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Le Conte Announcements 9 24 2009


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Le Conte Announcements 9 24 2009

  1. 1. School Governance Council Candidate Statements for LeConte’s SGC Election 2009 – 2010 The School Governance Council (SGC) is made up of 12 voting members, 6 parents and 6 teachers/staff, and is charged with developing the School Plan for Educating the Whole Child. The Council must design a plan for LeConte on an annual basis, monitor its implementation, and evaluate the results. In developing the Plan, the SGC Committee reviews achievement data, designs and reviews parent and teacher surveys, and approves the yearly budget of our school’s State, Federal, and Berkeley Schools Excellence Program (BSEP) monies. A copy of this Year’s Plan is available in the School Office. Please keep in mind that one of our objectives as a school is to have the needs of ALL our students represented on the SGC and it is desirable to have council members that represent our diverse community. Each year two to six voting positions are open to parents/community members for a two-year term. The following parents have volunteered to serve on the Council and have written a short bio regarding their interest. BEN BUETTNER I enjoyed serving on the SGC last year, and I would be happy to do it again. I’d like very much to be involved in helping improve our great school. YVONNE CHARLES I am interesting in serving on the SGC because I no only want to help the school but ALL children succeed. I appreciate the diversity of LeConte (racial, linguistic, sexual orientation of the families, one/two parent families, adopted/biological, etc.) It’s critical that such a diverse student body is made to feel welcome at LeConte and elsewhere. Education helps bridge many gaps that students cannot otherwise overcome. I want to see all the LeConte children feel good about their scholastic achievements. I hope whatever I can offer the school will assist in this process. GOPAL DAYANENI I am the father of Ila Sophia, a kindergartener in Ms. Roberts’s class. I have worked as a teacher, director of an Early Childhood Development Center and as an organizer for racial, economic and environmental justice. I have a MA in Education from UCB and currently coordinate the Education Circle for Change, a national network of people working in education committed to equity , justice, and democracy. AUGUST FERN My name is August Fern and I am the mother of Joey (2nd grade), Maggie (kindergarten) and Andy (will start kindergarten in 2 years). I am very interested in what happens in the LeConte classrooms and in finding ways to meet and challenge each student at his/her level. I consider the data we have to review in the SGC as a valuable resource to identify the areas where we are doing well and create strategies for improvement. I am also helping lead our efforts to integrate advanced Mathematics and Technology opportunities for all students. I have a background in both engineering and business and see the SGC as the right forum to use these skills to benefit LeConte. JOCEYLN BALE GLICKMAN I am willing to help our school in whatever capacity I can. I am the parent of a kindergarten student so I am eager to learn as much as I can about school operations: funding, instruction, governance, decision making, etc. In addition, I want to have a role in supporting second language acquisition for all students and families. I see this position as a perfect avenue for educating myself as a new parent and supporting the needs and goals of our school.
  2. 2. HANNAH LOVE I work for the University of California Press as an Associate Editor publishing books on health and medicine. As the parent of a second grader, I am committed to expanding educational and programming opportunities school wide, and to helping LeConte become the richest resource for our children and all the potential they possess. CHRIS MARTIN I served on the Council last year and feel very proud of some of the progress we made. Therefore, I would like to continue to work with the SGC because I feel I have a good understanding of our school’s goals, the steps required to improve achievement and the energy to make our school a place where all families are honored to attend. DENISE MONTGOMERY My interest in serving on the Council is to continue supporting Cheryl Wilson and the teaching staff in working to provide the best possible education for all children at LeConte. I have attended SGC meetings since I was a kindergarten parent two years ago, and last year served as a co-chair. During my participation on the Council, I developed, wrote and administered the LeConte Family Survey (2 years), organized, wrote and produced the LeConte Guidebook (2 years), and developed a clear format for understanding – and making key decisions – about the school budget (1 year). Last year during a time of decreasing resources from the state and district, the SGC group successfully lobbied the District to keep funding for our on-site literacy coach, and to avoid combination classes for this 2009-2010 school year. Last year the SGC at LeConte played a vital role identifying the most valuable programs for all of our children, and through increased coordination with the PTA, made sure that we have the funding in place for those programs to continue. In addition, we have taken steps towards improving communication and outreach to families and promoting a positive school climate. I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue the work already in process and build upon our promising steps toward improving the school experience for all LeConte students and their families. SUSANNA MOORE I would like to help LeConte achieve its goal of increasing our Academic Index Performance (API- measurement of achievement rating) by at least 50 points. I also am very interested in brainstorming how to close the “achievement gap” and to encourage more participation of families of color in our school community. I have 10 years of experience being a parent at LeConte! PLEASE VOTE ON THE ATTACHED BALLOT AND RETURN TO SCHOOL WITH ONE CHILD BY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH
  3. 3. Scrip & at LeConte eScrip - includes Andronico’s, Pak N Save, Macy’s, Safeway, Whole Foods, & others Easy money! The money is donated by merchants and costs you nothing. Just think, here’s what LeConte could earn, with your help: 1 family = $30 (average) per year 100 families = $3,000 (average) per year 200 families = $6,000 (average) per year Here’s how it works: The only thing you need to do is register your credit, debit and club cards with eScrip, then every time you use those cards at local grocery stores, restaurants and other retail stores, LeConte PTA automatically receives a contribution from the merchant. Participating merchants include: Andronico’s (which donates up to 5%, depending how much you spend), Safeway (up to 4%), Whole Foods (up to 4%), Baja Fresh (5%), Big 5 Sporting Goods (2%), Budget Car Rental (3%), Carl’s Jr. (8%), Eddie Bauer (5%), Food 4 Less (3%), Mary Kay Cosmetics (online or by phone, 10%), Office Max (2%), Pak N Save (up to 4%), Payless Shoe Source (5%), Pet Food Express (2%), Planet Organics (4%), Round Table Pizza (4-6%), Working Assets Long Distance (2%), and many more. Note, Safeway club cards must be registered every year (easily accomplished with some clicks on the eScrip website). Your eScrip “to do” list: o Register, if you haven’t already. Here’s how: (1) Visit, click on “sign up,” then type Le Conte group ID: 137116693 or the school name: LeConte. Or (2) Fill in the form on the next page and bring it to Donna in the school office. o Already registered? Please visit your account at and make sure all your card numbers are up-to-date. We aren’t receiving any donations from some registered families, probably because their credit and debit card numbers have changed! And, if you’re new to LeConte, please make sure LeConte is selected to receive your support. o Encourage your families and friends to sign up their cards, even out-of- towners. Albertson’s Albertson’s runs their own rebate program, separate from eScrip. You can register your Albertson’s Preferred Savings card at Click “In the Community,” then “Albertson’s Community Partners.” Or you can register at 1-800-696-6419. (scrip info page 1) (scrip info page 2) Berkeley Bowl Market Berkeley Bowl uses the old-fashioned paper scrip - but they give us a high return of 4% on every dollar spent. We earned $1,000 in the past year from about 28 families’
  4. 4. shopping. You can buy paper scrip from Ronny Gaal on the playground Wednesday mornings. Or fill in the info below and return this form to Donna in the school office. Berkeley Bowl paper scrip works like cash and does not expire - feel free to stock up! o I shop at the Berkeley Bowl and I am interested in buying paper scrip. Please call me. Name: Phone: Email: Child’s Name Classroom: Macy’s - Shop for Education Program – through eScrip Use your Macy's Credit Card or Macy's VISA when shopping at Macy's and 2% to 6% of your qualified purchases will go to your designated school. The card must be registered with eScrip. Target - Take Charge of Education Program Target donates an amount equal to 1% of Target Visa and Target Card purchases made at Target and, and 1-2% of Target Visa purchases made elsewhere. 10% Box Tops for Education Bring your “10¢ Box Tops for Education” coupons to the big barrel just inside LeConte’s front doors. The coupons can be found on brands such as Cascadian Farms, Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Ziploc, Kleenex, and Hefty. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - eScrip sign up It’s Easy! It’s Free! It’s Powerful! Group Name: LeConte Elementary School Group ID: 137116693 First Name Last Name Address City State Zip Code Email address Phone number Card Type Card Number Expiration Date Grocery Club Card Type: Safeway, Pavilions, Vons Debit/Credit Card Type: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, ATM/Debit Cards Please return your form to Donna in the school office. If you have questions, please contact: Gloria Park, LeConte Scrip Coordinator, (510) 649-8141 or by email Or leave a message in the “Scrip Coordinators” box in the LeConte copy room, across from Room 110. Fall 2009
  5. 5. Scrip y el de LeConte eScrip - incluye Andronicos, Pak N Save, Macys, Safeway, Whole Foods, y otros ¡ Dinero Facil ! El dinero es donado por los comerciantes y a usted no les cuesta nada. Apenas piense, aquí es lo que podría ganar Le Conte, con su ayuda: 1 familia = $30 (promedio) del año 100 familias = $3,000 (promedio) del año 200 familias = $6,000 (promedio) del año Aquí es cómo trabaja: La única cosa que usted necesita hacer es colocar su crédito y tarjetas del club con el eScrip, después cada vez que usted utiliza esas tarjetas en los almacenes locales de la tienda de comestibles, restaurantes y otras tiendas al por menor, LeConte PTA recibe automáticamente una contribución del comerciante. Los comerciantes que participen incluyen: Andronico’s (que dona el hasta 5%, dependiendo cuánto usted pasa), Safeway (hasta el 4%), Whole Foods (hasta el 4%), Baja Fresh (5%), Big 5 Sporting Goods (2%), Budget Car Rental (3%), Carl’s Jr. (8%), Eddie Bauer (5%), Food 4 Less (3%), Mary Kay Cosmetics (en linea o por teléfono, 10%), Office Max (2%), Pak N Save (hasta el 4%), Payless Shoe Source (5%), Pet Food Express (2%), Planet Organics (4%), Round Table Pizza (4-6%), Working Assets Long Distance (2%), y muchas mas. Nota, tarjetas del club de Safeway se debe registrarse cada año (logrado fácilmente con algún chasca encendido en el website del eScrip). Su eScrip lista "para hacer": o Se registre, si usted no tiene ya. Aquí es cómo entra: (1) Visita, entre (click) la "muestra para arriba," entonces entra la identificación de Le Conte: 137116693 o el nombre de la escuela: LeConte. O (2) Completa la forma en la página siguiente y la trae a Donna en la oficina de la escuela. o ¿Ya esta registrado? Visite por favor su cuenta en y averigue que todos sus números de tarjeta y fechas de vencimiento son actualizadas. ¡No estamos recibiendo ninguna donaciones de algunas familias registradas, probablemente porque sus números de tarjeta del crédito han cambiado! Y, si usted es nuevo a LeConte, averigar que LeConte esté seleccionado para recibir su ayuda. o Anima a sus familias y amigos que tambien usar sus tarjetas uniformes, incluso los que viven afuera de la ciudad. Albertson’s Albertson corre su propio programa, a parte del eScrip. Usted puede colocar la tarjeta preferida de los ahorros de su Albertson en Entra"en la comunidad," entonces "los socios de la comunidad de Albertson." O usted puede registrarse en 1-800-696-6419.
  6. 6. Berkeley Bowl Market Berkeley utiliza el scrip de papel - pero nos dan una alta cantidad de 4% para cada dólar. Ganamos $1,000 del último año por las compras de mas o menos de 28 familias. Usted puede comprar el scrip de papel de Ronny Gaal en las mañanas los miércoles en el patio. O complete la información abajo y vuelva esta forma a Donna en la oficina de la escuela. ¡El scrip del papel de Berkeley Bowl es como efectivo y hay no expiración! o Yo hago compras a la tienda de Berkeley Bowl y yo quiero comprar scrip de papel. Llámeme por favor. Nombre: Teléfono: Correo electronico: Nombre de niño/a: Sala de Clase: Macy’s – Haga compras para la programa de educación –a tráves de eScrip Usa su targeta de crédito de Visa ó de Macys cuando hace compras en Macy y el 2% a 6% de sus compras calificadas irán a su escuela señalada. La tarjeta se debe colocar con el eScrip. Target – Toma cargo del Programa de la Educación Target dona una cantidad de 1% de Visa de Target y de compras de la tarjeta de Target hechas en Target y, y 1-2% de las compras de la Visa de Target hechas en otras lugares. 10% Box Tops for Education (Tapas de la caja del 10% para la educación) Traer tus “las tapas de la caja 10¢ para cupones de la educación” a las puertas delanteras del LeConte interior justo del barril grande. Las cupones se pueden encontrar en marcas de fábrica tales como Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Ziploc, Kleenex, y Granjas de Cascadian. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - Compran eScrip ¡Es fácil! ¡Está gratis! ¡Es De gran alcance! Nombre de Grupo: LeConte Elementary School Identificación del Grupo: 137116693 Apellido Nombre Direccion Ciudad Estado Codigó Postal Correo electronico Numero de Teléfono Tarjeta Numero de Tarjeta Fecha de expiración Tarjeta Del Club De la Tienda de comestibles: Safeway, Pavilions, Vons Tarjeta Deuda/Creditó: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, ATM/Debit Cards Por favor vuelve su forma a Donna en la oficina de la escuela. Si usted tiene preguntas, por favor contacte: Gloria Park, LeConte Scrip Coordinador, (510) 649-8141 ó por correo electronico: Ó deje un mensaje en la caja de los “Coordinadores de Scrip” en el cuarto de la copia de LeConte, a través del sitio 110.
  7. 7. Please join us for a Multicultural Potluck Picnic  a time to celebrate our diverse community,  to welcome and meet new families,  to share your favorite dish,  to reconnect with old friends, and dance to the music!!! SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2009 12:00 – 2:30 PM LeConte Elementary School Cafeteria and Playground area Please bring serving utensils along with your favorite dish to share with about 5 people. And if you don’t cook, come anyway!!! We’ll have plenty of food. Please complete your confirmation and return it by Monday, September 21 to your child’s classroom teacher. LeConte’s Multicultural School Potluck Picnic SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 12:00 – 3:00 PM – Return by Monday, September 21 Name__________________________ Child’s grade level_____ Child’s name____________________ ____ Yes, I plan to attend and bring a dish/serving utensils. ____ Yes, I plan to attend, but I cannot bring a dish. ____ No, I am unable to attend.
  8. 8. Venga y disfrute con nosotros una Cena Multicultural  época de celebrar a nuestra comunidad diversa  dar la bienvenida a las nuevas familias  compartir su plato preferido  para volver a conectar con los viejos amigos y bailar!!! SÁBADO, 26 de SEPTIEMBRE de 2009 Área de la cafetería y del patio de la escuela LeConte de 12:00 - a 2:30 P.M. Traiga por favor utensilios junto a su plato preferido para compartir con cerca de 5 personas. ¡Y si usted no cocina, venga de todos modos!!! Comeremos hot dogs y “jardin” hamburguesas y habrá en abundancia. Llene por favor su confirmación y vuélvala de lunes, 21 de septiembre al profesor de la clase de su niño. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ LeConte’s Multicultural School Potluck Picnic SABADO 26 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2009 12:00 – 3:00 PM – Devuelva antes del Lunes 21 de Septiembre Nombre____________________________ Grado del niño ______________________ Nivel______________________________ Child’s name______________________ ____ Si, Pienso atender y traeré comida/utensilios. ____ Si, Pienso atender, pero no puedo contribuir. ____ No, Lo lamento pero no puedo atender
  9. 9. S FREE HEAL HCAREF KIDS!!! First Come, First Serve • Vaccines (Bring Your Child’s Shot Record)! • Routine Physical Exams • A emia nd Lea Screeni g • Treatment for mild illnesses . No health insurance needed • Can see children 0-18 years old who already have a regular doctor Come see us at Berkeley-Albany YMCA Early Childhood Services 2009 10th Street, Berkeley; cross st.-University Ave. Wednesday October 7, 2009 5:30-7 pm
  10. 10. C CUIDADO MEDIC. 6’ A IDOPARANI~O . El prim - ro qu - viene, es el primero que s ainde Vacunas (traiga Ia arjeta de v cuna) • Exámenes fIsicos • Prueba de Ia anemia y del plomo Tratamiento para las enfermedades !. Ningün seguro medico necesitado H Puede ver a los niños 0-18 años que tienen un doctor regular L. Donde: Berkeley-Albany YMCA Ea ly Childhood Services 2009 1O~” St., Berkeley (y University Ave.) Miércoles 7 Octubre 2009 5:30-7 pm