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Copa do Mundo - hospede-se em iates


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Dear travel agents, concierge and trip managers
Maré Alta Charter is a company that has being working over 10 years in the luxury market in Brazil with charter and events on board.
We operate on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santa Catarina.
Maré Alta Charter offers the best rental vessels and services for the luxury segment in Brasil and our team is well prepared to suit all your needs.
This year due to high demand for being the host of the FIFA 2014 World ®, our yachts will be anchored at the Marina da Gloria harbor throughout the match, serving as accommodation for tourists.
Our vessels have all the structure of a hotel, air-conditioned suites, kitchens, onboard service and trained and experienced crew. We can also tailor our services to your needs. Our concierge service will guide you through all your requests.
Attached follows the material with special packages for the World Cup 2014.


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