Top 10 Ways to Market Your Business on Facebook


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Top 10 Ways to Market Your Business on Facebook and why every business should!

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  • What aboutPinterest and/or Google+?What do you make of businesses that are solely using Facebook? (Letting their own websites collect dust.)
  • From Ad Age:“Facebook fans really "like" New Belgium beer -- so much so that they account for half the brewery's annual sales. New Belgium has 42,000 local fans in 38 markets and 400,000 across all of its Facebook pages. While it's tough for brands to value Facebook fans, the No. 3 U.S. craft brewer has a pretty good idea: It estimates its Facebook fans are responsible for $50.7 million in yearly sales. That's why the Fort Collins, Colo.-based brewer goes the extra mile when it comes to social and event marketing.”Make sure you nail the key visual elements: profile photo, cover photo and app photosLow quality images = missed opportunityUse compelling images that are the right size and dimensions- Profile photo: at least 180px × 180px- Cover photo: 851px × 315px- App photos: 810px × (unlimited height)
  • According to Facebook’s own research, photos and videos generate significantly more engagement than other post types.
  • High definition photos are extremely engagingMilestone, highlighted posts can be up to 843px × 403px
  • According to data collected and analyzed by Dan Zarrella of Hubspot, FB posts with “I” and “me” get more likes.
  • Your calls to action should be better than “find us on Facebook.” You should appeal to their self-interest. Why should they visit your page? What’s in it for them?
  • And if you’re going to implore people to visit your page, make sure their experience is a good one! Bag retailer Timbuk2 included an opportunity to win a bike, helmet and messenger bag in an email to its 100,000 newsletter subscribers. It received 6,500 clickthroughs vs. just 9 from its generic social call to action.
  • Another chart from Hubspot’s Dan Zarrella shows that people are much more inclined to share content in the early evening. Posts published on Saturdays and Sundays receive a higher like percentage than those posted during the week.
  • Get fans to join via SMS “Text like {yourbizname} to 32665 (FBOOK)”Use email to drive engagementAdd sharing tools to your other websites
  • Connections targeting - Your ad shows to people who already have a connection with you on Facebook. For example, people who have liked your Page, joined your group, joined your Event or who have used your app in the last 30 days. You can use connections targeting to show your ad to only people who have a connection with you, or only to people who don’t have a connection with you.Interest targeting - Target people based on information they’ve added to their profile (timeline). This considers information such as the Pages they like, apps they use and other Information they’ve added to their profile (timeline).Other targeting options - Age Gender Relationship Status Education College NameMajor In CollegeYears In High School Workplace LanguageLocation (Country, State, City)
  • Total Likes: The number of unique people who like your Page as of the last day of your selected date range. Friends of Fans: The number of unique people who are friends with your fans as of the last day of your selected date range, including your current fans. Talking About This: The number of unique people who have created a story about your Page during your selected date range. A story is created when someone:Likes your Page Likes, comments on, or shares your Page post Answers a question you've asked Responds to your event Mentions your Page Tags your Page in a photo Checks into or recommends your PlaceTotal Reach: The number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your Page (including any Ads or Sponsored Stories pointing to your Page) during your selected date range.
  • Top 10 Ways to Market Your Business on Facebook

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Why Facebook?
    3. 3. Why Facebook? Because… • 955 million users • The average U.S. user spent 7:46 hours on Facebook in August 2011 • That’s a full 15.5 minutes the average American spends on Facebook every single day … • Average age of a Facebook user rose from 33 in 2008 to 38 in 2010 • Users have 229 friends each Sources: Facebook, Mashable, Pew
    4. 4. The Top 10 Ways to Market Your Business on Facebook And now …
    5. 5. 1. Create an awesome page
    6. 6. 2. Post photos!
    7. 7. 2a. Go BIG with your photos
    8. 8. 3. Open up about yourself
    9. 9. 4. Be relevant, useful and purple • Topical content gets traction • ―Fill in the _______.‖ • Photo caption contests • Open questions • Tips, tools, hacks, shortcuts • Quotes, aphorisms, timeless wisdom (Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, etc.)
    10. 10. 5. Run contests and promos • Sweepstakes • Coupons • Photo, essay, and video contests • Pick your favorites / e.g. This vs. That • Quizzes • Trivia • Group deals • Wildfire app—great tool
    11. 11. 6. Make it worth their time ―This morning my yoghurt told me to find it on Facebook. It didn’t tell me why, it just told me to find it. Why on Earth would I want to find a yoghurt on Facebook? It’s a yoghurt!‖ – Andrew Blakeley on about how bad most social calls to action are.
    12. 12. 6a. Make offers they can’t refuse
    13. 13. 7. Post in the early evening and on weekends
    14. 14. 8. Integrate with mobile, email, website
    15. 15. 9. Advertise
    16. 16. 10. Reach out to fans
    17. 17. BONUS TIPS!
    18. 18. Mix talking with listening • Facebook page ≠ pulpit
    19. 19. Invest enough time to be successful • Facebook ≠ magic button • Those who spend 6+ hours per week are almost 2x as likely to see leads generated as those who spend 5 hours or less • Don’t just give the keys to the intern
    20. 20. Automate selectively • Automation is good … except when it isn’t • Facebook places low-priority on auto- published content • Users respond more to real engagement, not pre-programmed broadcasts
    21. 21. Measure your performance • Use the Insights tab! • There are 4 metrics to gauge audience size + engagement: – Total Likes – Friends of Fans – Talking About This – Total Reach
    22. 22. Questions?
    23. 23. Key Takeaways • DO IT! • Be engaging • Be … SOCIAL! • Incentivize • Advertise • Measure • Commit
    24. 24. Lastly … Contact my team if you need any help!
    25. 25. We’d love to help. • Just get in touch! (213) 607-9100