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SOA Adoption Roadmap Engagement Overview Slideshare


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This presentation outlines the process of delivering a SOA Adoption Roadmap Plan

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SOA Adoption Roadmap Engagement Overview Slideshare

  1. 1. Independent Guidance for Service Architecture and Engineering SOA Adoption Roadmap Engagement Process Overview
  2. 2. Topics  Engagement summary  This presentation outlines the  SOA Adoption overview process of delivering a SOA  Engagement approach Adoption Roadmap Plan  Key tools and deliverable examples  If you would like to engage Everware-CBDI or our partners to help you with this activity,  Appendix please contact Everware-CBDI  Critical success factors  Customer resources required   Preparatory work required back.php3  Why Everware-CBDI  +353 (0)28 38073 (Ireland)  703-246-0000 or 888-383-7927 (USA) © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  3. 3. SOA Adoption Roadmap - Engagement Summary Objectives • Assess the current status and expertise of an organization in relation to SOA • Establishes an objective status of an organization's maturity in terms of SOA capabilities • Prepare the business case for adopting SOA across a given organization or ecosystem • Produce a plan for SOA adoption across an organization or ecosystem Deliverables • SOA Readiness Assessment • An organization's initial SOA capability and maturity status, including a gap analysis of quot;as isquot; and quot;to bequot; states. • SOA Maturity Assessment • An organization's ongoing SOA capability and maturity status, including a gap analysis of quot;as isquot; and quot;to bequot; states. • SOA Adoption Plan • The recommended overall approach to SOA adoption, including planning of scenarios, capabilities, roles and resourcing • Business Case for SOA • Justification for SOA from an organizational and commercial viewpoint. Participants • SOA Adoption Manager • SOA Governance Lead • Participation of ,and input from appropriate IT management as required • Participation of, and input from appropriate senior business analysts, program managers, architects Engagement • Duration depends on scope of requirements, level of resourcing Profile • The assessment and planning is typically carried out in a series of workshops – these could be stand alone © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  4. 4. Tactical versus Strategic SOA Tactical SOA Strategic SOA Business/IT convergence – Enterprise or Project or infrastructure driven business domain driven Variable approaches and processes that don’t Repeatable processes, standards, and practices permit governance Mature enterprise architecture that is policy Loosely coupled technology driven Governance procedures, templates and No or limited governance oversight guidelines based upon formal policy Service oriented organization with strong Traditional silo based organization emphasis on business and IT alignment and enterprise architecture RESULT RESULT Inconsistent, incomplete, Business agility duplicative services Fit for purpose services with limited or no reuse High level of reuse Limited ROI Future delivery flexibility Service anarchy © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  5. 5. Why Do We Need To Manage SOA Adoption? Objectives Goals SOA Activity  Reduce application  Proliferation of  Standardize core business base by 1000 technical projects processes application modules  JBOWS  10 core customer  Lack of coordination  Reduce innovating services operational by  Low visibility capability time to December 2008  Poor funding  Reuse level of 10 * by  … market  Increase June 2009  3 week average solution differentiating process agility assembly timescale SOA Issues Typical  What are the key SOA Business Transformation Situation strategies?  Improve the alignment between the  What are the maturity Infrastructure and high level levels or phases? What Business Processes through the Typical are cross and inter implementation of course-grained Aspirations enterprise influences? SOA services and complimentary  How do strategies vary fine-grained services. with maturity?  Optimize assets and “lighten our  What are critical load” capabilities at each  Increase agility  Decrease relevancy  Align Business with IT service- ? maturity level?  … centric strategy © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5 5 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  6. 6. Every organization has unique needs that drive their SOA adoption strategy and pattern  Narrow Path  Core Business Services  PoC 1, 2, 3, precursor to strategic  Select mission critical business services. Deliver using separate service product management team  Domains  Scenario  Domains established for both business and  Value Chain, Business Issue, Business ownership of reusable services Capability driven  Exemplar  Exploiting / Tactical  Create complete stack as a reference  Focus individual projects on specific areas of example to be copied by the rest of the requirement and current capability business © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 6 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  7. 7. SOA Maturity Model Ecosystem Enterprise Common ecosystem / industry services and Enterprise level concepts shared services Elimination of Adaptability and organizational Integrated consistency of boundaries & Shared services information & enablement of integrate silos, processes broader economic Applied rationalize EAI • Common services activity Project Based SO contracts used across • Services are Early Learning activity Reduced enterprise ubiquitous Initial SOA Limited business complexity and • Services • Federated services activity adaptability cost, increased implemented as an collaborate and create benefits adaptability integral part of Gain experience complex products with • Business process business products individual with technology • Mostly internal or low-risk oriented • Supported by services provided • Pilot projects guarantees & from potentially many external services • Project level • Proof of implementation standards based providers • Project focus Concepts measurement & • Many business • Focused on • First evidence of monitoring systems service reuse services may have better • Enabled by a wider become pervasive application • Mostly internal selection of available standards integration usage services (internal and external) © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 7 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  8. 8. SOA Adoption Roadmap Streams Early Applied Integrated Enterprise Ecosystem Learning Management tools including vision, strategy, funding, charging, measurement SOA Management and monitoring Creation and ongoing management of policy and the service architecture and Service Architecture portfolio Operational Single logical operational infrastructure with common policy implementation Infrastructure and management tools Life Cycle Consistent reference architecture for tools and platforms to deliver and Infrastructure manage the requirements-to-retirement life cycle Process & Framework The architectural framework and repeatable processes enabling consistency, trust and governance in federated activity Organization Roles and responsibilities required to establish, operate and maintain a service oriented business Programs & Projects Project strategy and planning to enable very high levels of reusable services Facilitate understanding, communication, measurement & management of SOA adoption © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 8 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  9. 9. Each Stream has a number of Capability Areas  Vision, Strategy, Business Case  Shared Service  SOA Adoption Roadmap SOA Management  Funding Management  Communications  Measurement & Metrics  Semantic Architecture  Policy Management  Legacy Portfolio Plan Service Architecture  Process Architecture  Service Portfolio Plan  Business Modularity  Security Architecture  Service Platform  Service Management Operational  Enterprise Service  Security Infrastructure Infrastructure Bus Life Cycle  Service Asset  Usage Management Management  Policy Management Infrastructure  Assembly Environment  Reference Model and Process  Service Contracts  Change management Process & Framework  Reference Architecture  Service Governance  Service Certification Framework  Reward/Recognition Schemes  Policy Ownership  Roles Organization  Service Ownership  Cross-Organization  Governance Coordination  Project Profiles  Project Chartering  Project/Program Programs & Projects Management © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 9 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  10. 10. Engagement Approach • Duration depends on scope of requirements, level of resourcing • The assessment and planning is typically carried out in a series of workshops – these could be stand alone Assess SOA New to SOA? Readiness SOA Readiness Assessment Business Case for Produce SOA Plan SOA Adoption Adoption SOA Business Case Business SOA Adoption Plan Case for SOA SOA Maturity Assessment Manage SOA Adoption SOA Outcomes Assess SOA Maturity SOA Maturity Assessment SOA underway? © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 10 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  11. 11. Work Breakdown Structure SOA Adoption & Excellence Produce SOA Assess SOA Plan SOA Manage SOA Assess SOA Adoption Readiness Adoption Adoption Maturity Business Case Assess Initial SOA Identify Business Determine SOA Develop SOA Assess Ongoing Capability Drivers Adoption Strategy Capabilities SOA Capability Review SOA Analyze SOA Plan SOA Monitor SOA Review SOA Initiatives Opportunity Scenarios Activities Progress Perform SOA Gap Estimate Business Plan SOA Monitor SOA Perform SOA Gap Analysis Benefits Capabilities Deliverables Analysis Produce SOA Plan SOA Monitor SOA Produce SOA Assess SOA Risks Readiness Report Organization Results Maturity Report Estimate Plan Resources & Control SOA Investment Action Adoption Prepare Business Case Process Discipline Agree Business Process Unit KEY Case Task © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 11 11 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  12. 12. Example Engagement Work Plan Adoption Planning 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Define Scope and Objectives Assess Capabilities Review SOA Initiatives Perform SOA Gap Analysis Produce Assessment Report Plan SOA Adoption Produce SOA Adoption… Produce Roadmap Report Timeframes will vary according to the scope, nature, and complexity of the engagement © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 12 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  13. 13. Example Engagement Work Plan Adoption Management (Iterative) 0 50 100 150 200 250 Plan SOA Adoption Manage SOA Adoption Develop Architecture Develop Operational Infrastructure Develop Lifecycle Infrastructure Develop Process & Framework Develop Organization Manage SOA Programs & Projects Management Review © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 13 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  14. 14. The process begins with an Assessment Facilitated workshop and/or interviews directed to discuss, identify and describe the:  Current state of SOA maturity and;  Current established capabilities …within each of the 7 adoption streams of the SOA Maturity model Example Assessment Questions Stream Capability Area Assessment questions SOA Vision & Strategy Defined business need and opportunity for transformation to SOA? What is the organization’s Management overall profile wrt SOA: (range from pure consumer to strategic provider)? How clear is the organization vision of how it wants to gain the maximum benefit from IT -including emerging technologies? Long term v Short term? Business Case Understanding of SOA business opportunity? Funding Ability to allocate development/change funds on cross program basis? Mechanisms to support quot;pay as you goquot; funding? Shared Service Ability to identify/define/manage/develop capabilities for use by multiple programs? Is there any Management notion of software as a shared asset? Measurement & Metrics about availability and usage of services? Method and process for tracking ROI? Are Metrics business indicators of IT usage tracked? Are defined mechanisms in placed for measuring business performance against benchmarks? Are these business measures correlated with software measures? SOA Adoption Method and process for implementing process and architectural change? Organizational Roadmap adoption profile? What potential inhibitors to SOA adoption exist? Communications Understanding of SOA concepts? An education programs in place to address emerging technologies? At what levels/scope? What is the level/scope of awareness of SOA and its relationship to business? What is overall perception of SOA - does it have an image problem? Is “service” understood as a business Reserved. © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights concept? What is the evidence? 14 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  15. 15. SOA Capability Matrix Drives Assessment Questionnaires & Interviews © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 15 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  16. 16. Example output from SOA Assessment Service Management 5 Current State Projects 1 year view 4 & Programs Target state 3 Lifecycle Infrastructure Maturity Levels 2 1 0: Zero base 0 1: Early learning Service 2: Applied Organization Architecture 3: Integrated 4: Enterprise Operational 5: Ecosystem Framework Infrastructure & Process Current State Assessment of each Roadmap Stream © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 16 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  17. 17. The activity is to Plan SOA Adoption Management Architecture Organization Streams Process Operational Infrastructure Definition of what needs to be done and the expected results Delivery Infrastructure for each capability, broken Projects down by stream WORK CAPABILITY PACKAGE STRATEGY Scope MATURITY OUTCOME Tactical LEVEL Enterprise Ecosystem Narrow Domain path Enterprise Levels Applied Integrated Early Learning © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 17 17 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  18. 18. Workshop: SOA Adoption Planning Purpose Agenda  Plan SOA services and solutions  Scope  Establish common view and validate Preparation (before workshop)  Planning framework  Identify possible scenarios  Status assessment  Strawman scenario plans  SOA Vision  Strategy Who should attend  Directions  Business analysts  Broad perspective of problem space  IT planners  Architecture +  Enterprise architects  Projects, Process, Governance, Organization, Management . . . Post-production (after workshop) © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 18 18 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  19. 19. Planning Workshop Questions Vision  Consider what a mature SOA environment looks like?  Process Services  Core Business Services  3 years, 5 years horizon?  Utility Services  Capability Services Scope  By Service Domain  Strategic Business Services Strategies  Innovating services  IT Transformation  Distribute 10 points across SOA  Project based development Strategies  Product development  Distribute 5 points across each of  Legacy Wrapping  Provisioning Sequence (modernization)  Centralized Integration  Provisioning Approach  Business Process Management  Planning Scope  BI services  Identify and score OTHER as  Enterprise App Integration necessary  Other SOA based Application Integration  Loose Ecosystem Service Types  Managed Ecosystem  Which service types? © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 19 19 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  20. 20. Planning establishes a Target State for each Roadmap Stream Example for Architecture Stream © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 20 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  21. 21. Example SOA Adoption Roadmap Capability Plan Early Learning Applied Integrated Enterprise Ecosystem SOA  PoC  SOA Project  Adoption roadmap Management  Measurement metrics  Architecture compliance scorecards & monitoring Service  Metadata  Canonical data model to drive common  Service Portfolio Plan Architecture repository enterprise view of data  Services classified by agility  Solution domains restructured (to align needs with service domains)  Highly generic core services  Domain reference architecture Framework &  Standard for service specification  Service reference architecture Process  Core service identification  Delivery & realization process  Sourcing, usage & integration architecture policy based on business agility needs Life Cycle  Assembly platform to allow efficient and  Registry & repository Infrastructure coordinated reuse of core services  Basic service asset management Acquisition  Service acquisition from ERP vendors driven by business agility architecture Operational  Service platform  Infrastructure as an SOA  Virtualization Infrastructure  Integrated infrastructure and application of & Security vendor platforms infrastructure Organization  Architecture  Centralized  Single point of architectural  Reward & recognition based on & Trust roles & data analysis accountability for integration service model (reuse, responsibilities  Architect  Unified enterprise architecture practice dependency) assigned certification  Business modeling incorporated into architecture responsibility Projects &  Comprehensiv  Assembly  Specialization of service provisioning  Rollout projects & programs Programs e PoC projects projects implementationInc. All Rights Reserved. © 2008 Software & assembly projects 21 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  22. 22. Key Tools and Deliverables  Tools  SOA Capability Matrix  SOA Capability Assessment Questionnaire  Capability Dependency Modeling  CBDI-SAETM Methodology and Knowledgebase  Deliverables – Vary depending on scope and desired outcome  Current State Assessment  SOA Adoption Roadmap  Short and medium term action plan to deliver roadmap  Defined performance metrics and plan to track and gather  Detailed assignment delivers detailed capability development plan & project adoption plans  Communicable strategy and detailed change management plan © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 22 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  23. 23. Key SOA Adoption Roadmap Planning Deliverables - Examples 3. Capability Development Plans 1. Readiness and Maturity State Assessments Early Learning Applied Integrated Enterprise Ecosyst em SOA  PoC  SOA  Adoption roadmap  Measure Project  Architecture compliance Manage ment & metrics scorecards ment monitorin Service Management 5 g Service  Metadata  Canonical data model to drive  Service Portfolio Plan repositor common enterprise view of data  Services classified by 4 Architec ture y  Solution domains restructured (to align with service domains)  agility needs Highly generic core Projects 3 Lifecycle   Domain reference architecture Standard for service specification  services Service reference Framew & Programs 2 Infrastructure ork & Process   architecture Core service identification Delivery & realization process 1  Sourcing, usage & integration architecture policy based on 0 business agility needs Life  Assembly platform to allow  Registry & repository efficient and coordinated reuse of Organization Service Cycle Infrastr ucture  core services Basic service asset management Architecture Acquisit  Service acquisition from ERP vendors ion driven by business agility architecture Framework Operational Operati onal Infrastr   Service platform Integrated infrastructure and application vendor platforms  Infrastructure as an SOA  Virtua lizatio n of infrast & Process Infrastructure ucture & Security ructur e Organiz  Architect  Centraliz  Single point of architectural  Reward & recognition ure roles ed data accountability for integration based on service ation & & analysis  Unified enterprise architecture model (reuse, Trust responsib  Architect practice dependency) ilities certificati  Business modeling incorporated assigned on into architecture responsibility Projects  Compreh  Assembl  Specialization of service  Rollout projects & ensive y provisioning implementation & programs & PoC projects assembly projects Progra projects ms 2. Target States and Gap analysis © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 23 23 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  24. 24. After the Roadmap Planning Workshop - Next Steps  Develop, detail and refine SOA  Independent SOA compliance Roadmap assessment  Develop Roadmap management  Mature CoE process  Defined roles, responsibilities,  Team capabilities  Process  Review layered architecture  Responsibilities  EA  Communicate Roadmap to:  Develop IT specific equivalent  Other groups  Education  eLearning - Business Service Architecture  Face to Face  Revise the reading list  Develop Collaboration Plan with other parts of organization  Create common knowledgebase for shared concepts  Formalize reference architecture © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 24 24 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  25. 25. Independent Guidance for Service Architecture and Engineering Next Steps Additional Discussion/ Appendix Slides
  26. 26. Critical Success Factors  Formal sponsorship of SOA Adoption by Executive Management  Assigning knowledgeable business and technical resources  Active participation by assigned resources  Enablement of planned activities  Customer’s willingness to pursue recommended actionsdd others according to what we know about the customer> © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 26 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  27. 27. Customer Resources Required  Active participation of business experts and technical experts (enterprise architects, application experts, business analysts), who will contribute their knowledge and insight to the identification of:  Current capabilities  Current SOA maturity state  Critical business issues  SOA goals and objectives  Planned Business and IT projects  Desired target SOA maturity state and timeframe  Intermediate states with associated timeframes  Tasks and capabilities that will enable the identified states to be achieved © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 27 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  28. 28. Preparatory Work  Customer  Ensure availability of key resources for the duration of the workshop(s)  Ensure a suitable environment, facilities and working conditions for the duration of the workshop(s)  Provide background information for Everware-CBDI  Everware-CBDI  Review background documents as provided by the customer  Provide workshop outlines and draft agendas to the customer © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 28 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  29. 29. Why Everware-CBDI ?  Independent specialist SOA methodology firm  Merger of established UK and US companies in 2006  27,000+ subscribing architects worldwide  Enabling structured, enterprise level SOA  Facilitating SOA standards  Defined, documented SOA methodology  Widely used best practices, reference architecture, repeatable processes  SOA Solution Business including Education, Consulting, Knowledge products   © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 29 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc
  30. 30. Everware-CBDI - World Wide Reputation  Over 12 years of experience in applying Service Oriented concepts, methodology, and best practices have established the Everware-CBDI as a leader in SOA adoption.  Partial list of credentials and achievements:  CBDI Forum Portal - 27,000+ member architects worldwide  Keynote Speakers on SOA on recent industry conferences including Microsoft Architect’s Councils (US, Europe), IBM Architect’s Councils, SAP User Group, Open Group, IDG SOA Europe, and many more  SOA Metamodel Submission to OMG  Active membership of the OMG UPMS Joint Submission team  IAC EA-SIG/Services Committee Chair  OMG GovDTF Co-Chair  Publications:  CBDI Journal - over 100 Editions published  White Papers (e.g., CIO Council, IAC, Lead Role in Practical Federal Guide for SOA)  Books (e.g., Service Orientation, Information Modeling)   +353 (0)28 38073 (Ireland)  703-246-0000 or 888-383-7927 (USA) © 2008 Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. 30 © 2008 Everware-CBDI Inc