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WebRTC Business Use Cases | WebRTC Conference & Expo III


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Presentation on WebRTC Business Use Cases from WebRTC Conference & Expo Nov 19-21 in Santa Clara CA. This was part of Tuesday’s Business Introduction to WebRTC morning session delivered alongside presentations from Phil Edholm, Chris Vitek, Tsahi Levent-Levi, Brent Kelly and John Burke.

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WebRTC Business Use Cases | WebRTC Conference & Expo III

  1. 1. From Tuesday’s Business Introduction to WebRTC session delivered alongside presentations from Phil Edholm, Chris Vitek, Tsahi Levent-Levi, Brent Kelly and John Burke. Lawrence Byrd Independent Strategist WEBRTC BUSINESS USE CASES @LawrenceByrd at Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, WebRTC World 1 @LawrenceByrd
  2. 2. Who are We? Developer Enterprise LOB SaaS Vendor Enterprise Apps Vendor Enterprise Comms Vendor Enterprise IT Service Provider Consultant, Analyst 2 @LawrenceByrd
  3. 3. Topics Different Perspectives on Technology Change The Enterprise “Extension” View The SoCoMo “Disruptive” View Example Use Cases  Marketing, Customer Experience, Sales, Collaboration So What? Achieving Business Value 3 @LawrenceByrd
  4. 4. Different Perspectives Service Providers New Entrants Enterprise Traditional Vendors 4 @LawrenceByrd
  5. 5. Enterprise “Extension” View Customers Session Management, SIP Video Conferencing IP-PBX, IVR, CC, UC Web Apps Mobile Workers Partners SBC WSC Business Apps 5 @LawrenceByrd
  6. 6. SoCoMo “Disruptive” View Consumers, Entertainment … Enterprise SaaS SaaS SaaS SaaS SaaS WebRTC & Communications Cloud Services IaaS, PaaS, Open Source 6 @LawrenceByrd
  7. 7. The SoCoMoRT Hordes WebRTC is the tip of a sharp HTML5 blade mounted on a massive cloud spear WebRTC Cloud Communications 20 million web developers Easy on-demand PaaS services Massive IaaS Cloud Power Culture, Community, Sharing, Youth Ever Expanding Open Source Armory HTML5, JavaScript, many Dev languages Shared expertise Unlimited SQL and noSQL Storage 7 @LawrenceByrd
  8. 8. Waves of Market Disruption The Cloud/Mobile Hegemony War Apple Amazon Microsoft Facebook Google many more… New disruptive open “Cloud Stack” vendors (Aaron Levie's view) Zendesk Five9 LiveOps InIn Genesys cloud Legacy Enterprise Application Providers GoodData Workday Chatter NetSuite Salesforce Jive ecosystem ecosystem Box ecosystem GoToMeeting WebEX MS Yammer Marketo ecosystem Eloqua ecosystem SocialCast SocialText Oracle Shoretel Unify Avaya Cisco SAP Microsoft Mitel Alcatel-Lucent Contact Center Communications CRM ERP @LawrenceByrd Marketing 8
  9. 9. Use Case Marketing Campaigns Chatting Cage Online video broadcast of sports radio talk show and interviews Fans can now “video in” to ask questions to their baseball heroes Ford “Escape Routes” NBC show Branded content reality show, teams, competition, games, video Your audience is part of the show – you must be able to see them! @LawrenceByrd 9
  10. 10. Use Case Integrated Customer Experience Amazon Kindle HDX Mayday Not doing the obvious Targeted to very specific customers Designing the customer experience Video only one way: confidence vs privacy, keep focus on screen Screen annotation: show vs do Screen control if really necessary  (A WebRTC-type use case even if homebuilt by Amazon) 10 @LawrenceByrd
  11. 11. Use Case Sales Empowerment Wrap context around all incoming and outgoing phone calls Capture every call in Create new #s for ad-words, online & offline marketing and capture response metrics Uses Twilio cloud communications WebRTC for sales clients (voice) Possible future: customer calling interfaces with WebRTC 11 @LawrenceByrd
  12. 12. Use Case Collaboration Überconference Reinventing audio conferences WebRTC for Chrome voice today alongside global PSTN integration Video calling & conferencing See the many vendors here at WebRTCExpo! Early stages, looking for business models, competing with both traditional and cloud video vendors 12 @LawrenceByrd
  13. 13. CEBP Communications Enabled Business Processes Accelerating business processes by embedding communications directly within applications  Integrated user interfaces  Back-end workflow & application automation  Process flow initiated communications, Alerts A dream of communications vendors since ~2005 Start with the domain and process expertise Lightly add communications = WebRTC and Cloud! @LawrenceByrd 13
  14. 14. Achieving Business Value Business value lies in the acceleration of your processes, people and customers WebRTC is a technology enabler Expect innovation from many directions      Disruptive SoCoMoRT vendors Next wave of (cloud) enterprise apps Traditional comms and biz-apps vendors Service Providers You? @LawrenceByrd 14
  15. 15. BONUS ADDITIONAL SLIDES! These are my quick introductory overview slides used when moderating later panel sessions in the Business and Enterprise tracks at the WebRTC Conference. These are from four different sessions, see agenda, so they not in any rational sequence. 15 @LawrenceByrd
  16. 16. WebRTC - Ready for What? Business Objectives? Organization Alignment? Customers Use Cases? Customer Experiences? Session Management, SIP Video Conferencing IP-PBX, IVR, CC, UC Web Apps Mobile Workers Partners SBC WSC Business Apps 16 @LawrenceByrd
  17. 17. WebRTC and Contact Centers Customers Session Management, SIP SBC WSC Web Apps WebRTC integration Multi-Channel Agents PSTN Business Apps Thin/Browser Client SIP/SBC? IVR, ACD, Outbound Reporting, WFM, Recording, Training… Remote/Home Agents @LawrenceByrd 17
  18. 18. Customer Experience Customer Experience Design Expectations Channels Satisfaction Influence Lifetime Value Cost Process Efficiency Experience Design Big Data Revenue @LawrenceByrd 18
  19. 19. Business Benefits Sought WebRTC STRATEGIES Customer Effort IVR Micro Targeting Call Duration CC Labor PSTN Cost Customer Loyalty Marketing Spend @LawrenceByrd 19
  20. 20. Customer Experience Design 20 @LawrenceByrd
  21. 21. Why BYOD? Drivers Risks Rewards  Our devices are our life!  Security  Productivity  Mobile and remote work  300+ million tablets  2 billion smartphones  1.2 billion on Facebook  2.8 billion on Internet  Unauthorized access  User delight & happiness  Data loss, theft  Broader data/app access  Higher operational costs  Anywhere, anytime  Fast personal adoption,  Impact on network slow enterprise change  I’ll just do it anyway!  Too many devices  Legal liability flexibility and mobility  Work/life blurring  Potentially lower CAPEX  Lower OPEX: automation & standard access  >70% orgs. allowing,  Device currency 80% IT dev now mobile* 21 * Aberdeen, Gartner, IDC @LawrenceByrd
  22. 22. BYOD Considerations Process Improvement Setting Policy Productivity Identity Management Consistent User Experience Network Design Security Compliance App Quality of Service Mobile Device Management 22 @LawrenceByrd