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Food & ag elections


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Food & ag elections

  1. 1. Food & Agriculture Club On-line elections for new members of the board Comments, problems, suggestions? contact Léa Jéhin :
  2. 2. Election process• How to vote? Join the club through campus groups: Elections will be held via online survey from 12/18 to 12/23• How to apply for a position? 1. Join the club 2. Send a 1-slide profile to by Sunday, December 18th explaining who you are, why you are applying for the position and what ideas you have for it. A candidate may apply for several positions. 3. Profile slides will be sent to all Food&Ag Club members with the online election survey
  3. 3. Leadership positionsVP Corporate Relations• Corporate outreach and On-campus visits• Develop contact database Ideally: one MBA2 + one MBA1VP Recruiting• On-campus, off-campus support• Job posting Ideally: one MBA2 + one MBA1VP Education• Debates, speaker series, informational interviews• Michigan faculty relations BBA, MBA, Tauber, SNRE,…VP External Relations• Leverage other Ross Clubs and Michigan Clubs for common events: job fairs, conferences, local projects, others BBA, MBA, Tauber, SNRE,…VP Finance• Manage the $$money$$ BBA, MBA