Music Cover CD Analysis


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Music Cover CD Analysis

  1. 1. ALBUM/CD COVER An album cover is the front of the packaging of a commercially released audio record, or album. In an increasing digital age it is also the primary image on any track of digital format on individual tracks or the complete album. The main use is much like the advert to attract the audience to the album as well as giving the listener a little knowledge of what the album’s theme will be about. In addition, except for digitally recorded music the cover serves as a protective sleeve. Background Typography – artist/band nameAdditional Information – this Main Image – Usuallyincludes puff’s advisory is the mainwarnings and extra content convention on the cover. Is not always a picture Album Title
  2. 2. KENDRICK LAMAR – SECTION. 80 Section.80 is the debut digital independent album by American hip hop recording artist Kendrick Lamar, released exclusively through iTunes on July 2, 2011, under Top Dawg Entertainment. The album is his first studio release, following five mixtapes and an extended-play. Section.80 sold 5,400 copies in the US solely based upon digital downloads, debuting and peaking at number 113 on the US Billboard 200 chart with minimal mainstream media promotion and coverage. Firstly the typography of the of the CD cover is rigid and formal. The actual title a of the album and the artist name is not truly visible to the audience meaning that the main point of focus is the images surrounding the typography. Also the layout of where the typography is placed is linked to the genre as it is presented as an envelope and notice or receipt shoved under the drugs, ammo and harmful substances. In additon the title “Section 80” and “HiiiPower” have contextual meanings. “Section 80” refers to the problems his generation of the 80’s grew up with thus connotes the concept which is the problems the generation of today now face, HiiiPower uses the 3 “I” that stand for heart, honor and respect the three main things that people should have and live byOverall this representation would appeal more to a male Which leads to the next convention the pictures that areaudience because of the imagery and the dark lighting shown in the frame. Specific items have been placed closeralmost of the images on the cover, however because of the to the frame coming more into focus. This could suggestmessage the album is trying to illustrate it is arguable both that these are the most significant problems in todaysgender groups will find appeal in this album cover . This generation. However the images are made to make thecover appeals to me because of the unconventional images audience think that it is a stereotypical genre adhering toon the cover, such negative images create an political the ideas that come from these items however upon furthermessage which is what the album is all about. The element analysis you can see, self motivation books and the Bibleof meaning is what appeals to me suggesting themes of hope through the struggle
  3. 3. LYRICS BORN – AS YOU WERE As U Were is a 2010 album by Lyrics Born set for release on Decon Records and Mobile Home Recordings October 26, 2010. The album currently has two proper singles, "Pushed Aside/Pulled Apart" featuring Lateef the Truth Speaker and "Lies X 3". The typography of both the album and band/artist aren’t rigid more curved yet slightly straight. The album title in particular is faded. This creates a representation of word play from the three features of the band/artist name, title and images. The fading presents the idea of fading to “as you were” and that is most commonly thought to be when you were “born”. The close positioning of both titles suggest a simplicity which is supported of the idea of when you born you are simply that born, innocent to the world nothing else. This is enforced by the plain white background it also simplistic but the element of white as a colour that suggests themes of innocence and angelic ideas. Linking into the imagery on first glance it looks like the people in the images are growing much like the evolution of man however as stated before because of the word play and name of the album as an audience we are forced toOverall this cover doesn’t appeal to me it has look at the imagery in a different representation that in fact the man in the picture is de-evolving going back from thevery visual appealing parts of it such as the stages again “as they were” when they were “born” theimages and the use of a well known theory and colour scheme seems to blend into each other linkingusing it unconventionally. The colour scheme is together; purple blending into pink, to red, to orange andvisually appealing however the white space in finally yellow. Further analysis shows that the colourthe background seems to draw my attention scheme links into the idea/theme. The colour blendingfrom the typography makes it visually appealing to both gender audiences
  4. 4. AB SOUL – LONGTERM MENTALITY Longterm Mentality is the first independent studio album of American hip hop recording artist Ab-Soul, released April 5, 2011. Longterm Mentality is the third instalment in Ab-Souls Longterm series. Preceded by Longterm (2009) and Longterm 2: Lifestyles of the Broke & Almost Famous (2010), Longterm Mentality serves as the first project Ab-Soul released to digital retailers. Ab-Soul explained that the three instalments paint a picture of his personal life and growth. The typography of the album cover is square rigid with smaller shapes to make it stand out from the background as the cover uses a general colour of red this could be for appeal as red is usually used to convey power . Upon further viewing you can see that the title is used to make up the background in red writing, this could be to put the words into the readers mind “Longterm” especially. The colour scheme is an effective as the white is able to draw your attention to what needs to be brought to your attention the artist name and title The picture is simplistic yet effective, much like theThis album cover appeals to me as the Lyrics Born cover illustrates the wording and is a playsimplicity of the cover allows the artist to on words. “Longterm” is illustrated through the nooseset the ideas about what the album is around the neck of the silhouette , interpreting deathabout it is nothing else but what is on the as a “Longterm” while mentality comes from the brain drawn in the head. This suggests that these are allartists mind. original thoughts from the artist mind .
  5. 5. ALBMUM ADVERTISEMENTS Album Advertisements are used to attract the target audience into further research as well as prompting interest into new and existing artists. In most cases it advertises the current album from the artist or group however it can also include any tours, new singles, and sometimes plain promotion for the group or artist (e.g. Friendly Fires… the band of the summer.). In some cases as well the adverts are used to send a political message or idea through the genre or type of music that the artist/band specialises in. Background Main imageTypography - artists Album Titlename, release dates andfeaturing artists Additional information (e.g. retailers) Institutional information Additional image/Album cover
  6. 6. JESSIE J – WHO YOU ARE The typography of the album advertisement are the artists name and the name of the album, the advertisement also contains the some of the tracks that will be on the album. There is also a link to the artists website as well as logos of the companys that this artists is partnered with. The name of the artist is coloured gold which could be to symbolise wealth. The advertisement follows a gold, white and black colour theme through out this is seen in the main image and the text. The advertisement also follow a colour scheme as text appears to go in the order of gold then white which could suggest wealth and possibly something angelic. The album title reads “Who You Are” which could link into to the main image as the artist is showing who she is, thus forcing the audience to question themselves as an individual, something they can interpret. The main image on this album advertisement shows the artist the artist is dressed in a way to keep the colour scheme consistent throughout the poster, for example the artist is dressed in black with gold earrings and black gold lipstick. The background of the main image is white, this adheres to the colour scheme of the advertisement, The album advertisement is framed logically to make it easier for the audience to locate the required information, the name of the artist and the title of the album is placed logically to prevent confusion, this is then followed by additional information which the audience may find useful. However not all the information is displayed this may be to interest new audiences into looking more into the artist This album advertisement use a close up of the artist to make the album title make sense, the close up give the audience a good view of who the artist is. The colour of the font and who the way the artist is present could suggest a hip hop or rnb style genre, the colour gold is usually used to symbolise “bling” culture which is usually associated with the hip hop genres. From this advertisement women are seen to be aggressive and in your face while still being able to maintain there femininity. I think this would appeal to both the male and female audience. This would appeal to a male audience due to the fact that the artist is a women, she is not dressed in the colours that would be expect of a typical women this advertisement could also attract a female audience due to the fact that this artists as an example of how women can successful.
  7. 7. J COLE – COLE WORLD: THE SIDELINE STORY The typography of the poster is split into two different conventions. The main text with all the information is in a rigid masculine font as common in most music posters of the genre. It lists all the information needed by the audience, songs name featured artist and the puff of being the “#1 Album in the Country”. The artist name is what uses the unconventional features in the typography however the sole reason is that the artist; J Cole has used his trademark way of presenting his name. this un-conventionalises it as the small symbols that connote ideas of a “Demon” and “Angel” may suggest the artist is trying to subvert; he isnt as “black and white” as being good or evil within the context of the hip hop genre. This music poster uses most of the conventional features with the framing and content of the typography due to the fact that the genre of music is more mainstream, which can be seen as the artist is featuring with large names such as Jay Z. The images vary on the poster however it is the same image one is just a close up of the artists face where the artist name is presented this enforces the idea the artist wants you to think more of him than just being “good or evil”, and the use of a close up allows the audience to decide thus getting us involved which is appealing for most audiences. The other shot shows the album cover. This is a typical features as it shows the audience what the album looks like, helping new audiences find it both visually and by the long name the album has. Upon further inspection the image on the album the lighting effects used have a correlation with the typography of the artists name with the bright light shining behind him yet still quite dark shaded areas. Also there is a coherent colour scheme throughout of red white and black colours that work well together that visually appeals to audiences This poster can appeal to both genders but arguably men more , the colour scheme and font along with the dark background and lighting are more masculine themes that appeal to men more than with women. However you can argue that the slight posing in the close up shot of the top image is to appeal to women more as an attractive artist.
  8. 8. ELTON JOHN – BREAKING HEARTS This poster is different from the other analysed, probably because this is from a different time period. This poster focuses much more on the image that the additional content and information. The typography is all quite similar, pointed and simplistic which has suggestions to the genre. There a small details that allow the audience to distinguish this from style of typography is the capitalised font and the font size. The colour is white which could enforces the simplicity of the idea, the poster wants the audience to focus solely on the image on the poster. The image and background work together in this picture creating the whole image the shatter effective purposely placed above the text and near the ”heart” as if it was “broken”. This is a effective play on words for existing audience while the placement would draw newer audience to the info. The conventional technique of using the album title as the main theme for the poster. The main image is the main feature on the poster with the artist; Elton in a mysterious pose as we cannot see the majority of his face as an result of the hat tilting down. This could signify that this particular album was something new, mysterious and uncharted for the artist. This would appeal more to the female gender rather than male as the sophistication in what Elton John is wearing may appeal to some females as well as the mysteriousness provided from the shadow above his eyes.