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Discovery and the i pad


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Discovery and the i pad

  1. 1. DISCOVERY on the iPad
  2. 2. WAYS TO VIEW VIDEOSBy using the Mobile App You can get this web-link app by going to on your iPad and then addinga bookmark to home screen.By saving the videos in iTunes and then Syncing On your laptop, download the appropriate videos and putthem in your iTunes library. Sync your iPad and you will findthem in your Videos App on the iPad.
  3. 3. STUDENT LOGINS Each student has their own username and password as created by the district allowing them 24/7 access to Discovery Videos, Assignments and more. Take a look and see all of the possibilities.
  4. 4. VIDEOS Download the movie or have students login to DE using the Mobile App and their login
  5. 5. DE MOBILE APP SEARCH When using the Mobile App to search, you can put your original search terms in the top search bar and then narrow it down. You can do this by categories above the results window or on the left in “type”. Narrow the search until you find the video you want to watch. All are viewable on the iPad
  7. 7. PICTURES If your class loves to create, consider borrowing royalty free pictures from a Discovery Images search. If you hold your finger on the image it will prompt you to save it in your photos. You can then add that photo to apps like: iMovieFotoBabbleStrip DesignPuppet PalsStory Robe
  8. 8. COMBINE ACTIVITIES iBooks Discovery Songs Apps Three Pigs Rap Retell the Story
  9. 9. ITUNES Using iTunes to sync videos, pictures and more for project based learning
  10. 10. Apple MomentEDIT FLASH IN QUICKTIME Downlo ad The first time you open a flash movie it will prompt you to run Perian. Do it. The movie will open and then you can export it as a QuickTime video and put it in iTunes to sync to your device.
  11. 11. MOVIE ACTIVITIES Order of Events Activity In preparation, watch the movieThe Tortoise and the Hare and take screen shots throughout of events. Sync the movie and the pictures to the device. Have the students watch the movie. Afterwards, have them open iMovie or Storyrobe, import the picturesWat ch the from the movie, organize and retell it in their own words.
  12. 12. ACT IT OUT the t chWa en an d th vie Use the Camera to take videos of studentsmo acting out the story they just watched.
  13. 13. SCREEN SHOT FUN the t chWa ... and o vie Have the student take screen shotsm throughout so (s)he can retell the story in: Storyrobe iMovie Comic Design Puppet Pals StoryKit Keynote
  14. 14. NOTES APP Have the student also read a similar the t ch book and compare and contrast theWa ... and vie two within the notes app or onmo Dragon Dictation
  15. 15. CONTACTS APP the Have the students pick one or multiple t chWa ... main characters and create a cantact and viemo profile for the character
  16. 16. FACETIME FUN Watch the movie and t he n Facetime or Skype with an actor, or a specialist in the field, or a parent, or another class to ask questions, share comments and to think deeper about the subject. For in-school fun, have one student skype to another for reading/math buddies.