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LeadLife Solutions


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LeadLife Solutions

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LeadLife Solutions

  1. 1. LeadLife Solutions Combining Lead Management Expertise & Marketing Automation Technology to Increase Sales Opportunities Brawn + Brains Marketing Automation Technology Powered by Experts
  2. 2. What is Lead Management? Email, Adwords, Banners, Webinars, Offline Events Inquires/Suspects Conversions Sales Ready Leads Qualified Opportunities Closed Sales Sales Nurture Nurture Marketing Sales Lead Management provides a flow between marketing and sales so that your company can maximize revenue by increasing the number of sales ready leads. Marketing Automation Technology allows marketers to automatically track, score, prioritize and nurture leads. Lead Nurturing is staying top of mind with relevant email content. Once prospects are ready to buy, your company’s expertise will be top of mind.
  3. 3. What is Lead Management? › One component of a lead management program is the software. Marketing Automation technology helps automate the tracking, scoring and nurturing of prospects. › Develop a lead management process to align your sales and marketing teams. Define a common “sales ready lead” criteria for the best quality leads. › Segment your leads and/or set up lead scoring criteria to better qualify sales opportunities. Send qualified lead data to sales teams in real time using sales rep alerts. › Build automated nurturing campaigns with targeted content that drives your prospects through the sales cycle. › Integrate with your CRM system to flow leads to sales and track campaign performance/ROI.
  4. 4. Spreadsheets / CRM Database Generate & Qualify Leads?? Banner ads Event s Website Email Existing Lists Basic Lead Management Process
  5. 5. › Existing legacy lead management process • For every 100 raw leads, only 4 to 7 are ready to buy. • Sales teams are spending 20% of their time generating leads, not selling. • 80% of leads that are generated by marketing are not followed up with. › New lead management process combined with technology • Best-in-class companies using marketing automation experience a 107% better lead conversion rate. • 44% of marketing automation users said that a lack of defined lead management process was their main obstacle to success. • 416% increase in closed deals – $570,000 in more revenue (based on an average selling price of $150,000) *Statistics provided by: Meclabs, CSO Insights, Marketingprofs, SiriusDecisions, Aberdeen
  6. 6. • Capture and score all leads • View all leads on one dashboard • Track ROI for each campaign Promote leads to Sales Nurture leads with e-newsletters, drip marketing Banner ads Event s Website Email Existing Lists Lead Process with Scoring & Nurturing
  7. 7. Bottom Line Results  Increased revenue by 150%  Increase in qualified leads by 78%  Decrease in sales cycle from months to weeks  Increase first call contact success rate by 85%  Decrease in cost of sales by 10%  Improved conversion rates up to 3x  60 day ROI LeadLife customers have found:
  8. 8. Contact LeadLife Interested in learning more? Contact us to Schedule a Demo 1.800.680.6292 Follow/Share: