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Vision board


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Learning more on vision boards, law of attraction and affirmations and its power to reverse your life.

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Vision board

  1. 1. Vision Boards - The Power Behind Manifesting by Steve CharlesIts often been said that using vision boards is like catching anexpress train to your end destination in life: One stop andyoure there in 30 minutes. But a Vision Board just does notwork like that, Im afraid. A better way of putting it would belike this;"A vision board is your ticket to manifesting everything youwant from life, but like catching a train, it takes time, there arestops on the way, and you have to know where you want thejourney to take you"I want you to be clear on this point: The daily use of VisionBoards is unbelievably powerful and effective. They are possiblythe best manifesting method there is to attract everything inlife that you truly want and desire. But lets be clear again; they
  2. 2. are not some magic pot of miracles that can do all this all bythemselves. Thats expecting too much from them. Think aboutit, nothing can perform miracles all by itself, so why should avision board be able to?Now if this sounds like my belief in vision boards is limited, thennothing could be further from the truth. I love vision boards! Ihave been using them for almost 20 years now, going right backto the early 1990s, and the success I have enjoyed during thoseyears has been seriously amazing.I can honestly put all of my successes and achievements, fromevery aspect, down to the constant use of a vision board on adaily basis; furthermore every second has been a pleasure.When you think about it; its not difficult to understand is it?We all enjoy looking at our favourite photographs andexperiencing the joys they give us, and thats how vision boardswork.One of the reasons why people reject vision boards is that theyexpect success to happen overnight. And if this thing calledsuccess doesnt happen as quick as they want, almost like a
  3. 3. magician waving his wand and producing a rabbit out his hat,they dismiss them as just another load of phooey.How can that stuff about all aboard the 30 minute fast train tolifes destination really be expected to work? It really isexpecting too much and this is a possible reason why.. This 30minute train ride way of thinking maybe be the result of suchhighly popular books and readings on the Law of Attraction andother such works like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, raising thebar of expectation too highly too quickly.You see, although the book gave great insight into how the Lawof Attraction worked, and possibly introduced many people tothe concept of this Universal Law for their very first time, itnever quite delivered the full process required to truly get theLaw to work for you in the way you want it to. As Bob Proctor,one of the master thinkers involved in the project said, thefinal chapter was missing.You can also say that about vision boards as well. There is a fullprocess involved which you need to be able to understand andfollow completely or the end goals will be hard to achieve andwill be limited. The important thing to note is that this is not
  4. 4. because vision boards do not work; more because you need tobe in full knowledge of how to get the most out of them to fullyachieve what you are looking for.If vision boards are used as they should be, you may beabsolutely certain that they will positively drive everything youever truly desired by effectively using The Law of Attraction inthe most powerful way possible. Its not an overnight miraclebut none the less, you will get to your true lifes destination,the end of the train journey, without any doubt at all.Vision boards, or dream boards as they are sometimes known,work so well because they use the 5 steps needed inmanifesting health, wealth and happiness; and once these 5steps are put into practice, success is assured. Trust me frommy own experience.The 5 steps are no mystery. They are in order; CreativeVisualization, Emotion, Motivation, Repetition, and Action. Avery simple yet highly effective process and every step isimmensely is enjoyable. However, eventual success can beelusive or limited if all 5 steps are not correctly put intopractice.
  5. 5. Now you know and understand that it isnt exactly an expresstrain journey to the final destination that maybe too manypeople ask for, desired success is there whenever you ask for it.A vision board is not exactly a miracle-worker, they are not faraway and definitely speed up your journey quicker than youmay think!Now you know and understand how a vision board can helpattract everything you ever wanted in your life, I want to sharewith you some more vital points on vision boards that Idiscovered in over 20 years of experience that will totally lightyou up.Looking to find the best deal on the law of attraction, then to find the best advice onvision boards, law of attraction and affirmations for you.