Legacy Leadership Training Programme


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Legacy Leadership Training Programme

  1. 1. AN INVITATION To Lead In the next few pages you will discover:• Why orthodox leadership programmes fail• A groundbreaking approach to becoming a better leader• How you can participate and transform your leadership, your work and your life Dear leader, I would like you to take a moment to recall the reasons why you became a leader. In all likelihood, it was because you were serious about making a difference. That is, you wanted to help achieve some important goals, or make your world a better place. And when you succeed in this way, leadership can be incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately, the leadership journey can also be incredibly challenging - competing expectations, ongoing problems, people issues, fatigue and stress, isolation and doubt etc. - and this can really blunt your ability to have an impact. My name is Lawrence Green and I have been fortunate to work with leaders since 1996. In that time I taught leadership for ten years at post-graduate level, delivered hundreds of leadership workshops to thousands of leaders and read hundreds of books and articles on leadership. What I came to realise, was that the orthodox approach to leadership and leadership development was failing. It was not helping leaders to be ready to meet the challenges that our organisations and communities face. So basically, I decided to do something about it. I knew I didn’t want to set myself up as yet another leadership guru, but I thought it was important to stand up for a different approach. I wanted to create a leadership offering that worked better for leaders and their organisations and communities. The result is the Legacy Leadership Training Programme which begins in Wellington on June 7th 2011. If you would like to take the pain out of leadership, and liberate your ability to have a lasting impact, then please read on. I look forward to supporting your future success. Warm regards Lawrence Green
  2. 2. THE FIVE FAILINGS Of Orthodox Development Historically, leadership development has failed because leaders havent been given the right kind and amount of support. Failure 1. Assuming All Leaders Failure 4. Short-term Development Are Alike With the orthodox approach, Leadership development is delivered as a one-off event.The orthodox approach to leadership assumes Leaders attend and download a set of universalthat leadership can somehow be reduced to a how to formulas for effective leadership.universal set of competencies. Unfortunately,this simplification incorrectly assumes that: Unfortunately, this approach sets leaders up to • The requirements for leadership success are fail. Why? Because each leaders situation is universal and apply to all situations; always more complex than the formulas given. • All leaders need the same strengths and personality to succeed; and that The truth is that successful leadership, in relation • Only those who fit the competency model have leadership potential. to a leaders world, needs to be discovered rather than downloaded. Failure 2. Limited BudgetsWhile most organisations recognise theimportance of leadership development, they alsoface significant budget constraints. This means: • The leadership talent pool is often defined too narrowly; • Development opportunities are frequently too limited in scope; and • Where there is development, there is often not enough ongoing support. Failure 5. Inadequate Links To Failure 3. Superficial Change ExperienceThe orthodox approach assumes that if you can Learning effectively from experience is criticaljust get a leader to increase the frequency of the to a leaders development:desired behaviours, they will be better leaders. Unfortunately, orthodox leadership programmes:Unfortunately, such behavioural changes: • Fail to put direct experience at the heart of the • Are usually hard to sustain; learning process; • Do not mean that a leader will be different let • Dont identify the experiences that matter for a alone better at their job; and leaders development; and • Ignore the deeper drivers of effective • Dont approach those experiences in a manner leadership such as identity and character. that allows the critical lessons to be learnt. There is no shortage of leadership talent... we just need to make the most of the talent we have.
  3. 3. THE LEGACY Leadership Training Programme(LLTP) The LLTP focuses on the real needs of leaders and the critical drivers of their development and success. 1. A Leadership Mastery ApproachThe central focus of the LLTP is to help leadersprogress towards mastery of the major demands ofleadership. This means helping each leader to: • Make the most of the unique qualities they bring to leadership; • Better handle the actual demands they face rather than forcing them to fit an arbitrary set of competencies; and to • Learn successfully from experience. 2. Accessible To AllTo ensure that cost is no longer a barrier, the LLTPoffers a super early bird rate. This is a 4. Discovering Leadership The LLTP has strong focus on helping leaders tomembership fee of $500+GST per person plus a discover for themselves the best way of tacklingkoha/donation for each individual workshop. the real challenges they face. This is achieved by helping leaders to:This represents great value for money relative tothe cost of an equivalent full-fee programme • Identify significant learning events - those($18-20K + GST) and means that you can attend experiences that drive becoming a better leader;based on what you can comfortably afford. • Understand the strengths and attributes they bring to the issues they face; and toThis special rate, however, is only available for • Create a map for navigating the best way forward.applications received by May 7th 2011. 5. Integrating Learning 3. Deep And Lasting Change The LLTP is built around a system for acceleratingThe LLTP provides the opportunity to truly grow leader development and impact. The drivers ofand develop as a leader. This is achieved by: development include: • Delivering an in-depth programme over an 18- month period; • A well-defined and simple model of leadership. • Providing support inside and outside the • Multiple learning methods for different programme to help consolidate leader learning styles. development; and by • Peer discussion and support. • Going beyond the development of leadership • Simple post-workshop exercises. skills to help leaders explore who they are and • Multiple periods of learning & practice. what they stand for. • Critical thinking, reflection and feedback. LLTP VALUES: Community, generosity of spirit and becoming a better leader without sacrificing your health or personal life.
  4. 4. THE PROGRAMME Schedule True leaders are servants, collaborators, catalysts and liberators of potential and possibility. 2011 Event Major Topics Primary Focus DatesLeadership Programme foundations. Creating a common understanding of JuneFoundations Coming to grips with leadership. leadership and an action plan for change 7&8 Change, impact and legacy. and impact in your world.Learning To Learning to lead and leading to The critical drivers of effective learning Aug Lead learn. and how to integrate these into the 1&2 Accelerating your development. experience of leadership. The Values, purpose, vision and service. Being clear about what you stand for, SeptLeadership Ethics, integrity and your personal building character and being the person 15 & 16 Core code of conduct. that others want to follow. Self The high energy leader. Building and maintaining the energy levels NovLeadership The psychology of leadership. and mindset necessary for effective 17 & 18 1 End of year success review. leadership. 2012 Event Major Topics Primary Focus Dates Self Leading from your strengths. Leveraging your talents and creating FebLeadership Impact systems and planning for achievement systems that complement 2 impact. your leadership style.Leading For Reading your world. Understanding the limits of change, April Change 1 Navigating messy problems. mapping complex issues and ensuring Advanced communication skills. your thinking resonates with others. Mid-year Lessons, insights and integration. Lessons from practice, understanding June Review Success cause analysis. what is working and solving the challenges Action learning groups. of change.Leading For Managing responses to change. Working effectively with the psychological Aug Change 2 Inspiring action. dynamics of change and inspiring others Learning to succeed. to act differently.Leadership Learning review. Consoldation of learning, goal setting for OctIntegration Learning integration. the next stage of your development and The art of audacious leadership. programme graduation and celebration. Acceptance on to the LLTP is on a first come, first served basis. If you plan to apply, please do so sooner rather than later.
  5. 5. &71voNeSAuJ HOW TO PARTICIPATE & Transform Your Leadership, Work & Life Step Actions 1. Confirm You are welcome to apply for the LLTP if you are committed to: 1) Improving your impact Your and getting the most out of life, 2) Being stretched and learning more about your leadership, Eligibility and 3) Willing to undertake a long-term programme of development. 2. Determine If you are considering sending more than one person to the LLTP, please contact Lawrence to numbers discuss your needs and objectives, your administrative requirements and any other questions or concerns you might have. 3. Complete The three questions I would like you to consider are: the application 1. Where would you most like to develop as a leader? questions 2. Where do you most want to have an impact as a leader? 3. When you are learning something new, how do you do that most easily? 4. Submit In order to confirm your programme application you need to: your application 1. Deposit your programme membership fee of $500+GST per person via online banking into... Leader Greatness Ltd. 03 0521 0195990 000 (Westpac) Please include your name and organisation details. 2. E-mail your responses from the questions above to lawence@leadergreatness.com. 3. Include your full contact details and the easiest way to contact you. 5. The purpose of the application meeting is to ensure that the LLTP is right for you; to confirm Application that you can make the commitment necessary to succeed; and to better understand your meeting hopes, goals and needs. 6. Confirmation of acceptance on to the programme will occur within 24hrs of the application Confirmation meeting. At this point, you will also receive a welcome pack containing a few simple exercises and and activities to complete before the first workshop on June 7th and 8th; and a tax receipt for preparation your membership payment. In the unlikely event that you are not accepted onto the programme, your membership fee will be refunded promptly. Payment Option Dates Cost Founding Members - April 14th - May 14th 2011 Membership fee of $500+GST per person + a Super Early Bird Koha/donation for each individual workshop. Founding Members - May 15th - May 29th 2011 Membership fee of $500+GST per person + Early Bird $9000+GST for workshop fees. Full Rate May 30th - June 6th Membership fee of $500+GST per person + $18000+GST for workshop fees. If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Lawrence on lawrence@leadergreatness.com or on 0274 922 378
  6. 6. ABOUT Lawrence Green My passionate goal is to make the LLTP the most powerful and successful learning experience of your life. Lawrence Green A Short Profile TestimonialsLawrence is a leadership specialist with over fifteen Attending Lawrences leadership programme has beenyears experience in working with leaders and the an unfailingly enlightening process that has beenchallenges of leadership. challenging, insightful and useful all in equal measure. Lawrence has a manner that at once challenges peopleHe has also completed a Master of Commerce and and yet draws out the best in them. He is a man ofAdministration with a research focus on Change intellectual rigour and integrity coupled with anManagement; and a Master of Philosophy in inspirational self-awareness that sets a strong example.Psychology with a research focus on Leadership Noel MurphyDevelopment. Lawrences guidance was a boon to me. He coachedWithin his consulting practice, Lawrence enjoys our group in both practical business leadership andworking with leaders leading change, leaders in the less tangible personal skills. I came away with thearts and creative industries, and leaders committed to tools and confidence I needed to convince others ofmaking a difference in their communities. my vision, motivate my team and make genuine progress with challenging projects. Clare Kerrison A Note About The Koha Option Lawrence has both academic and business credibilityI often get asked about why I have a koha-based and can produce the right blend of both to meetoption in my programmes (usually because this is not organisational or individual needs. He also has ahow you do business). strong set of values that he brings to the table in a quiet and non-aggresive manner. I personally got a lotFor me though, it is about my own commitment to out of working with Lawrence as he caused me togenerosity of spirit and because it simply feels like think about what was important to me and what mythe right thing to do. next move should be. Bill ShieldsI know this approach can sometimes be challenging Lawrence operates with a wonderful spirit offor organisations, but once you are clear about what generosity from a strong and clear ethical foundationyou can afford, I will just invoice you as normal so to help others achieve their goals. As a presenter hethat everything is square with your records. performs with intelligence, warmth and wit to engage and inspire those who work with him. He has a rich and broad-based understanding of the drivers of business success; and as an educator, coach and mentor he shares his knowledge and experience in a way that actively motivates others to be the best they can be. Alison Bartley I have worked with Lawrence in a number of contexts. He was steady, articulate, values-driven, able to effect immediate change, as well as introduce thinking around more complex long-term questions. He knows who he is, and what he wants to effect. He is able to bring this strongly and clearly into his work and he was fun and easy to be with without ever letting the focus on our stronger goals and aspirations slip. Christian Penny
  7. 7. W: www.leadergreatness.com E: lawrence@leadergreatness.com C: 0064 274 922 378P: 20 Rodrigo Rd, Kilbirnie, Wellington 6022