strong sales impact.Realized held by the Black Friday Brasil creator: Busca Descontos.com.br217MILLIONSIN SALES500ORDERSIN24HOURS84 MILLIONSIN SALESON26/12.com.brBusca descontosboxing weekBuscadescontosSupporting: Idealization and Realization:
  4. 4. BUSCA DESCONTOS ACTION PLANTHE INVESTMENT IN THE E-MAIL MKT AND ADWORDS CAMPAINGSBUSCA DESCONTOS ACTION PLANTHE INVESTMENT IN THE E-MAIL MKT AND ADWORDS CAMPAINGSConstant collection of qualified Adwordsleads made to partner transfer purpose.ADWORDS CAMPAINGSAdwordsADWORDS CAMPAINGSAdwordsSignificant presence in the social medias reaching over250.000 followers on Busca Descontos twitter andfacebook.FOLLOWERSFOLLOWERSOVER250.000OVER250.000IN THE PRESSIN THE PRESSCoverage:previous,duringandpostevent,asexampletheBlackFriday,wasfeatured in themainnewspapers withfullcoverageinthemainstreammediaofthecountry.12 mililons subscribed in the LeadMedia Groupopt-in data base.E-MAIL MKTE-MAIL MKTSupporting: Idealization and Realization:
  5. 5. O QUE É PRECISOPARA PARTICIPAR?O QUE É PRECISOPARA PARTICIPAR?Provide up to 50sales offers with realcompetitive discountsOffer competitiveprices on the market-$% $@ @@Have anonline shopManufacturers and Publishers come alongpromoting their products and brands.HOW TO PARTICIPATE?HOW TO PARTICIPATE?Supporting: Idealization and Realization:
  6. 6. Store IndexBrands IndexHome CoupomBanner 728x90Sidebar Hightlights4 Positions available. Composed by logo + 3 randomized offers.All these offers are selected by Busca Descontos.Logo Menu of the participating e-commerces with up to 23 positions available.Brand Menu (Games, manufacters, consoles, publishers) with up to 15positions available on the site. Each logo will link to a special page (see slide 9).Super Highlights4 positions with up to 5 shops rotating the offer in each one.Each shop is allowed to own only one position. In each position, is possiblerotating up to 5 offers. Each shop will have 20% of visibility in the home page.Up to 100 online shops will be published at the home page. (Online shop only)2 positions on the page. In each position are 3 arts rotating at same enviroment.132WHERE RO PUBLISH YOUR OFFERAND BRAND IN THE HOME PAGEBanner 200x200Each position will have at least 2 banners from the same shop. The shop organizationin this space will be arranged according with the commercial closures and availability.346467534567512Supporting: Idealization and Realization:
  7. 7. Your store logoHighlightsBanner 728x90Your offers coupon4 positions with one offer each. The offers are chosen byBusca Desconto Planning department and published in these spaces.All inner pages will have a 728x90 banner. Save those who havesponsorship fees or opt to page without Adsense.Each shop is allowed to send up to 50 offers. All the offers are analyzed byBusca Descontos to guarantee that its profile matching with the action.124THE STORE HOME PAGE341234Supporting: Idealization and Realization:
  8. 8. “Offering/Sponsorship” - 180x55pxSuper Featured CategoriesCategories Coupons (home and internal)The acquisition of coupons position in the home page will guaranteeyour apparition in the internal pages of category.The offers are selected by Busca Descontos.Logo positioning in 1 category page with link toown special page (see details on slide 09)Each category will have 4 highlights up to 5 shops rotating in each position.The offers are selected by Busca Descontos.12Banners 728x90pxThe 728x90px Banners in category pages will be designated to AdSense.WHERETOPUBLISHYOUROFFERSANDBRANDATTHECATEGORYPAGES?342341Supporting: Idealization and Realization:
  9. 9. Exclusive space for Manufactures and Publishers980x1200pxItem NOT accepted.HTML advertising area exclusive for advertiser.Widget.SuggestionsPromoting releases (Branding);Promotion of special offers, with a link to "where to buy";Link to facebook page;Link to Registration page;(This link will takes you to the inner page of the Brazil Game Day).1NEW-SPECIALPAGESSupporting: Idealization and Realization:
  10. 10. 1SPECIALSOPPORTUNITIESBrand Header - 722x144pxMaximum exposition: Banner in the website header which isreplicated across the site with a link to a special page.Only position available.Special Page- 980x1200pxIs including logo in the specials menu at homepage + page totallydedicated to your products and brands with content and layout,defined by you. HTML formats (Items not accepted : Widgets).IMPORTANT: Links related to “Where to Buy” will be drivento the shop pages in the action.12Offering/SponsorshipButton in one category page with link to a special page.3231Supporting: Idealization and Realization:
  11. 11. 1MASTERSPONSORSHIP1 The BenefitsLogo at the top of the website and visible to all pages withhighlights (sizes and positions) linking to the specials pages.Special PagesPage totally dedicated to your products and brands withcontent and layout, defined by you. HTML formats(Items not accepted: Videos, Widgets, links to the landingpage and subscription).IMPORTANT: Links related to “Where to buy” will be drivento the online store pages in the action.1Category Offering/SponsorshipLogo positioning in the category page linking to another special page.Note: The logo position will be determinate by closing order.32Mention in the press releases4Only one quota available21Supporting: Idealization and Realization:
  12. 12. GOLDSPONSORSHIP11 BenefitsLogo at the top of the website and visible to all pageslinking to the specials pages.Note: The logo position will be determinate by closing order.Special page to HTML applicationPage totally dedicated to your products and brands withcontent and layout defined by you.HTML Format (Itens not acepted: Vídeos, Widgets,Links to the subscription landing page).IMPORTANT: Links related to “Where to buy” will be drivento the shop pages in the action.12Mention in the companie press releases3N° of availables quotas: 6231Supporting: Idealization and Realization:
  13. 13. When is the Brasil Game Day?12/13 September 2013 - From 20h till 23H55Deadline for accession02/09/2013Submitting Content*02/09/2013( *) Tacked Links , products images and coupons, store logo.Supporting: Idealization and Realization:
  14. 14. Performance Marketing Grouphttp://www.leadmedia-group.comO maior site de cupons de descontos e promoçõeshttp://www.buscadescontos.com.brLEADPublishing.com.brBusca descontosSALES DEPT.comercial@leadmedia.com.brTel: 11 4305-0355Just make your reservation!Follow the news:www.brasilgameday.com.brAYBXBRASILGAMEDAYBRASILGAMEDAY
  15. 15. About BD and LeadMediaA community of over 12 million people inBusca Descontos, one team that isrelentlessly hunting offers.Outcome: The biggest coupons discountsportal of Brazil. One of the biggestgenerating leads for Brazilian e-comercewith over 200 partner stores. Creatorsof special dates in e-commerce: BlackFriday, Boxing Day and Dia do Frete grátisin Brazil.Global market leader in online shopping,ShopBot is known for high performancein comparison sites pricing. Bringingtogether 400 stores and almost 1million offers per week in shoppings,the company has developed a technol-ogy that provides a comment of thebest pricing options for consumers.Since 2004 in Australia, the portal waslaunched in Canada, New Zealand andSouth Africa, and Brazil.French-Brazilian companyspecializes in performancemarketing, acquisition andloyalty through the digita media.Billed in 2011 R$ 19.2 millionwith a grow of 118%. Sevencompanies in synergy BuscaDescontos, Shopbot, MediaFactory, DigitalMe, Ganmed!,Graphinsider and Score-MD.In 2010 the LeadMedia Group becomes Busca the Descontos partner &investor and leverages new tools and marketing performance solutionsfocusing on the customers acquisition and retention.The portal gathers offers focusingin the female universe. Accordingto surveys association of e-com-merce, 60% of people enrolled inshopping portals are women, amilestone in the ascendancy,which demonstrates the power ofwomen in relation to e-comerce.LEADPublishing