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Social Media Workshop 2: Marketing & Promotion


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Social Media Workshop 2: Marketing & Promotion is second workshop series sponsored by the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce.

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Social Media Workshop 2: Marketing & Promotion

  1. 1. Social Media Workshop 2: Marketing & Promotion LeRoy Hill PhD @leroyh
  2. 2. Workshop Agenda1. What is social media marketing?2. Why social media marketing3. Skills of social media – Activity 1: Listening tools & skills4. Social media Strategy – Activity 2: your social media strategy5. The Legal implication – Social media Policy – copyright – Activity 3: your social media policy
  3. 3. What is Social Media Marketing Thanks @EmLeary and @trevoryoung
  4. 4. Conversations in…• Twitter: I am having a great time in #Anguilla• Facebook: I Like Anguilla• LinkedIn: My skills on Anguilla dives• YouTube: Here I am diving in Anguilla• Foursquare: This is where I want to live• Pinterest: see collection of fav. Anguillian recipes here•
  5. 5. Why Social media?To achieve business objectives:• Advertising• Human Resource “social media…• Communication / Collaboration• Personal Branding achieve three times• Social Activism the coverage as• Sales traditional releases.”• Public Relations• Customer Service• Market Research
  6. 6. Because…Markets Are Conversations“…markets have become networkedand now know more than business,learn faster than business, are morehonest than business, and are a hell ofa lot more fun than business. Thevoices are back, and voice brings craft:work by unique individuals motivatedby passion.” Chapter 4, the cluetrain manifesto
  7. 7. Social Media skills• Listening & monitoring• Strategy• Targeted advertising• Moderating online discussions• Blogging and writing skills• Search Engine Optimization• Web analytics
  8. 8. Are you listening?• RSS Feed Reader• Google Alerts/Tweet beeps• Google Analytics• Social Media monitoring (Icerocket, Addict-o-matic, Board tracker, Social mention)• Account Management (Hootsuite, TweetDeck)• Search Engines (,
  9. 9. “SocialMediaconversationsflow throughmanychannels”WhichIs rightforyou?Photo by Brian Solis
  10. 10. Understanding your strategy
  11. 11. • Strategy is more than just using tools! • Understand your market and develop an appropriate strategy.
  12. 12. Different approaches…• A number of approaches to developing can be adopted.• -Social Media Calendar: outline content by date• Mind map
  13. 13. Establish your goals and Objectives• Specific• Measurable• Attainable• Realistic and relevant• Timely
  14. 14. • Social Media Return On Investment (ROI) ROI = Gain from (investment) social media activities – Cost of social media activities (Investment) Cost of (investment) social media activities
  15. 15. Find ways and time to listen• Continuous research• Follow the major influencers in your area even if its your competitor• Find places where your potential clients/customers meet and communicate online.• Find ways to enter the conversation
  16. 16. Developrelationships throughconversations • Become a reporter of events in the industry/area
  17. 17. Join a cause• Partner with a cause that customer care about.
  18. 18. Find ways to reward your customers.• Surveys, competitions, short polls provide an avenue to help direct company decisions.
  19. 19. • Develop a profile of your ideal client /customer Use that profile to focus on approaches on curating content.
  20. 20. Make it personal• Add engaging and personal content that customers would want to share with their networks.
  21. 21. Evaluate your social impact & presence Make adaptations
  22. 22. Activity: Your Strategy• The one-page Plan
  23. 23. T S TA AC CT TI IC C
  24. 24. Which comes first? Add them to Search for link up in Facebook onlyBusiness card them on LinkedIn after some Twitter conversations.
  25. 25. Twitter Tactics • Over 140 million users• Develop an objective strategy for using twitter• Use twitter to offer real-time customer service• Offer valuable discounts• Provide simple amusement• Listen first then talk• Be transparent – is it one person or team
  26. 26. Twitter Tactics • Use #hashtags in your post • Offer people value to follow you. – Offer resources: photos, links, files • Create a brand profile – Custom background image – Company logo as profile photo – Include contact information
  27. 27. Twitter Tactics• Follow, follow, follow – Experts in your field – Potential customers – Current customers
  28. 28. is world’s largest ProfessionalSocial Network with: – Resume – Expertise – connections – Recommendations – Link to social channel – Link to company blog • Over 150 million users • All fortune 500 companies • 170 countries
  29. 29. TacticsEncourage your employees to:– setup complete profiles on LinkedIn.–Join professional development groups–Link your twitter stream to your account*–Measure time, connections, conversations
  30. 30. Tactics–Import your contacts from your address book–Invite friends to introduce you to others–Solicit recommendations– post comments and ask questions in groups.
  31. 31. Tactics• Create landing page to encourage non-fans to become a fan• Offer deals, discounts and incentives exclusively for your fans• Create fan page not personal page
  32. 32. Tactics• Offer discounts for your fans.• Comment of fan post rather than just drop a post or picture or link.• Make your fan feel special – Photo of fan of the week – Invitation for open house
  33. 33. Policy • Know your customer : – their networks – how they use social media – Level of involvement with the competition  – Focus first on • Transparency • Privacy • Legal action • Professional conduct • Affiliates and linksStevens & Tate Marketing White paper
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Transparency• Your views are your views! – clearly indicate if writing reflect your views and not that of your company.• Your opinions should not be take for company policy even if you use company email.
  36. 36. Privacy• The work done in and on company time and resources belongs to your employer.• Employer has right to access your data (files, folders and devices)
  37. 37. Legal action• If you break employment contract company has right to restrict you access, remove your created material from company site, blog, Twitter or Facebook accounts.
  38. 38. Professional conduct• Your customers , competitors monitor what you write or post. – ‘funny’ statements can be misunderstood as being offensive or insensitive – Be respectful at all times.
  39. 39. No dead air• Be consistent and remain active if you don’t have to time get social media volunteers or hire a consultant.
  40. 40. Affiliates & links• Be sure to let link to affiliates that build company image/brand• Be transparent about links.
  41. 41. Attributing content• Attribute your content with clear copyright information.
  42. 42. Templates & examples• Social Media GovernanceEmpowerment with Accountability by Chris Boudreaux• 57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources• Social media policy
  43. 43. THANK YOU• Workshop 3 - Tweeting: A bird’s eye view ..…. April 26, 2012 Workshop 4 – Facebook and LinkedIn for business ……. May 24, 2012 Workshop 5 – Business blogging ……. June 21, 2012 Workshop 6 – Web analytics ……. July 10, 2012 Twitter: @leroyh