7 Reasons why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook


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7 Reasons why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook And How to Do it Right

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  • Number of hours and minutes the average user spends on Facebook each month.
  • For example, if you are a children’s toy store located in Springfield you may want to target people who live in your city who are parents.
  • Here’s an example of the power of interest targeting: State Bicycle Co., purveyor of hipster bikes, targeted fans of hipster bands Arcade Fire, M83 and Passion Pit. As well as people who … Liked other bicycle shops such as Big Shot Bikes, Mission Bicycle and other general interest topics about bikesLive in cities with ads promoting specific events such as a bike ride in Austin, TexasAs a result, they were able to:Drive close to $500,000 in incremental sales annually through promotion codes and traffic generated exclusively from FacebookLimit ad spending to 1/5th cost per click compared to other ad platforms
  • Facebook will automatically allocate more of your daily budget to higher performing ads
  • The averageFacebook user has 130 friends. So if you advertise to friends of your fans and you have 100 fans you will be able to reach 13,000 of their friends… not bad!
  • Use a simple, eye-catching image that is related to your ad textPNG format110px x 80pxEvocative (but not "shocking")No stock photos (boring!)
  • Too often advertisers/marketers will launch a Facebook ad campaign and see that they just spend $100 and got poor results and generalize that this must be the case for all campaigns on Facebook.
  • Not necessarily an either/or situation!Test both platforms, crown a winnerAdv. Facebook: brand building or for products that a specific demographic always wantse.g. shoes for all women aged 25-30 with a college degree making $75K/yearAdv. Google: you have a product that people need when they need it e.g. buying a car or getting your iPad fixed
  • 7 Reasons why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook

    1. 1. www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    2. 2. Why Facebook? • 900 million users • Facebook = the future of advertising www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    3. 3. demographics + psychographics www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    4. 4. 7:46
    5. 5. That’s 15.5 minutes the average American spends on Facebook every single day… www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    6. 6. 7 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    7. 7. 1. Reach • 51 percent of Internet users • Huge number of every group • Engage them in a variety of ways www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    8. 8. 2. Precision targeting • Location (ZIPs, area code, etc.) • Age and birthday • Education (e.g. Michigan State class of ’05) • Connections • Demographics • Interests • Relationship status www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    9. 9. 3. Cost control • Advertisers (you) control how much you spend for each campaign • Budgets can be very low • Better targeting = less wasted spend
    10. 10. 4. Cost efficiency • Precision = efficiency • FB’s measurability means you can keep driving down your cost per click • Dollar for dollar, there’s no better way to get the word out with relevancy www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    11. 11. 5. Simplicity • Great UI makes setup a breeze • Much easier than Google AdWords • No PPC experience required www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    12. 12. 6. Interests targeting • Ads are much more likely to perform better when you target smaller, specific groups of people! • Display ads to the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service • Customize your ad so it’s more appealing to the audience you’re trying to reach
    13. 13. 7. A/B testing www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    14. 14. 8. Friends-of-fans targeting • 68% of FB users say a friend’s referral would increase their chances of purchasing • Advertise to the friends of your fans • People viewing your ad will see that someone they know is already a fan of your brand … • SOCIAL PROOF IS POWERFUL STUFF!
    15. 15. Best Practices www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    16. 16. Create an awesome page! • Make it visually appealing • Include freebies and offers if appropriate • Be ready to engage • More engaged fans means you can more fully leverage FB’s advertising capabilities www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    17. 17. Do your research • Take advantage of targeting! • Use Alexa or Quantcast for insights • Find out who your general demographic is (even if you think you already know) • What other websites do they frequent? • Search on YouTube for your keywords www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    18. 18. Example • Women • Professional • Ages 30–35 • Live in Bay Area • Drive a Toyota • Like Oprah www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    19. 19. Tell them what to do Include a clear action you want your audience to take in the body text of your ad – “Learn more” – “Join us” – “Click here” – “Enter your email address” – “Buy now” www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    20. 20. Appeal to self-interest Highlight any benefits, sales or similar specials that your business is offering
    21. 21. Use eye-catching imagery Always: – Uncluttered – Evocative – NOT STOCK – Relevant Consider: – Close-ups – White background – Branded www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    22. 22. Use time prompts Create a sense of urgency to encourage immediate action: – “Today” – “Act now” – “Offer ends…”
    23. 23. Pique their curiosity Asking questions  higher CTR www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    24. 24. Test multiple offers • Coupon • “Like” your page • Event invitation www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    25. 25. Use sentence fragments • Keep sentences short + choppy • Fragments add urgency, quicken pace of reading, aid comprehension • “Great gifts. Half price. Great Deal. Buy now!”
    26. 26. Use smart bidding strategies • Start with CPM – Facebook gets paid! • Start within the bid estimate they recommend • Start with a budget of at least $50/day to make sure you don’t get lost www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    27. 27. Land in the right spot • Message match! • Conversion focus • Ideally drive to a Facebook page
    28. 28. Track your results • Keep your eye on your analytics!!! • Look for decent click through rate (≥ 0.02%) • Lower than 0.02% CTR after 1000 impressions? Pause your ad and start over • Run up to 10 ads at a time, pick a winner and pause the rest – ALWAYS SPLIT TEST! www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    29. 29. Show restraint • Facebook doesn’t want you to stick out like a sore thumb • People aren’t necessarily in a buying mind- set…be gentle with them • Focus on the longer term “conversation”
    30. 30. Don’t give up too easily • Does your ad stink? (Be honest) • Does your image stink? • Have you split tested? • Facebook advertising has worked for almost every industry at this point – it’s about having the right strategy www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    31. 31. Frequently Asked Questions www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    32. 32. Why not Adwords? • Not an either/or situation! • Advantage Facebook: brand building or for products that a specific demographic always wants • Advantage Google: you have a product that people need when they need it www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    33. 33. Which markets are succeeding? Source: TBG Digital 1. Food and drink 2. Beauty and fitness 3. Retail 4. Home and garden 5. Non-profit orgs 6. Travel 7. Computers and electronics 8. Internet and telecom 9. Games 10. Entertainment 11. Automotive 12. Directories 13. Job and education Click-through rate leaders by industry:
    34. 34. Overwhelmed? We can help.
    35. 35. Questions? www.losangeleswebstrategies.com
    36. 36. We’d love to help. • Just get in touch! www.losangeleswebstrategies.com (213) 607-9100