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Time mangement

Time management breakfast session

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Time mangement

  1. 1. Time ManagementLawrence HallettWales Quality Centre
  2. 2. Plan and protectTIME
  3. 3. Personality TypesFiremanThe Over CommitterThe AquarianThe perfectionist
  4. 4. “Doing the same old things andexpecting different results”
  5. 5. ShockAcceptanceDenialConfusionImprovedPerformanceProblem SolvingThe Change Cycle
  6. 6. EffectiveChangeQualityof IdeaAmount ofBuy inx=The Change Model
  7. 7. 10 things you did yesterday
  8. 8. Priority GridUrgent Not urgentImportantNotimportantDo Now Plan to DoReject andexplainResist andCease
  9. 9. Priority GridUrgent Not urgentImportantNotimportantDo Now Plan to DoReject andexplainResist andCease
  10. 10. urgen t not urgen timportant 1 - DO NOWemergencies, complaints and crisis issuesdemands from superiors or customersplanned tasks or project work now duemeetings and appointmentsreports and other submissionsstaff issues or needsproblem resolution, fire-fighting, fixesSubject to confirming the importance and theurgency of these tasks, do these tasks now.Prioritise according to their relative urgency.2 - PLAN TO DOplanning, preparation, schedulingresearch, investigation, designing,testingnetworking relationship buildingthinking, creating, modelling, designingsystems and process developmentanticipation and preventiondeveloping change, direction, strategyCritical to success: planning, strategicthinking, deciding direction and aims, etc.Plan time-slots and personal space forthese tasks.notimportant3 - REJECT AND EXPLAINtrivial requests from othersapparent emergenciesad-hoc interruptions and distractionsmisunderstandings appearing as complaintspointless routines or activitiesaccumulated unresolved triviabosss whims or tantrumsScrutinise and probe demands. Help originatorsto re-assess. Wherever possible reject and avoidthese tasks sensitively and immediately.4 - RESIST AND CEASEcomfort activities, computer games, netsurfing, excessive cigarette breakschat, gossip, social communicationsdaydreaming, doodling, over-long breaksreading nonsense or irrelevant materialunnecessary adjusting equipment etc.embellishment and over-productionHabitual comforters not true tasks. Non-productive, de-motivational. Minimise orcease altogether. Plan to avoid them.
  11. 11. Action planStart More ofLess of Stop
  12. 12. The Time vampires
  13. 13. The Time wastersEmailThe phoneMeetingsPeopleUnplanned work
  14. 14. Time Management Myths1.We can’t control time
  15. 15. Time Management Myths2. More things in shorter time
  16. 16. Time Management Myths3.To do lists help
  17. 17. Time Management Myths4. Personal organisers
  18. 18. Time Management Myths5. The quiet hour
  19. 19. Time Management Myths6. Time log
  20. 20. Time Management Myths7. Interruptions
  21. 21. Time Management Myths8. Stick with it until the end
  22. 22. 10 ways tomess up yourmost TalentedEmployees
  23. 23. Lavish them with insincerepraise1.
  24. 24. Never reward contribution -Dangle corporate carrots -promises cost nothing2.
  25. 25. Overload the talented - it savesall the effort of getting all thelazy buggers who do nothingto do something3.
  26. 26. Politely crush their ideas -Stock phrases to use“We’ve tried that before”“I can see how that workselsewhere but we’re different”4.
  27. 27. Immerse them in meaninglessprojects - then don’t bother tofollow up with progresschecks”
  28. 28. Use their performanceappraisals to set irrelevanttargets6.
  29. 29. Use subtlety and sarcasm toundermine their contributions7.
  30. 30. Train them as often as possible- but never let them use whatthey learnt8.
  31. 31. Smother their enthusiasm withthe corporate compliancedoctrine - nothing crushesenthusiasm quite likeprocedural compliance9.
  32. 32. Never prioritise -make everything important -that way they’ll never get timeto do the really important stuff10.
  33. 33. Stick to these 10 points andyou will achieve thesystematic destruction ofyour most talentedemployees - BUT……
  34. 34. ….BUT despite this some willstill make it through….No ones perfect!
  35. 35. Saying No
  36. 36. Breaking the habit
  37. 37. The Bucket and the rocks
  38. 38. Time management LexiconThe vital few