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Maré alta world cup ag


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Maré alta world cup ag

  1. 1. Maré Alta Charter is a company, for over 10 years in the market, working with charter boats, events, experiences and sale of vessels; we operate on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santa Catarina. This year due to high demand for the FIFA 2014 World ®, we are offering a new service, hosting in Yachts, our boats will be moored at Marina da Gloria during the World Cup, serving as accommodation. Our boats have all the structure of a five star hotel, air- conditioned suites, kitchens, onboard service, concierge, trained and experienced crew, parking at Marina da Gloria and complete structure for a variety of needs. And the mainly benefit, freedom to visit the wonderful city coast aboard a yacht, with all the convenience and comfort without queuing and traffic, Maré Alta Charter takes you to the main postcards of Rio de Janeiro aboard vessels, especially selected to meet the most demanding customers from anywhere in the world. Considered the Brazilian postcard, Rio de Janeiro is the most famous Brazilian city abroad. The fame is due in part to its capital, also called Rio de Janeiro, where beaches and natural attractions that have made their recognized beauty worldwide. There are internationally known landmarks such as the Christ the Redeemer, Maracanã Stadium, the Sugar Loaf and the girl from Ipanema. The most famous Carnival in Brazil and the lavish parades of samba schools also happen in the Marvelous City. The city will receive the most important game of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014: the Grand Final, on July 13, 2014, where the winner of the tournament will be set. But the Marvelous City also will host other six matches. The first game will be in Rio on June 15, Sunday at 19h. The confrontation will oppose seeded in Group F, the very strong Argentinian Lionel Messi, and BiH
  2. 2. team, only rookie in the competition. Another key head, from Group B, Spain (current world champion) enters the Maracana field on June 18, Wednesday, at 4PM. The opponent will be Chile. The Group H key head, Belgium, travels to Rio de Janeiro to face Russia on June 22 , Sunday at 13PM . Three days later, on Wednesday, June 25, two teams of Group E will measure forces. France, champions in 1998, and Ecuador is facing from 17PM.
  3. 3. Located in one of the most beautiful and exclusive areas of Rio de Janeiro, Marina da Gloria is surely the most famous marina in Brazil. The complete structure ensures all the comfort and convenience you need to enjoy your stay, support for boats, and a wide choice of shops specializing in nautical material, convenience stores, private parking, security night and day, sailing classes, fishing and diving tours, including tank for practical classes with 5m deep. And best and most important benefit, located away from the traffic and movement caused by the huge number of World Cup tourists, and close, very close to major points of interest such as Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer, Maracanã Stadium, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches and Santos Dumont Airport, and we didn´t mentioned you can navigate the Rio coast, enjoying the beaches and the best possible view available, without leaving "home". The structure also includes the Barracuda restaurant, known for the famous roasted cod, and the unique view. With the title, given by their clients, of best Cod Baked in the world, the Barracuda celebrates its 33 years of extensive culinary tradition. Located in one of the most alluring environments of Rio de Janeiro, has at its disposal all the charm that the Marina da Gloria can offer. The environment deck of the ship, crowded at lunch and elegantly romantic dinner with lots of international cuisines on its menu, you can´t miss their seafood with ingredients of the highest quality, all heavily accented by their Portuguese touch.
  4. 4. Our tours include the main beaches and wonderful views of the city, such as Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer, you can take a tour with a minimum of 2 sailing hours, the ideal time is between 9 and 17hrs. The value of this tours will depend, according to the to the boat. For custom itineraries, please contact us.
  5. 5. We select the best and most luxury and comfortable boats to meet the most demanding customers, all yachts are equipped with air conditioning, full kitchen, Led TV, sound system, suites, and other items that ensure all of our guests will relax, have fun and enjoy the best part of the World Cup. The check-in time will be from 11AM and check-out until 10AM. For tours, the value is charged per hour of browsing, minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 4 hours per day (only counts sailing hours).
  6. 6. Our experience in the nautical charter market has allowed us to venture in other seas, we always aim to meet the diverse needs of our customers and partners. And for the World Cup could not be different, the low availability in hotels, the high concentration of tourists and the wonderful Rio coast, were the main reasons to send some of the most unique vessels along the Brazilian coast in the heart of Rio de Janeiro and take comfort and luxury to any place where you want to go. Renting one of our boats for the World Cup, you are taking much more than a simple accommodation, all vessels have room service, breakfast, laundry service, experienced crew, concierge service and much more. Transportation We also offer shuttle services for all different needs. We have local partners with executive sedans, armored cars, armed escort, Vans, SUV´s and minibuses. We will also assist, organizing activities and tours in the beautiful city, Request a quote with one of our attendants.