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Code presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Code presentation

  1. 1. CODE 4 KIDS Challenging Students to Program
  2. 2. STARTING • Make starting easy and begin with the challenge of zeros and ones in this great lesson plan.You don’t need any programming background to begin.
  3. 3. KINESTHETIC CODING Set up a Simple Obstacle course with cones on the playground or on bleachers and have them give directions from one point to another using symbols.
  4. 4. TRACKINGYOUR STUDENTS 20 hours of code is ready and waiting for your students.
  5. 5. CREATE A GAME Assign a challenge like create a math game for kinder or first to practice counting numbers and adding
  6. 6. HARDER CHALLENGE • Ask them to create a game board in another program and import it. • Ask them to add certain features like the forever loop or similar • Include rubrics in the challenge to help them see the important features
  7. 7. WHERETO GO NEXT There are so many options, its really a matter of you taking small steps and being willing to fail.