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LawHelp/NY Search Engine and Social Media Marketing Results


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Results from a year long exercise of implementing affordable search engine and social media marketing strategies for nonprofits.

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LawHelp/NY Search Engine and Social Media Marketing Results

  1. 1. LawHelp/NY SEOM Project Wilneida Negrón
  2. 2. Why is it important?- Orgs see in fundraising (up to 40%), brand and social awareness, visits to websites, etc. (Blackbaud 2011 Report, “Boost Event Fundraising with Social Media.”)- More cost-effective than traditional forms of marketing; can fit into the budgets of most non-profits. (2009 International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising).- Getting great search engine rankings is an extraordinarily competitive. There can only be one number one and a lot of people are working hard at achieving prime status.
  3. 3. 1. Increase visibility of NY and in search engines2. Initiate a Spanish-language search engine optimization (SEO) and social marketing (SM) campaign to reach New Yorks large Spanish-speaking user base3. Develop a model “dashboard” and toolkit so efforts can be replicated
  4. 4. Strategies Focused on organic, free and low-cost strategies appropriate for nonprofits:1. Keyword Research2. On-Page SEO (title and meta tags)3. Link Building4. Blogs and Social Media Optimization5. Directory Submission5. Website Banner Ads6. Forum Participation
  5. 5. Demographics Legal Situation• 31-54 yrs old Socio-economic • Looking for help as a• Female Status result of the economic• Spanish users identified downturn • Self-Identified as low- as South American income • Top Topics:• Internet-savvy, found • Family and Juvenile: website via major search divorce, child neglect engines and abuse, child support, custody and visitation. • Housing: eviction, Section 8, SRO Housing, and Jiggets/FEPS rent.
  6. 6. Keyword Research• Plug keywords in Title and Meta tags.• Website Navigation• Alt attributes of images• Content on the page• Blogs• Also use keyword research to find “hot topics” we can blog about• Anchor text for link letters
  7. 7. Link Building = Relationship Building• Use interchangeable anchor textNO: “Hey Sarah, check out this website page with information on public benefit in New York, the link is “Hey Sarah, check out this website page with information on public benefits in New York.• Prioritize your link requests. Keep in mind websites with .Gov or .Edu are SEO Gold! They have a strong impact in helping your website rank for targeted keywords.• Be personable• Be patient-this should be an on-going part of your marketing outreach.
  8. 8. Directory Submission• Best: DMOZ and Yahoo• Look into community directories:• 1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Google Places,• 2. City and state governmental websites• 3. Chamber of Commerce links• 4. Niche associations directories• 5. The Better Business Bureau• 6. Local librarys Web site
  9. 9. Website Banner AdsStep 1 Identify your maximum budget.Step 2 Identify your target audience. Geo-targeting means ad will appear on the website when visitors from designated zip codes view it.Step 3 Lay out your goals. Are you looking for high impressions or high click-through rates?Step 4 Design the ad. If you don’t have Photoshop, download an excellent free alternative to Photoshop called GIMP. You can download GIMP here: .Step 5 Identify your approach. Cheap but time-consuming or $$ but fast and extensive? For our Spanish web banner ads we used, Hispanic Digital Network.
  10. 10. Geo-targeted ad in over 140 Latino news websites nation-wide
  11. 11. FaceBook Banner Ad: 10,508,399 impressions and 1,627 clicks
  12. 12. Measuring Results
  13. 13. Driving Traffic and Actions
  14. 14. Factors to MeasureSEO factors in bringing people Conversionto your siteReferral traffic Page ViewsKeyword Variation Completed SurveysVisits Newsletter sign-upUnique Visitors Length of Visit
  15. 15. Increase in visits (22%) and page views (59.7%)
  16. 16. Page views: 2,232,138 in 2009 to 3,565,942 in 2010.
  17. 17. Increased page views for the past 3 years page views never exceeded 25,000. Now 47.6%.
  18. 18. Increase in conversions, measured by completed surveys and number of English and Spanish resources downloaded:7,000 Completed Surveys6,000 5,7355,000 4,0314,000 3,473 Completed3,000 Surveys2,0001,000 Linear (Completed 0 Surveys) 2008 2009 2010
  19. 19. Both sites now ranking (i.e. showing up in the first pages of search results) for more keywordsphrases variation than before: Prior to SEO, LawHelp/NY was only ranking or showing up in thefirst or second page of search engine results for a small group of generic keywords which variedbased on our name, for example NY Law Help, LawHelp NY, New York Law Help, etc.
  20. 20. Emails increasedfrom 1,200 in2009 to 3,218.
  21. 21. 4.5 Spanish Keywords Phrases with 4 4 Highest Growth Across All Search3.5 Engines for 3 3 32.5 asistencia legal nueva york 2 2 2 2 servicios legal de nueva york1.5 ayuda legal en nueva york 1 1 1 servicios legal en nueva york0.5 0
  22. 22. Engaging Existing Constituents and Increasing Awareness and Information
  23. 23. Social Media MetricsBlog Metrics• # of Blog comments and responses• # Links back to blog• # of times blog or social media posts were picked up by reputable thought leaders in your niche. Also, keep a track of the topics which were picked up.• # of times media picked up any of your blog contentFacebook Metrics• # of Facebook “likes” (previously fans)• Money raised through Facebook Causes• # of people who RSVPed to any events you posted on Facebook• # of Facebook “likes” on specific postsTwitter Metrics• # of times your organization is mentioned• # of Twitter retweets• # of Twitter followers over time• # of times your tweets were picked up by influencers• Money raised through Twitter-sourced donations
  24. 24. Social Media Tools UsedListening: TwitterParticipating: TwitterGenerating Buzz: Twitter, E-newslettersSharing Content: YouTube, English and Spanish Blog,Flickr, E-newslettersCommunity-Building: Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn
  25. 25. Toolkit and Measurement Dashboards available for download