Finding & Nurturing the Right Prospects


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Organizations can spend a high percentage of their marketing budget on lead generation efforts, only to find that their leads aren't converting. Finding qualified leads has become more challenging than ever before, while making marketing planning and prospect nurturing more critical.

Watch Finding & Nurturing the Right Prospects and gain a deeper understanding of strategies for identifying and nurturing high-value leads in a challenging economy.

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Finding & Nurturing the Right Prospects

  1. 1. Success in a Challenging Economy: Finding & Nurturing Your Ideal Prospects
  2. 2. Today's Presenters Sham Sao CMO OneSource Lisa Cramer President LeadLife Solutions, Inc.
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda • Focusing Marketing Efforts • Generating More Sales-Ready Leads • Closing More of the Sales-Ready Leads • Effectively Nurturing Non-Sales-Ready Leads
  4. 4. The Challenge What Challenges Are Marketing & Sales Facing in Today’s Economy? “The emphasis is on building internal efficiencies and strategic cost cutting, increasing customer insight, and strengthening integration with sales to drive revenue and market share.” – Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director, The CMO Council, on their most recent survey of 600 CMOs
  5. 5. Integration with Sales? Marketing Sales • What markets are most attractive? • What is a “good” lead? • What happens to a lead that is not ready to buy? • How are non-sales-ready leads nurtured, and when should they sent back to sales?
  6. 6. Finding Attractive Markets Focus on Biggest Opportunity Areas • Best Growth Segments by – Industry – Geography – Company Size – Etc. • Dive in deeper – below “Services” level
  7. 7. Types of Opportunities Identify “Birds of a Feather” Opportunities What Companies Fall Within Your “Sweet Spot”? How Can You Gather Intelligence and Build Contact Lists? Leverage Your Existing Client Base Identify Net New Opportunities The market's response to uncertainty is to return What sectors have you not exploited, or to, or rely more heavily on, tested and trusted underexploited? relationships…[Gartner] Use Sales Intelligence Across All Three Areas of Opportunity Exploit cross-/up-sell opportunities in your existing client base; Seek out customers who match the profile of customers in your sweet spot; Identify “net new” sectors to develop for incremental lead generation
  8. 8. Defining a Good Lead Sales and marketing need to come together to discuss and define the definition of a lead. A lead definition: Company size, industry, geographic location, yearly revenue Job function, title, authority level, etc. Issues, problems, requirements Stage in the buy cycle, timeframe, budget
  9. 9. Getting More Good Leads 4 Ways to Increase Quality • Deliver more leads from your sweet-spot target markets • Append data to leads to increase their completeness • Increase win rates with sales Intelligence • Nurture leads that are not sales-ready Source: Aberdeen Group
  10. 10. Reaching Your Targets • Direct Marketing • PR & Advertising – Telemarketing/Prospecting Lists – Industry Publications – Direct Mail Lists – Business Publications – Email Lists – Broader Media • Web & Social Media • Events – Website & SEO – Trade Shows – Pay-per-click – Seminars – CPL Advertising – Virtual Seminars – Ad Networks – Webinars – Social Media
  11. 11. Getting the Most from Leads Sales Leads Marketing Append contacts, corporate data, industry, revenues, etc. • Add information valuable for sales • Route leads to the right sales people • Score leads to determine most sales ready • Determine who’s responding to your message • Enable better segmentation of your house lists
  12. 12. Attributes of a “Sales Ready” Lead “Sales ready” lead – a prospect ready to enter the buy cycle. Define what demographics/interactions determine interest: Downloads Webinar attendance Pages visited and time spent - email campaigns E-newsletter and survey responses Trade show visits…..
  13. 13. Role of Sales Intelligence “Sales intelligence” refers to the various sources of information company can collect and use to improve the performance of the sales department and enrich the leads in the sales pipeline -Aberdeen Group • 44% of companies need information because of better informed prospects • Sales intelligence helps prioritize sales inquiries
  14. 14. Sales Intelligence Needs • Quality of the information • Opportunity-cost to find it • Tying it into your process
  15. 15. Are You Fully Capitalizing on the Leads You Generate? Only 20% of leads from marketing are worked 80% of un-worked leads buy within 24 months 50% of sales organizations do a bad job of nurturing leads 51% of Sales Execs are not happy with quality of leads 65% allow sales to send formerly qualified leads back to marketing for further nurturing; 56% of all respondents indicated that they currently lack a formal lead nurturing program to support and nurture long-term opportunities. Sources: Sirius Decisions, CSO Insights Aberdeen Report - Lead Nurturing: The Secret to Successful Lead Generation
  16. 16. Is this your current process? Spreadsheets / CRM Database Email Website Banner ads Events Generate & Qualify Leads??
  17. 17. Lead Generation – Old/New Define campaigns and events Define and track all lead activities coming in from online/offline events and also from existing lists.
  18. 18. Drip Marketing Automatically send personalized, targeted Continuously engage your prospects emails through the lead’s lifecycle. through e-newsletters.
  19. 19. Engagement with Content Look for “engagement” with the content before having any further conversations. How many points is that engagement worth? If/then statements Is attending an event more important than a Webinar? How many activities need to happen = engagement? If nothing happens for 6 months do you reduce? Keep it simple
  20. 20. Lets Break it Down Email, Adwords, Banners, Webinars, Offline Events Inquires/Suspects Marketing Conversions Nurture Sales Ready Leads Qualified Opportunities Sales Closed Sales
  21. 21. Bottom Line Results… By implementing a lead scoring and nurturing process LeadLife customers have found: Increase in qualified leads by 78% Decrease in sales cycle from months to weeks Increase in first call contact success rate from 12% to 85% Decrease in cost of sales by 10% Improved conversion rates up to 3x Increase in quality of leads going to sales
  22. 22. Lead Nurturing Tips Online and offline Continual nurturing Specific interest Lead Scoring Gives Visibility Continuously Engage Prospects Evaluate All Responses Deliver Real Value Thought leadership Personalization Develop a plan
  23. 23. Want to Learn More? To request a Product Demo from LeadLife email or Call 1-800-680-6292 Receive a Free Access Pass of OneSource Visit: or Call 1-866-632-1910 To request the slides from today's presentation please email
  24. 24. About OneSource OneSource: Constantly monitors and assesses provider content, ensuring access to the highest- quality business intelligence Links millions of news items to pertinent companies, industries, geographies and business topics, increasing search relevance. Leverages best-of-breed research supplemented by our own proprietary data compilation processes: distilling the information into one, clear, concise, value-rich resource Provides access to world-class information via portals, application integrations, CRM systems, mobile devices, and other media Free Trial:
  25. 25. About LeadLife Solutions Overview: • LeadLife Solutions is a provider of on-demand marketing automation software solutions that helps automate lead management processes for B2B marketers. • LeadLife offers flexible and intuitive marketing software that enables marketers to prioritize, track, score, and nurture leads based on behavior, thereby increasing the value of lead generation dollars (online and offline). • LeadLife helps organizations increase marketing ROI and maximize sales resources by Assisting throughout each part of the marketing automation process from scoring and nurturing leads to tracking and analyzing individual marketing campaigns. With • LeadLife, marketers can integrate easily with any CRM system and into the company's marketing and sales process, while offering comprehensive features at a reasonable price. For more information on LeadLife visit, email or call 1.800.680.6282.