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20100121 04 - Présentation du CISQ par cast software


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CISQ launches in Europe

Published in: Software
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20100121 04 - Présentation du CISQ par cast software

  1. 1. CISQ Launches in EuropeCISQ Launches in Europe Dr. Bill Curtis Director, CISQ 1
  2. 2. Business application software is lagging in quality Low High High Software Quality Impact of Quality Defense and Aerospace Software Business Applications Embedded Software 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s Software development should be industrialized to improve quality while keeping costs low Size of bubble indicates overall size of market
  3. 3. Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering’’ss 44thth WaveWave What: 3rd & 4th generation languages, structured programming When: 1965-1980 Why: Give developers greater power for expressing their programsLanguagesLanguages 11 What: Design methods, CASE tools When: 1980-1990 Why: Give developers better tools and aids for constructing software systemsMethodsMethods 22 What: CMM/CMMI, ITIL, PMBOK, Agile When: 1990-2002 Why: Provide a more disciplined environment for professional work incorporating best practicesProcessProcess 33 What: Architecture, Quality characteristics, Reuse When: 2002 Why: Ensure software is constructed to standards that meet the lifetime demands placed on itProductProduct 44
  4. 4. Why CISQ?Why CISQ? • Industry needs software quality measures: – Visibility into business critical applications – Control of outsourced work – Benchmarks • Current limitations: – Manual, expensive infrequent use – Subjective not repeatable or comparable – Inconsistent definitions burdens usage 4
  5. 5. CISQ IT organizations, Outsourcers, Government, Experts Define industry issues Drive standards adoption Create assessment infrastructure Application quality standard Other standards, methods Technical certification Partnership IT Executives Technical experts What Is CISQ?What Is CISQ? 5
  6. 6. Initial CISQ ObjectivesInitial CISQ Objectives Raise international awareness of the critical challenge of IT Software Quality1 Develop standard, automatable measures and anti-patterns for evaluating IT software quality2 Promote global acceptance of the standard in acquiring IT software and services3 Develop an infrastructure of authorized assessors and products using the standard4
  7. 7. How CISQ Will Benefit Customers ? CISQ Better estimates of future costs Improved supplier relationships Standard industry measures More confidence in benchmarks Case studies of business value Interaction with other members
  8. 8. CISQ Standards InfrastructureCISQ Standards Infrastructure Architecture Modernization Platform Task Force OMG Software Assurance Platform Task Force IT Application Software Quality Standard ISO 9126 series ISO 25000 series Defined metrics Weaknesses & anti-patterns Common Vulnerability Scoring System Common Weakness Enumeration Structured Metrics Meta-model Knowledge Discovery Meta-model Abstract Syntax Tree Meta-model 8
  9. 9. CISQ MembersCISQ Members IT Customers System Integrators Package Vendors Alcatel-Lucent Amadeus Airbus Allianz AXA BNP Paribas EDF France Telecom Morgan Stanley Mac Keyson Siemens US Homeland Secur. CIGREF Atos Origin Capgemini CSC DCG IBM Sopra Stéria TCS Not confirmed Accenture Actéos Aldata CAST Cegedim
  10. 10. CISQ Executive Forum Participants Frankfurt Arlington Amadeus AXA BNP Paribas Capgemini CAST CIGREF Daimler Deutsche Bundesbank DNV-ITGS First Data France Telecom--Orange Fraunhofer IESE Intellinova Itestra Johannes Kepler Univ. Kugler Maag Siemens SIGS Datacom Société Générale T-Systems Technical Univ. Munich ADA Software AXA Benchmark Consulting Booz Allen Hamilton CAST Capers Jones Consulting David Consulting Group US Health & Human Services US Homeland Security Fannie Mae FedEx General Motors IBM McKesson Morgan Stanley US Air Force Tata Consultancy Services
  11. 11. EU Executive Forum ResultsEU Executive Forum Results Primary uses # Benchmarking 2 Outsource control 19 Managing development 22 Risk management 5 Innovation 1 Estimating size 9 Portfolio management 9
  12. 12. Forum Participant Measurement Priorities Software attribute # of votes Frankfurt Arlington Functional suitability 5 Reliability 15 14 Usability 3 2 Performance efficiency 13 3 Maintainability 19 15 Portability 0 1 Security 4 12 Compatibility/interoperability 0 1 Size 2 unanimous
  13. 13. Initial CISQ Technical Working Groups Develop a definition for automating Function Points Size Measure elements affecting maintenance cost, effort, & time Maintainability Measure elements affecting availability and responsiveness Reliability & Performance Measure elements affecting vulnerability to attack and loss Security Define methods for using code measures internally and externally Best Practices for Metrics Use
  14. 14. Future CISQ DirectionsFuture CISQ Directions • CISQ will pursue member-driven objectives – Determined by CISQ Executive Forum – Consensus among CISQ members of problem to be addressed • Early requests for additional objectives: – Defect and failure-related definitions – Business value measures related to application quality – Productivity/Size measurement • Use of Executive Forum for addressing industry issues – Outsourcing quality SLAs – Benchmarking – Industry response to regulatory 14