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Trends in promotional products


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Published in: Marketing
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Trends in promotional products

  1. 1. Trends In Promotional Products Using advertising products to promote businesses has already been proven to be an effective method in improving brand awareness. As an entrepreneur, it is important that you understand that the promotional industry is also shifting depending on the needs of the clients and the availability of technology. This is the reason why the trends in giving promotional products are changing such that giving away standard pens with your company’s logo is no longer the norm followed today. It is important that you know the market trends when it
  2. 2. comes to choosing the right promotional gift that is relevant to your marketing campaign. Below are the trends that you need to consider when choosing promotional items. Technology Craze Trend The reliance of technology particularly the internet is affecting all industries worldwide. Everyone seems to want to own gadgets and things that are related to technology. For this reason, one of the most common trends in promotional products is to give away gadgets and accessories. Examples of great promotional gift that you can give to clients include USB drives, wireless mouse, travel speakers and solar chargers. Travel Trends
  3. 3. There are many people traveling recently and this is due to the rising economy of different countries all over the world. For this reason, there are many promo items that are related to having worry-free travel. In fact, most travel-related companies give away free travel bags, custom mug or hygiene kits to their clients so that they can organize their travel necessities easily. Eco-Friendly Trends The eco-friendly trend is now becoming popular as more and more clients are looking for sustainable goods. This is the reason why most retail shops give away canvas shopping bags or recycled memo pads as promotional gifts to their clients. Giving away eco-friendly promo products is a great way of showing your social
  4. 4. responsibility. Moreover, many clients prefer to transact with businesses that support environmental causes. Adding Cool To Traditional Products Traditional promotional products such as custom mugs are still popular today but most advertisers add the cool element to these traditional marketing products. For instance, custom mugs now come with different shapes and designs to make them look more attractive and to give them updated looks. The thing is that giving away trendy promotional items can do wonders for your business so if you are still planning on which promo items you should give to your clients, let these trends inspire you more.