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The creative internet_106_things : a great compilation from creativeLabs@google

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  • Designers use the map tiling tool to make incredibly cool portfolio sites.
  • Urbanscreen in Germany are great at this. Also electric canvas and Obscura of course.
  • Urbanscreen in Germany are great at this. Also electric canvas and Obscura of course.
  • It's a clock.
  • We created the actual android app as a way of explaining that we really are quite ahead of the game in the translation game. You can download it. Glue did the video. I am taking full ownership of the final cut though. I knew I should have been a film director, Notes from Apr 6... In total, the microsite received 1.07MM PVs, the launch video was viewed 976K times (and counting!), and the app had 39k installs, a 5 star rating, and 1144 reviews on Android Market (see below for more detailed campaign results).  “Google Translate for Animals” even made it into the 51st most common search term! We were happy to see a great amount of very positive press buzz, blogging, and tweeting (see coverage report below), and we made it into PC World’s top 10 April Fools’ day jokes.
  • THis is a bunch of jordanian guys who've put this cool site that pulls the most popular youtube videos that are trending and pulls them all together. Chewy proved this could have worked to me a year ago.
  • THis is a bunch of jordanian guys who've put this cool site that pulls the most popular youtube videos that are trending and pulls them all together. Chewy proved this could have worked to me a year ago.
  • THis is a bunch of jordanian guys who've put this cool site that pulls the most popular youtube videos that are trending and pulls them all together. Chewy proved this could have worked to me a year ago.
  • THis is a bunch of jordanian guys who've put this cool site that pulls the most popular youtube videos that are trending and pulls them all together. Chewy proved this could have worked to me a year ago.
  • Ushadidi is exactly what you mean.  One woman in Kenya wonders way you can't use maps to allow lots of people to crowd-source data about natural disasters atrocities etc and then play it back over time. Gets some geeks to make it. Open source it. Bingo. The oilspill is being managed using Kenyan tech. Read this: Ushadidi means evidence or testimony in Swahili (according to Google Translate) (& the NYT)
  • The potential of personalised video (beyond dumb gags) is pretty immense. Imagine someone using your facebook connect profile to pull your public photos and place them in photo frames in an IKEA catalogue or take your profile when you arrive and have an intro page that features you and your friends and your latest news. Bet that would freak out a few Germans.
  • Contest where the first person to tag a piece of furniture as them, gets it, thus sending the photo to  all their friends and encouraging them to tag themselves too. Good motivator for viral activity. and cute too.
  • Uniqlo have an ad with a catchy song.... This takes your profile photo and your tweets and makes the song with you as the video. super cute. watch:
  • Techology is the new creative

    1. 1.   Creative Lab @ Google  the world is full of interesting things...
    2. 2.   please give this a few moments to load. every page has videos or pics...
    3. 3.   AUDIO (except these ones)
    4. 4. radiohead live & crowdsourced & free site videos
    5. 5. arcade fire Everyone's favourite HTML5 based music video/browser experience of 2010 Watch (best in Chrome) and about
    6. 6. johnny cash project same guys! Chris Milk collaborated with  Aaron Koblin  and  Mr Doob to allow Johnny Cash fans to draw each frame for Johnny Cash's final video. The Johnny Cash Project  
    7. 7. singing fingers An ipad app that lets you record sounds to actions and then play them back by tracing the action
    8. 8. hatsune miku live      A live concert by an avatar featuring songs written by users using synthesizer software 
    9. 9. the youtube radio Annotations-based radio. very cute. Try it.  Radio more:  annotated piano  and the public  annotations petition
    10. 10. we're all fans.  UGC Social content mosaics of Grammy nominated artists. grammys-were-all-fans   See also: MTV's Music Awards Twitter Tracker
    11. 11. in bflat  opens video up  as a creative space.  It turns user-generated content into a user-generated  composition by embedding  videos of people making music  (in the key of Bb) on the same webpage and allowing you to  play them. At the same time. It's a brilliantly simple idea.
    12. 12. sour Sour had their fans tightly choreograph an incredible routine using only their webcams. (see also   pepsi )
    13. 13. kutiman Kutiman crowd-sources musical samples from YouTube and then splices together the videos to create new tracks. See the whole album at
    14. 14. one frame of fame One frame of fame  uses fans to recreate and replace each single shot of their music  video .
    15. 15. a youtube symphony Allows musicians worldwide to audition for an international orchestra.
    16. 16.   MOVIES
    17. 17. life in a day What happens when you ask everyone in the world to take a video of their life on the same day? A project with Kevin McDonald, Ridley Scott and many more.
    18. 18. stop-motion Online video has reinvigorated animation.  Everyone has their favourites, for example:  Pes  
    19. 19. graffiti animation   Blu   is a new star of online animation with his epic stop-motion graffiti narratives 
    20. 20. tilt-shift animation Keith Loutit from Sydney is the godfather of tilt-shift animation.  He also appears to have invented it.
    21. 21. micro animation Aardman create a micro-animation for Nokia (watch the 'making of' for the magic)
    22. 22. splicing Pogo from Perth uses old cartoons - or footage of his mum in the garden - to make beautiful records
    23. 23. pixels by patrick jean
    24. 24. logorama   a french cartoon made entirely out of american logos (trailer only)
    25. 25. animating in light DeePeeStudios, Melbourne based group made a stop-motion promo using long-exposures.
    26. 26. ugc star wars   The classic as you've never seen it before - diced into 15 second long cuts, lovingly recreated, submitted, selected and edited together by the crowd in a thousand unimaginable variations :
    27. 27. chrome videos
    28. 28. futureshorts futureshorts  : providing a distribution platform for short film makers globally. Like Luis
    29. 29. We now generate and organise more data than we can begin to imagine.  The next problem is how to see it. VIZUAL
    30. 30. photo  mapping Elegant visualizations of cities by flickr geotags (divided into Locals and Tourists)  by Eric Fischer. See more
    31. 31. david mccandless A brilliant visual data-journalist : Global media scare stories: 
    32. 32. bbc: dimensions Take something simple like relative scale and make it super simple [like Berg did for the BBC].
    33. 33. A pioneering & ongoing example of data-scraping and visualization. Or, in the words of Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar:  " An exploration of human emotion, in six movements"
    34. 34. Stas Kulesh portfolio mapping Designers create portfolios using maps
    35. 35. real-time transit  mash-ups Trains in Switzerland Buses in NYC Tubes in London [None of these work as well as they could. Except the Swiss - which is based on (reliable) predictions anyway]
    36. 36. polymaps Polymaps is a free JavaScript library for making dynamic, interactive maps in modern web browsers.  
    37. 37. wonderwall amazing navigation: wonderwall
    38. 38. anything involving stamen cabspotting mtv tweettracker graffiti archive
    39. 39. ART
    40. 40. dreams in high fidelity An artwork created over a decade by thousands of computers around the world running Electric Sheep . Scott Draves  classic work is constantly renewed by developments in immersive projection.
    41. 41. commencer une autre mort Digitally altered recordings of staged performances are used to create a striking "revised" scene from Bizet's Carmen.  
    42. 42. remakes remaking is in, and then mashing up remakes of remakes.  man with a movie camera | remake (hitchcock)
    43. 43. greyworld greyworld are a group of artists that create public art, usually in urban spaces, usually with technology. paint tests musica
    44. 44. mark napier pam standing
    45. 45. john gerrard John Gerrard is an Irish artist who creates perfectly recreated digital environments that run in their own space-time - literal alternative realities.
    46. 46. daniel crooks Daniel Crooks is an Australian artist who digitally manipulates footage to create distortions in time
    47. 47. rafael lozano hemmer Vectorial elevation  at the Vancouver Olympics. Users could log in around the globe, using maps to create their own personal lighting pattern and then upload and watch as their set went live.   ||
    48. 48. time, colour, data Flickr Flow is an creative experiment whose materials are color and time. flickrflow Time Flow is an analytical tool for visualising temporal data. timeflow Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg are behind both.
    49. 49. augmented city Two extraordinary visions of future life in a fully augmented reality from Keiichi Matsuda
    50. 50. tate art map British public document the national art treasures for Tate on a map mash-up  artmap
    51. 51. street-view art Bill Guffey, an artist from Kentucky who uses Google Street View to source subjects for his paintings Daily Mail
    52. 52. the art of youtube A biennale of creative video curated by the Guggenheim : play  
    53. 53.   PHYSICAL
    54. 54. lo-tech is cool
    55. 55. recoil : projection mapped dance
    56. 56. water-fountain display
    57. 57. interactive dance projection (fun)
    58. 58. mobile interactive projection "Participants were able to use their mobile devices as magic "brushes" to interact with the installation. They could choose between three colors, green, blue and red. Green for growing the plant, blue for feeding the blossoms and red to burn it down."
    59. 59. interactive multi-touch
    60. 60. audio-mapped performance performance piece that streams audio tracks to the individual audience member's surround-sound headsets
    61. 61. sms slingshot
    62. 62.   LIGHT
    63. 63. ipad 3D light magic Berg & Dentsu make future magic with an ipad and a long exposure
    64. 64. user-text projection a collection of interactive public projections and performance created in 2006 by Paul Notzold
    65. 65. projection mapping
    66. 66. outrace Send a 70char message to a light installation in Trafalgar Square. Receive a light-based music video with robot arms writing your message in long exposure motions.
    67. 67. holographic touchscreen
    68. 68. digital video graffiti wall-based video 'painting' in Cannes castroinnovation
    69. 69. the most boring screens are screens...
    70. 70. more more... more
    71. 71.   TECH
    72. 72. print it Printer-motion animations
    73. 73. laser + sound  Scorelight
    74. 74. multi-player reality game using oyster cards "Chromaroma is an online multiplayer game played out as you travel the city with your Oyster card. By using Oyster data we are able to show you your Tube travel, and every journey means you amass points, taking a few steps further along the way to owning London."
    75. 75. eye-tracking software that reacts as you read 
    76. 76. sony 360 3d display
    77. 77. trans-siberian online Travel the length of the trans-siberian railway courtesy of google maps and a webcam with a audio version of dostoyevsky for company: russianrailway
    78. 78. event apart The challenge? Build a web app in less than 10 kilobytes that inspires the internet.  10K challenge
    79. 79. cool html5 clocks nlug ipad clock The toki woki scroll clock
    80. 80. iButterfly. catch augmented insects. win. "iButterfly" is an iPhone application using AR, motion sensor, and GPS functions to let users see and 'catch' butterflys to win rewards.
    81. 81. interactive doodles
    82. 82. mind control  Tan Le's demonstration at TED of a headset that allows you to control an interface using brainwaves
    83. 83. A collection of Google-related projects from around the world
    84. 84. translation What happens when language is no longer a barrier? *joke
    85. 85. trends (via google) Google trends has predicted the eurovision winner to within a point two years running.
    86. 86. trends (via facebook) FB gives you data. If you look hard enough. . 
    87. 87. trends (via twitter)  shows youtube videos trending on twitter  shows movies your friends tweeted
    88. 88. internet of things systems of systems and using all the data we produce wisely from IBM
    89. 89.   POLITICS
    90. 90. crowdsourcing heroism. is a powerful example of the potential of crowdsourced data. NY Times article .
    91. 91. country against country  An interactive infographic of the world's top 100 countries on
    92. 92. distorting maps to tell the truth Cartographer Benjamin Hennings collects maps distorted by datasets to look at information in a relative form.
    93. 93. open-access data journalism The Guardian newspaper has an open strategy to data journalism, scraping public data, using open platforms like manyeyes and trimectric , sharing raw data via google docs, encouraging developers to mash-up and re-use data sets as well as coordinating mass investigations such as the mps expenses making insights available in impossibly short-times. more
    94. 94.   SPORT
    95. 95. nike head2head A stat-to-stat visualiser allowing athletes to compare statistics with local competition, or the best in the world, understand your weaknesses and get advanced tutorials to improve your personal best. head2head (R/GA)
    96. 96. IBM  analyses US Open Data was collected from every aspect of the game in real-time and presented back to the viewer as an visual analysis of 'momentum' creating a separate perspective to 'watch' the game from. US Open Point Stream
    97. 97. twitter-replays Watch how the game panned out in a high-speed replay of trending twitter tags over the course of a game World Cup 2010 Twitter replay
    98. 98. olympic twitter streams Representing the conversation around the Winter Olympics, NBC used twitter to visualise the most discussed stories.   Stamen   (again)
    99. 99.   BOOKS
    100. 100. evolving typeface RCA student Jack Gilbey's dynamic typography where the font adapts to contextual changes within the content. rca
    101. 101. stephen fry's book app Stephen Fry and Penguin digital make his latest book into an ipad app that is browsable in completely new ways.
    102. 102. don quixote read by you (...2149 of you) Spanish-speaking bibliophiles are creating the first collaborative audiobook el Quijote  by Miguel de Cervantes is being cut up into 2149 10-line sections. Readers request a section (randomly assigned) and have 6 hours to record & upload. .
    103. 103. spotify choose-your-own-ending Hurts, promote their new album with a short story called 'Don't Let Go' on Spotify read by Anna Friel.  The reader searches for a given code on the site for each new segment - everything ends with a song.  Start the story
    104. 104. understanding shakespeare  seeks to visually provide an overview of the entire play by showing its text through a collection of the most frequently used words for each character.
    105. 105. mongoliad  Neal Stephenson is leading/writing a serialised 13c historical epic with community-enhancment, wiki-contribution, a subscriber model and multiple writers and then releasing it all on iOS (i.e. as an app).
    106. 106.   HISTORY
    107. 107. making oral history digital   is an initiative that lets people upload videos, place photos on maps and write their own historical accounts within a Google map
    108. 108. september 11 memorial A site that allows people to overlay video testimonial and footage from 9/11 positioned from their own geographical perspective using streetview  makehistory
    109. 109. maps API = time machine takes you to Manhattan/Mannahatta in 1609
    110. 110.   ADVERTISING
    111. 111. all about social  Old Spice (W&K) used a character from a popular advert to break the fourth wall and have the character interact in real-time shooting ads and responding directly to hundreds of messages over several days, including a marriage proposal. 
    112. 112. smile vending Unilever worked with Sapient Nitro to create an ice cream vending machine that detected your smile and rewarded you with a free ice-cream (and let's you upload your pic to FB) (see also kraft macaroni cheese - less cool)
    113. 113. continual motion Three similar ideas over the course of two world cups. 2006 Nike's joga bonita campaign asked users to send videos keeping the ball in the air. For 2010 Coke had users celebrating the longest goal celebration .  Both are trumped by the Eternal Moonwalk : a Michael Jackson Tribute
    114. 114. tippex Tippex  integrated their product into a 'viral' video in an interactive way that captured the imagination.  The product is used to 'correct' the title and allow the user to suggest what should happen next.   Watch
    115. 115. chalkbot Livestrong & Nike promotion with the Tour de France: an automated trailer printing 'chalked' messages from anything texted or tweeted @chalkbot in the tradition of the le tour.  
    116. 116. making it personal  Personalised online video was notably used by the  Obama campaign   in 2008. Recent examples: Action Aid fundraiser , Pentagrams's Type campaign,  Latitude demo , and for public service campaigns  encouraging you to get a TV license   and warning about the dangers of online profiles
    117. 117. ask a friend An IKEA's manager used tagging on Facebook to turn his photos into an online showroom  
    118. 118. Creative Lab anything by  UNIQLO Uniqlo / dentsu let users become part of the campaign by personalising their advertising around their own social media stream. utweet   lucky switch   lucky counter   fashion map  
    119. 119. more:: some wondrous sources: @rubbishcorp @berglondon @mediamuesli @bbhlabs @idsgn @contagiousmag @pleaseenjoy @creativesocial @valdean @ hellokinsella @brainpicker @tomux embed code: <iframe src=&quot;; frameborder=&quot;0&quot; width=&quot;555&quot; height=&quot;451&quot;></iframe> and there's a feedback form here...