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Dropbox i pad_and_more


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Learn a little bit about integrating Dropbox onto your device

Published in: Education, Technology
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Dropbox i pad_and_more

  1. 1. Picture borrowed from DROPBOXShare Important Files Between All of Your Devices Macbook, PC, iPad, iPhone, Droid & More
  2. 2. COMPUTER SIGN UP Picture borrowed from Dropbox.comIf you haven’t signed up for Dropbox, please do so now onyour computer. Go to There is a downloadfor Mac or PC and it works on both. After you sign up foran account, download it.You may have already signed up for Dropbox. But tounderstand the vast capabilities of the program, you need todownload it on your computer to see what it can do.
  3. 3. IPAD APP PURCHASE Picture borrowed from On your iPad, proceed to the app store and purchase the Dropbox App. It is a free app. Once it is downloaded, sign into the app using the same login as you did on your computer. It will link the two accounts automatically.
  4. 4. IPHONE/ANDROID APP Picture borrowed from Apple.comJust as you did with the iPad, go to the APP store on youriPhone/Android and purchase and download the DropboxApp. It too is free.Log into your Dropbox account and it will link to your otherdevices.
  5. 5. MAC OR PC SETUPYou will notice on your laptop ordesktop that when you downloadDropbox, it automatically creates a folder and places it inyour Finder Window. This allows you to quickly save directlyto that folder. In the background after you save something,it will sync to your Dropbox account online.You have to be connected to the internet for it to sync. Ifyou aren’t connected, it will automatically sync the nexttime you connect to wireless. Once it syncs, it is available tosee on all of your devices.
  6. 6. IOS FUNCTIONALITYWhen working on your iPad, there will be times when youwant to save or export a document to Dropbox. In order tohave the option to send something to Dropbox on your iOSdevice (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) the app has to be loadedfirst. When in the app you are creating in, see if you can saveor export the document to Dropbox. Not all apps interactwith Dropbox, but many of them do and it certainly makesit easier to save items to a cloud environment.
  7. 7. IPAD AND DROPBOXYou can upload items from your photo files including movies and picturesto Dropbox very simply. Go to Dropbox> click on uploads in thehorizontal view> click the plus sign> choose the documents> choose theupload folder location and then press upload. The document(s) willupload and then be available in any of your DropBox locations.You can upload attachments in e-mails by holding your finger on thatitem in your e-mail and then choosing the destination for thatattachment. If you don’t see Dropbox, make sure you have your Dropboxlocation services turned on in your settings under location services.To find other apps that support Dropbox and allow you to export directlyto it, visit this site: and click on yourdevice type.
  8. 8. SHARING DOCSSharing documents in Dropbox takes somepractice. You can share your documents inthe public folder or you can share a privatefolder with someone. You cannot share an individual file in aprivate folder with someone. An individual file has to be in thePublic Folder. (This is the hard part to understand and maytake some trial and error!)To share in any situation on the computer, you must click thearrow out to the right of your document and invite yourcollaborators. On the iPad, click the link to invite participants.
  9. 9. PASSCODE LOCK Lock ItIn order to password protect your account on the iPad, turnyour device horizontal and then click on settings. Click onpasscode lock and turn it on. Enter a passcode and feel safeknowing that no one can access your files even if they canlog onto your iPad.