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How to look for the right table tennis equipment


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How to look for the right table tennis equipment

  1. 1. How To Look For The Right Table Tennis EquipmentTable tennis is considered as one of the most seriouscompetitive sports today that requires players toinvest in high quality equipments. Table tennisrequires different equipments including the table,racket and ball. When you have all threeequipments, you are all set to play table tennis.Whether you are playing table tennis for fun or forcompetition, it is crucial to buy equipments that willlast for a long time. However, buying for table tennisequipments such as tables for tennis table is not as
  2. 2. easy as you may think. With the many brands thatexist in the market today, there are lots of things toconsider when buying appropriate table tennisequipments and the standards depend on the typeof equipment that you want to buy.If you plan on buying table tennis tables, then it isimportant to look for those that come in acceptabledimensions. Standard tables are about 9 feet longand 5 feet wide and should have 30 inches distancefrom the ground. There are different brands oftables for table tennis but make sure that youchoose those that are made from high qualitymaterials such as Masonite and manufactured wood.The tables should come with a low friction coatingfor better game performance. A good example of
  3. 3. table tennis tables is Cornilleau outdoor tables thatare made to withstand the harsh elements outdoors.Aside from table tennis tables, another importantequipment to play the game are the table tennisballs. Examples of tennis table balls are Cornilleauoutdoor ping pong balls that are made from lightcelluloid materials. The balls are 40mm in diameterand weigh about 2.7grams.For the table tennis rackets are important. They areusually made from laminated wood thus makingthem lightweight. The rackets are covered withrubber sheets that affect the overall performance ofthe player in every game. The sheet influences thespinning of the ball which also guarantees the
  4. 4. success of the player during the game. Thus, choosetable tennis rackets that are made from lightweightmaterial and with high quality rubber cover.There are lots of things to consider when it comes tobuying table tennis equipments and it is crucial tochoose equipments that are made from high qualitymaterials and reliable brands. Whether you arebuying a Cornilleau outdoor ping pong balls,Cornilleau outdoor tables or any other brands, it isimportant you choose wisely. By doing so, you willdefinitely be able to enjoy your game more not tomention you will also be able to improve your skillsas well.