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The advantages of using promotional retail bags


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The advantages of using promotional retail bags

  1. 1. The Advantages of Using Promotional Retail BagsThe invention of plastic bags has got to be one of themost important breakthroughs in the 20th century. Anaverage Australian usually throw out more than 300plastics a year and this amounts to more than 50% of theworld’s dumpsite comprised of plastic bags.Unfortunately, plastic bags take a long time to degradeand, due to their lightweight built, they can be carried offto different places including the ocean. Each year,thousands if not millions of marine animals die fromeating plastics or from being tangled in one. Environment Friendly retail tote bag
  2. 2. With the many problems attributed to throwing plasticbags, most retail store owners offer other alternatives.One of the most popular alternatives is plastic bags.Although it can be recycles, the creation of paper bagsrequire a lot of energy and that it also encouragesdeforestation. On the other hand, one of the mostenvironmentally-sound alternatives to both plastic bagsand paper bags are tote bags.The use of tote bags has a lot of advantages. Since theyare made from sturdy fabric such as hemp or cotton,reusing them can reduce solid waste pollution by 19%.The only downside to using them is that retailers need tospend more money to make them but nevertheless; theyare still cost-effective in the long run. For this reason, alot of retail stores provide promotional bags to theirclients as their way of upholding their social environmentnot only to mankind but also to the environment. Environment Friendly Shopping Bag
  3. 3. Aside from reducing waste, promotional bags can also beused in passive advertising. Most retail stores now offerpromotional bags that come with their company logo aswell as other information to attract more clients. In fact,clients who carry such promotional merchandise alsohelp promote the company to other people. This meansthat a promotional shopping bag has the same purposethat all other types of promotional merchandise want toachieve. Just like other promotional products,promotional shopping bags can help generate thousandsof brand impression within a matter of months.Giving off shopping tote bags for promotion is a bigindustry. There are lots of companies that specialize inmaking promotional products but the epitome of allpromotional items are promotional bags above all othersdue to their durability and style. With the manyadvantages of using such promotional products, it will besoon that they will replace plastic bags and paper bags.