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Building a ground up Demand Generation Program

LeadMD has also dealt with CSS Impact, a software solution company. CSS Impact need to generate better leads for their sales team, so they contact We installed Marketo in and as a result, for the first time in the history of CSS Impact began to co-operate with Marketing. For more details about demand generation visit

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Building a ground up Demand Generation Program

  1. 1. LeadMD Case Study CSS Impact Building a Ground Up Demand Generation ProgramFounded in 2003, CCS Impact is a softwaresolution company that prides itself on deliv-ering innovative products and services tothe market. Big on vision, but small onresources, the California-based companysought to enhance its own sales efforts byintroducing in 2008. Whilethis initiative was a giant step in the rightdirection, CCS’ Marketing department wasstill operating in the Dark Ages. When thecompany tried to break into a new nicheusing traditional marketing techniques, theresults were less than stellar.Until LeadMD stepped in
  2. 2. LeadMD Collaborates with CSS Impact to Make Sales & MarketingVision a Reality; Benefits Include 450% Jump in RIO in 30 Days. “We were painfully aware of the need to generate better leads for our Sales team, but were limited in terms of time, resources and expertise,” said Carl Briganti, CEO of CSS Impact. “Our marketing capabilities did not match our marketing goals.” Lack of Resource Wall Comes Down CSS Impact began searching for a solution in late 2008. In addition to marketing software, the company also needed an experienced partner who could showIn 30 days, LeadMD the sales team how to use the product effectively. Carl met Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD at a trade show and theinstalled and relationship was established. A year later, CSS decided tointegrated Marketo invest in Marketo’s on-demand marketing tool; however the system remained dormant for five months, until CSS hiredinto LeadMD to implement it.– Justin and his team According to Justin, LeadMD’s biggest hurdle was gettingtrained CSS Marketing CSS to turn over the reins. “Before we entered the pictureon Marketo and the CSS, was beating their head against the ‘lack of resource’ wall. Sales was not using a uniform database andCSS Sales team on Marketing was overwhelmed with too much vision, but a lackhow to fully leverage of know-how.”Salesforce’s capabilities Case in point: Revamping CSS’ Web site, which was in the– For the first time works for 12 months. LeadMD came in and turned the Web site into a true online resource in 20 days. The companyin CSS history, the also:Sales team began + Re-tooled the CSS’ Marketing departmentto collaborate with + Defined a streamlined Sales processMarketing, instead of + Integrated Sales and Marketing processes into Salesforce. com and Marketoignoring them. + Rolled out an online demo campaign in 45 days + Increased on-demand demos 35%, saving valuable employee time + Integrated a Lead Scoring model around content marketing + Established both 10 & 20 week lead nurturing campaigns
  3. 3. “We talk about the sales process as it relates toAfter hiring LeadMD, CSS experienced immediate and campaign-driventangible benefits including a 450% ROI on the lead recycling leads and howcampaign. Now, instead of withering and dying fromneglect, all online leads are nurtured according to where to dial in thethey are in the buy cycle. In addition, the cost per lead nurturing aspect,”(CPL) has dropped 18% to date, a number which is predictedto fall further over time. said Justin. “In essence, weBright Future -- Long Term RelationshipLeadMD has become CSS’ change agent and is now enable CSS toentrusted with managing the company’s Marketing function likedepartment. All databases have been merged and de-dupedand the use of accurate customer data and opt-in lists has a much largerenables the Marketing database to grow 1,200%. Justin entity.”and team meet regularly with the CSS’ Marketing group todiscuss goals and devise tactics to translate those goals intoreality.CSS’ old sales system of using Outlook to scheduleappointment has been totally replaced by on the Sales team has adopted and embracedthe tool. With LeadMD’s help, CSS now has a processthat allows Sales and Marketing to communicate is able to provide nurturing messaging from thetop of the funnel through the customer lifecycle, while Salesmaintains visibility into those efforts and can prospect moreeffectively with email and tailored messaging provided byMarketing. It’s a highly collaborative that is paying off inspades.About LeadMDLeadMD is a conversational marketing services firmspecializing on organic lead generation. Headquarteredin Phoenix, LeadMD helps companies fix their funnel byleveraging cutting edge sales and marketing technology toproduce quantifiable revenue based results