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Your Website, It's For Your Clients, Not You!


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Provides an insight how you can help you target prospects with their problems through your website.

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Your Website, It's For Your Clients, Not You!

  1. 1. Your Website: It’s For Your Clients… Not You!
  2. 2. What keeps them up at night? You know that your business is out there to solve a problem and to what extent. What you want to impress to them is: “I know and understand what your problems are; my services will benefit you in the following ways . . . “
  3. 3. The difference between service feature and benefits Too often, lawyers are too busy discussing their services without translating that to client benefits. Most of the time, a lawyer’s words are alien to the common Joe. Give more time in explaining what you really do and what problems you can help solve, then understanding becomes easier and trust is likewise easily developed.
  4. 4. Action Point: If your website content is still not discussing the benefits of your legal services, then better start tweaking them now.
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